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Mother Nature smiles
I happened to be staying in Pernand-Vergelesses in early September 2015 and can recall
just how much everyone was smiling during the harvest - always a good sign!
The hot, dry summer gave a really healthy crop of fully ripe grapes that have resulted in
rich, concentrated wines of immense charm and promise. The warmth suited the black
grapes better, producing intense flavours, high quality, fully ripe tannins and retaining
acidities sufficient to balance their opulence. Whilst for the chardonnay there was the
potential threat of high alcohol levels and a lack of acidity, those we have selected, especially those with cooler vineyard sites, have done incredibly well.
Tasting through the vintage I am thrilled that my earlier hopes have been completely realised and all those smiling pickers knew what they were getting involved with. These 2015s
remind me of a combination of 2005, with it's perfect structures, sensational complexities
and the sublimely ripe, generously opulent and luscious 2009's.
So, I'm going out on a limb here, by saying I believe these are best examples to have come
from Burgundy in the past 20 years!
The wines selected in this offer will deliver in spades, with a combination of sensational
early drinking whites and a split between some cellar worthy reds and some that will be
delicious to drink, even as early as this summer.
As for price, there's no denying they are not cheap because stocks are limited, demand is
very high and the exchange rate is not helping. Yet despite these factors, this vintage
represents sensational value for money and on the top levels, a very good investment
too. To allow you to enjoy a wider range of wines many are now offered as 6-packs.
Please call myself and my team to discuss the wines in further detail and to place your
Best wishes