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What are the Specifics I Should Know About the Law of
The Law of Attraction states that you should be very specific while asking the “universe”
for what you want to zone in down on one thing. While specifics are necessary, they are
not the whole thing. There are many things about the Law of Attraction that you should
make sure you know if you are going to attempt to live your life by these standards.
Though controversial, it is important to believe that the universe is ready to do good for
you and you need to trust it in order to get what you want.
Trusting the universe is important because if you do not feel completely positive about it,
the negativity will bring you down and edge your belief and possibly fail the Law of
You really do have to believe in what you want without a shade of doubt, and be
consistent with your belief over a long period of time – as long as needed.
Another specific thing to remember about the Law of Attraction is that while you must
believe the universe will help you, that’s all it will do: help you. You need to do some of
the work too. For example, some people may complain that the Law of Attraction did not
help them gain the attention of certain people, but meanwhile, they were sitting alone in
the room all day and not putting themselves in the situation for the universe to help
them. They neglected to follow through with the attraction.
Finally, remember to stay positive through it all. Having negative thoughts or obsessions
will only disturb the power of the universe becoming in your favor. Staying positive will
allow more opportunities and people to present themselves, and in turn, reveal your
needs. Make sure you speak positive words and think positive thoughts and just push
away the negative.
Although the Law of Attraction is theorized to work for anyone for any purpose, it does
not always work that way. Many of the people who rely on the Law of Attraction have had
successful results, but if you have had failed attempts, think back to when you were
partaking in the law, and try to figure out the issue, and definitely try again. Were you
wishing for something that was negative or were you being negative? These are common
reasons why you may have failed in your attempt. Remember these little things while
thinking about the Law of Attraction in order to find success.
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Manifesting Greatness For Your Life

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