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Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?
The Law of Attraction works based on the belief that positive thinking will ensure positive
reactions and get you where you want to be. If you want to lose weight or find a fortune,
you need to want this.
If you want it badly enough, and you believe that it is truly possible, and perhaps more
importantly you are consistent with your beliefs and actions, then you will get more of
what you want.
Though it is easy to want something really badly, sometimes your subconscious
emotions that you have developed over time will interfere with the positive outward
thinking and you will not put yourself out there 100%.
That’s why you need to be consistent over time, because the more consistent that you
are, the more likely you are to get your subconscious emotions to start working with you
and helping you toward your goals rather than hindering you.
Many people have negative experiences with the Law of Attraction, complaining that it
never works for them. This could be for a variety of reasons:
They don’t fully believe it will work
They have mixed feelings
They don’t put themselves in the position to receive what they want
They don’t believe in the positivity of the universe
They don’t take the time to bother
With people that have great experiences with the Law of Attraction, they really believe
that it is life changing and great. For them, they have followed the steps and the
Believe that the universe can help you
Believe in miracles
Go out and actually find ways to help you get what you want
Be sure and whole-hearted on what you want
Put the time into making it work
Think about how many people have actually tried the Law of Attraction to bring them
fortune or something. How many do you think persevered and followed through until
they got what they wanted? Probably not many. It could take a life time to capture the
proper feelings needed for the Law of Attraction to work and harnessing this early is hard.

Manifesting Greatness For Your Life

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