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i e mai capitato di realizzare all'improvviso che
proprio"quell'artista","quel ballerino"o"quel
fotografo"abitano a 50 metri davoi?Oppure di
scoprire che un insospettabile vicino di casa
e,come voi, appassionato di pittura o fanatico di musica
rock?Nel quartiere UmbriaMolise,a sud di Milano,questa
sorpresa e capitata a tutti i residenti,sistematicamente.Al
punto che hanno deciso di formare una sorta di comunita
creativa e aprirsi agli altri ignari abitanti. Il nostro quartiere
e bellissimo ,dice Sergio Colantuoni,fashion,house e food
stylist oltre che artista. La prova e che ci abitiamo.Ma si puo
migliorare.Si puo ritovare l'identita rionale dando spazio alla
creativita dei singoli,facendo emergere le sfaccettature che la
compongono. Cosi il 16 aprile scorso hanno organizzato un
grande street event,firmandolo Nucleo di ldentita Locale28.
Su un tavolo lungo 100 metri collocato in via Cadolini si
trovava di tutto:dai prodotti della terra al cibo preparato in
casa,dalle piccole opere d'arte fai da te a oggetti funzionali
fatti a mano. Innumerevoli sedie di svariata provenienza
invitavano a sedersi per chiacchierare.
Laura Traldi



Il giorno in cui, di qualche mese fa,l'U.
S.Bureau of Labor Statistics ha rivwlato
che quella del giardiniere e una delle dieci
professioni del futuro,Marco Clausen
eRobert Shaw non si sono stupiti.I due
berlinesi sanno da tempo che occuparsi
della terra e un'attivita piacevole, che in
piu rende bene.E non e stato per seguire
il trend verde ma per creare un'iniziativa
sociale e economicamente sostenibile che
i due hanno dato vita a un orto collettivo,
il Prinzessinnengarten .Nono e un modo
per fuggire dalla citta ma per vivere
nella natura,in armonia con essa,spiega
Clausen.La location e squisitamente
urbana:sulla Moritzplatz,nel cuore
diBerlino. Tutti sono invitati alavorare
con noi ma nessuno e perprietario va a
sostegno del progetto



S N O W- C A P P E D


igh school winter vacation, I travel to Lijiang alone.
Then just over New Year's Day, I told my parents

to go two thousand kilometers away to see snow. Roommate in the group
advised me not to scraffle, a girl to so far, unfamiliar, very dangerous.
Contact a good inn, I am on the road.
Afraid of their parents worried, I said to have students go, will converge
in Lijiang. And then to a friend called and said I am a person to Lijiang,
more attention to my whereabouts, lost on the alarm to help me.
My father sent me to the station, I could not help but cry, one is to give
up the warmth of home, the second is the fear of the unknown journey.
Later, everything is well. On the train, all the sadness and fear into
I spent more than 20 days in Lijiang. Never adapt to the cold weather,
to enjoy the ancient city of large temperature difference of life; from not
say hello to others, to take the initiative to understand strangers; from all
vigilance to the heart undefended.
I know the inn a good boss, go to the Tea Horse Road on horseback,
go to Lashihai boating, go to the bar listening to music. I remember the
snow in the Haba Snow Mountain to see the excitement, I remember
the altitude sickness Yulong Snow Mountain, the feeling of blood
back, I remember that magnificent snow-capped mountains to see the
magnificent snow shock.

Go to Mingyong Glacier, the way is
the Tibetan areas, all the way to the
golden sail and turn the bucket, all the
way and unfamiliar travelers photo,
breathe the plateau of loneliness and
Back, I made a travelogue in Douban,
it was the first time in the public
network to express their own text,
a night more than 70 replies, which
makes me excited.
For the first time feel that their text
is recognized and liked. I began to
contribute to the library journals,
the network submission platform for
Until today, the text is seen by you.
Why do not do things? Live in their
own comfortable circle in a good
Yeah, so safe, so warm.
However, do not do things, is a "walk"
the ability to it! Always ready to go at
any time.
Do not do things, is a kind of meet
the problem, solve the problem of
courage. Is a belief in the ability to
better - no matter how bad at the
moment, how unhappy, believe that
they have the power to change.





inmin told me that the
end of the trip to Thailand. Go
back and see some people, do
Not long ago, she was in the
country finished tour again,
photos, tender and beautiful
face full of vitality. As always,
she always tossing.
Minmin than I am high,
because the application for
suspension, to Thailand to
support education for a year,
come back and I at the same
level, teaching process is full
of surprises and fun, but the
beginning is not smooth.
Minmin is a Japanese major,
the school administration
office to start the Thai teaching
plan, only for English majors,
she is not considering the
But she bent to participate in,
Minmin fill in the application
form, went to the Academic
Affairs Office to find the
project responsible for the
teacher, submit an application.

to English clearance, according different. But she is still very
to the process, I apply in English, hard.
the whole British interview, if the
score can be passed, let me go.
In order to consolidate her
professional knowledge and
M i n m i n s i n c e r e English test, she exchanged
Ruanmoyingpao let the teacher resources with her English
loose, let her try. Several rounds majors. Minmin taught her
of brush selection, she beat Japanese. She helped Minmin to
hundreds of English majors, improve her English.
the total score of the second,
e m b a r k e d o n t h e r o a d t o Senior, a number of foreign
Thailand to support education. tr ade companies is s ued to
Minmin offer. She chose to stay
"You are brave, if I am, I am in Shenzhen.
afraid of the unknown foreign
life.While staying outside for a Because fluent in Japanese,
year, come back do not know English, Thai, Cantonese is also
how much will change here.
fluent in her company was wind
and water. From time to time
"Where brave? Just do not to go abroad to purchase and
want to stay in the same place, travel, she became the way she
want to see the outside world, wanted.
would like to rely on their own
strength, made something, and M i n m i n t o n o w m e e t t h e
in Thailand in a year, I have a exponential life, thanks to the
very good!
original to Thailand to support
the decision. It was that she did
Yes. This year, she learned the not do things - against their
delicate makeup, learn different families and students do not
kinds of tropical fruit to eat, look good, go abroad alone, one
learn to communicate with their had a foreign life, let her become
children a better way to learn better themselves.
Thai, learn to get along with
people of different nationalities She said: take the first step, the
... ...
rest of the road like to go.

The teacher said she did
not meet the professional
requirements. Minmin refuted
on the spot, requiring English A year after the return, tolerance It is important that the change is
students is nothing more than a n d v i s i o n h a s l o n g b e e n not the result.

Scanned by CamScanner

The second city
Silvia Piccini

Michele Tusino


don’t know who
invented the term
“Second City”,

by definition, less crowded
than First Cities, and that
means fewer hassles. Also,
Second Cities come laden
but I’m willing to bet it
wasn’t someone who lived with fewer expectations,
and that is, in my mind, a
in one.
very good thing. Think of
Yes, technically a Second
them and, chances are, few
City is simply a nation’s
second most populous city distinct images spring to
mind. You draw a blank.
but, let’s face it, the term
Blanks are good. You get
also implies inferiority,
to fill them in. On a recent
second-class status. No
wonder residents of Second trip to the Netherlands,
Cities bristle at the moniker. for example, I knew what
There is nothing second rate to expect in Amsterdam,
from the canals to the
about cities like Krakow,
coffee houses. But I had
Poland, or Montreal,
Canada. Second Cities offer no idea what awaited me
the wise traveller some very in Rotterdam, and was
pleasantly surprised by the
first-rate experiences.For
city’s grittier charm.
starters, Second Cities are,

At first blush, Second
Cities seem to have
little in common.
Cordoba, Argentina,
and Mombasa, Kenya,
are as different as a steak
dinner and a papaya
smoothie. Or are they?
Second Cities, in fact,
share many common
traits.Most tend to
have a chip on their
shoulder. That chip,
though, can motivate.
Think Chicago and its
famous The Second
comedy troupe (For
most of the 20th Century
Chicago was the US’
second city.

"At first blush, Second Cities
seem to have little in common.
Cordoba, Argentina, and
Mombasa, Kenya, are as different
as a steak dinner and a papaya
smoothie. Or are they?"



Scanned by Miriam

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