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Original filename: 335352878-The-Spiritual-Truth.pdf
Author: Umer Akram

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The Spiritual Truth;
Awakening to the Essence of Life

Umer Akram

The Realization of Illusion:
Beyond the illusionary world, there exists The truth.
It can't be seen anywhere, but can be felt everywhere.
The Truth is the Essence of All, hence is present within all beings.
It has no certain value, which makes it priceless.
It doesn't use any words, which makes it the best language.
It does not compete with anyone, which makes it invincible.
It doesn't fear anything, which makes it Pure Love.
It is not in pursuit of peace, which makes it the Eternal Peace.
It is not in search of acceptance, hence it gets Universal Acceptance.
The one who has found it, is going to possess the same traits.
For that is the reality of all beings, outer forms are merely illusions!

The Wisdom:
In claiming superiority lies the disgrace;
In silence there is hidden greatness.
In Bewilderment lies the clarity of Souls.
Cleverness is the attachment to confusion in disguise.
The world is a mirror; what a man thinks will be reflected to him.
The Universe acts likewise; and he is reassured of his wisdom every time.
This is like a clown who performs according to his directions, and the clown
“Look whatever you think and direct is reality. You are so intelligent.”
Well, isn’t that a trap, an illusion that has no characteristic of permanence?
The Universe is an Ocean of such mirrored reflections, and hence a collective
That’s why any Self-Opinion other than The Divine Truth is always deceptive.
As one goes beyond that, there exists the reality of God.
Only by letting go your ego and cleverness will you be able to see The Truth.
In Humility lies Wisdom, and Wisdom is the pathway to God.

The True Freedom:
Stop chasing beauty to experience it everywhere.
Mind wants you to stay busy thinking about material attractions all day and
And then the material standards change every time when you are about to
reach there.
Then you are again agitated by growing desires,
And start chasing some higher material status again.
Likewise people become slaves to desire;
And there remains a veil between them and The Truth.
Only by surrender, can you be able to uplift that veil;
And experience the enormous beauty within and everywhere.
It is called true freedom, as it leads to enlightenment.
It is called the Universal love, an ecstatic state of joy.
It is the essence of all, within all, and will remain forever!

The Spiritual Lessons By Nature:
In Nature lie the greatest lessons;
The trees just grow without worrying about the wind storms.
The birds seek their prey in the present moment without worrying about the
The Flowers spread their fragrance without claiming any reward in return,
Which gives them eternal beauty.
The Sun disappears every night which doesn’t mean it has vanished
It falls only to rise once again.
And the Night has to come forth every time the Day ends,
For that is how Universe maintains its Balance.
Water has no specific color, shape, odor, taste,
and hence it has superiority over all other liquids.
Air also has no specific physical quality;
and hence it has superiority over all other gases.
Hence in not claiming any certain quality lies the superiority;
As that is what puts you beyond all the competitive world.
For the person who seeks enlightenment and peace,
He needs to put aside his Ego and learn these Spiritual lessons.
These Laws are absolute and definite;
Whoever knows the essence is sure to be Enlightened!

Beyond the Fear Game:
The fear game is only for the materialistic people.
They have attached themselves with temporary and baseless;
And hence can easily be shaken.
They want to stick to the changing; how can their hearts be certain?
They want to identify themselves with illusion; how can their own selves be
It is like someone saying; ‘I possess the temporary, and that’s why I am safe
and secure.’
Which surely doesn’t make any sense;
For The Truth has nothing to do with this material illusion.
Only those who are awakened to The Truth have nothing to lose.
They feel the safest in the most uncertain and dangerous conditions.
They don’t value what seems attractive, so they can easily adapt themselves to
They know The Truth which is Priceless.
They accomplish with effortless action; hence they fight against nothing.
That’s why they have no reason to fear, and become Invincible!

The Divine Oneness:
The different colors of Rainbow seem so beautiful.
And captivate the hearts easily.
But that doesn’t mean that Rainbow is going to stay long.
It is a temporary show, which fades away afterwards.
Similar is the show of numerous attractions that exist in this world.
Attractions that captivate your heart, like the colors of Beautiful Rainbow.
These attractions are going to fade away likewise, as the illusion can’t last
Hence people who identify themselves with such colors,
are sure to feel insecure and uncertain.
They are riding a horse that is sure to throw them off.
What is the use of indulgence in such attractions, then?
A hundred thousand worldly concerns only confuse you.
A hundred thousand ways to reach God make your soul as clear as pure water.
That clarity, the divine Oneness, is The Truth.
Against which falsehood can never exist.
Why don’t make a wise decision, then?
Leave the miserable state of confusion that leads you to sorrow time and
Choose the mesmerizing state of Oneness that leads you to peace and

The Truth of Life:
The purpose of all creations is to know God;
Every other purpose is itself delusional.
Through desires, God makes a man live according to HIS Will.
And all the pathways eventually direct towards One Ultimate Quest: To know
All the Universe depicts it.
All the Souls strive for it; all the World thrives for it.
Whether you know it or not; but your soul is in Eternal love with Him.
It seeks the Beloved forever Who Himself is the Essence of Love.
Denying this Spiritual desire is accepting pain and misery in disguise.
Accepting this Spiritual desire is the Ultimate solution of all cravings.
But the World is full of distractions, so people tend to forget the Beloved.
Their souls cry all the time, but they are too busy feeding their outer forms.
Hence the Ultimate Thirst is never quenched;
As it has nothing to do with outer forms.
Only the quest to know God will alleviate your pains.
Wise is the man who knows that, He knows The Truth.
That is the Life All need, but Only a few understand that.

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