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Manifesting Greatness For
Your Life
Secrets To Manifesting The Life Of Your Dreams - Money,
Happiness, and Abundance


Table of Contents
About the Author


Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?


What are the Specifics I Should Know About the Law of Attraction


Make the Most of the Law of Attraction


Reading Material for the Law of Attraction


Gratitude And The Law Of Attraction


Real Life Stories from Those That Have Tried Law of Attraction


Christy here. I am a middle aged woman who has finally learned the secrets to creating
the happiness and abundance. I would like to share these secrets with as many
people as possible.
I was born and raised in New Jersey. Raised by my grandparents in a middle class
lifestyle. I have always wanted something more out of life and I finally found it. Once I
learned the correct mindset for attracting whatever I dreamed of, the gates opened up. I
was able to transform my life in less than a year.

I hope that reading this gives you the answers you seek and that you enjoy this FREE

To your success,

Manifesting Greatness For Your Life

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Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?
The Law of Attraction works based on the belief that positive thinking will ensure positive
reactions and get you where you want to be. If you want to lose weight or find a fortune,
you need to want this.
If you want it badly enough, and you believe that it is truly possible, and perhaps more
importantly you are consistent with your beliefs and actions, then you will get more of
what you want.
Though it is easy to want something really badly, sometimes your subconscious
emotions that you have developed over time will interfere with the positive outward
thinking and you will not put yourself out there 100%.
That’s why you need to be consistent over time, because the more consistent that you
are, the more likely you are to get your subconscious emotions to start working with you
and helping you toward your goals rather than hindering you.
Many people have negative experiences with the Law of Attraction, complaining that it
never works for them. This could be for a variety of reasons:
They don’t fully believe it will work
They have mixed feelings
They don’t put themselves in the position to receive what they want
They don’t believe in the positivity of the universe
They don’t take the time to bother
With people that have great experiences with the Law of Attraction, they really believe
that it is life changing and great. For them, they have followed the steps and the
Believe that the universe can help you
Believe in miracles
Go out and actually find ways to help you get what you want
Be sure and whole-hearted on what you want
Put the time into making it work
Think about how many people have actually tried the Law of Attraction to bring them
fortune or something. How many do you think persevered and followed through until
they got what they wanted? Probably not many. It could take a life time to capture the
proper feelings needed for the Law of Attraction to work and harnessing this early is hard.

Manifesting Greatness For Your Life

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Honestly, if the Law of Attraction hasn’t worked for you, it may not be right for you
because you may not be motivated enough to go through with it. The people who have
successful chances with the Law of Attraction persevere for years because that’s just
how it works. You must set it up for yourself, believe in the universe’s helping hand, and
make your life better. It’s all up to you.
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Manifesting Greatness For Your Life

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What are the Specifics I Should Know About the Law of
The Law of Attraction states that you should be very specific while asking the “universe”
for what you want to zone in down on one thing. While specifics are necessary, they are
not the whole thing. There are many things about the Law of Attraction that you should
make sure you know if you are going to attempt to live your life by these standards.
Though controversial, it is important to believe that the universe is ready to do good for
you and you need to trust it in order to get what you want.
Trusting the universe is important because if you do not feel completely positive about it,
the negativity will bring you down and edge your belief and possibly fail the Law of
You really do have to believe in what you want without a shade of doubt, and be
consistent with your belief over a long period of time – as long as needed.
Another specific thing to remember about the Law of Attraction is that while you must
believe the universe will help you, that’s all it will do: help you. You need to do some of
the work too. For example, some people may complain that the Law of Attraction did not
help them gain the attention of certain people, but meanwhile, they were sitting alone in
the room all day and not putting themselves in the situation for the universe to help
them. They neglected to follow through with the attraction.
Finally, remember to stay positive through it all. Having negative thoughts or obsessions
will only disturb the power of the universe becoming in your favor. Staying positive will
allow more opportunities and people to present themselves, and in turn, reveal your
needs. Make sure you speak positive words and think positive thoughts and just push
away the negative.
Although the Law of Attraction is theorized to work for anyone for any purpose, it does
not always work that way. Many of the people who rely on the Law of Attraction have had
successful results, but if you have had failed attempts, think back to when you were
partaking in the law, and try to figure out the issue, and definitely try again. Were you
wishing for something that was negative or were you being negative? These are common
reasons why you may have failed in your attempt. Remember these little things while
thinking about the Law of Attraction in order to find success.
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Manifesting Greatness For Your Life

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Make the Most of the Law of Attraction
The law of attraction is at work all the time, in the life of everyone in the world. When
you understand the theory and how it works, you will be able to harness its true power.
When that happens, you can make the most of it and see real changes in your life.
In order to make the most of the law of attraction you need to understand the concept
fully. You can do a lot of research online. However, most online sources provide limited
information. These sites are typically designed to sell something, a book or a seminar for
This is not necessarily a bad thing. When you read books on the subject you are likely to
get more of an understanding of the law of attraction. If you read more than one book you
will get different expert points of view on the subject.
Attending seminars can also help you fully harness the power of the law of attraction.
Seminars and workshops not only teach you what the law of attraction is and how it
works, but what steps to take to make the most of it. You will learn tools and tricks that
will help you manifest your dreams in reality.
You can learn some of these tools from online sources,eBooks and podcasts. Some of
these you may be able to find for free. Others you will have to pay for, but it can
definitely be worth it, especially for the programs that have a lot of good testimonials and
proof backing up their claims .It really depends on your level of commitment and your
financial resources. The more you put into your self-improvement the better prepared
you are to take advantage of the law of attraction.
Once you learn a lot about this school of thought you will need to take steps to put what
you learned into practical use. Make vision boards, make a five year plan, change your
outlook on life, attend some additional seminars and workshops to improve your attitude
and self-confidence, and do whatever else it might take to put you in prime position to
attract everything you ever wanted into your life.
The most unattainable desires can become tangible truths when you make the most of the
law of attraction. It’s about making a commitment to learn all you can and put it to work
for you. It can take time and effort, but in the end you will have everything you ever
dreamed of.
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Manifesting Greatness For Your Life

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Reading Material for the Law of Attraction
First things first, the Law of Attraction describes a pretty simple idea: thinking of positive
things makes positive things more likely to happen, and thinking of negative things
makes negative things more likely to happen. Okay, so while you can’t exactly willpower
good things to happen to you, there is scientific evidence that points towards positive
thoughts doing positive things to you. Before we get into that though, we should get into
the core idea behind the Law of Attraction.
The Law of Attraction originates as a concept in “New Thought”, a spiritual movement
that was born in the US in the 19th century. While too large to fit the whole movement in
a paragraph, it centers on the idea that an infinite intelligence (God, essentially) is
contained in everything, and that positive thoughts will manifest themselves into
positivity around your environment, and vice versa with negative thoughts. To believers
of New Thought, ALL diseases originate as a result of negativity in the mind. As a result,
they also believe that positive thinking can heal any kind of disease, from mental
illnesses to cancer.
Obviously most of this stuff isn’t the case. Most physical diseases originate from some
kind of pathogen, and positive thinking does nothing against pathogens. There is some
semblance of truth in this ideology, however: positive thoughts will have unconscious
changes to your mood and actions throughout the day. If you’re in a positive mood,
you’re more likely to be patient, do nice things for people, be more tolerant of
unfortunate situations, all of which will contribute to a higher likelihood of good things
happening to you. The opposite is true, too; if you’re negative to people, or intolerant, it
might cause people to become unconsciously more hostile towards you, increasing the
likelihood of your day being bad.
What does this have to do with dating? When you’re trying to meet people for the first
time, your first appearance is very important. While physical appearances are important,
personality plays an arguably higher role in determining whether someone will find you
date-worthy. Think of it like this: if you come off to a man (or woman) as someone who is
laidback, easy going, positive, your potential partners will be able to get a sense of that,
and they’ll become more attracted to you. This can be dangerous, though, because if you
provide the opposite sense (someone who seems to be impatient, unsociable, etc.), you
might attract people who thrive off of that kind of negativity, which obviously doesn’t
sound like a good partner.
To conclude things, in the context of dating, the Law of Attraction can be really useful in
the image you present to potential partners, with good images attracting good people,

Manifesting Greatness For Your Life

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and negative images attracting negative people. Though the origins of the law of
attraction are a bit questionable, the law is pretty useful when applied to dating people.
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Manifesting Greatness For Your Life

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