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Reading Material for the Law of Attraction
First things first, the Law of Attraction describes a pretty simple idea: thinking of positive
things makes positive things more likely to happen, and thinking of negative things
makes negative things more likely to happen. Okay, so while you can’t exactly willpower
good things to happen to you, there is scientific evidence that points towards positive
thoughts doing positive things to you. Before we get into that though, we should get into
the core idea behind the Law of Attraction.
The Law of Attraction originates as a concept in “New Thought”, a spiritual movement
that was born in the US in the 19th century. While too large to fit the whole movement in
a paragraph, it centers on the idea that an infinite intelligence (God, essentially) is
contained in everything, and that positive thoughts will manifest themselves into
positivity around your environment, and vice versa with negative thoughts. To believers
of New Thought, ALL diseases originate as a result of negativity in the mind. As a result,
they also believe that positive thinking can heal any kind of disease, from mental
illnesses to cancer.
Obviously most of this stuff isn’t the case. Most physical diseases originate from some
kind of pathogen, and positive thinking does nothing against pathogens. There is some
semblance of truth in this ideology, however: positive thoughts will have unconscious
changes to your mood and actions throughout the day. If you’re in a positive mood,
you’re more likely to be patient, do nice things for people, be more tolerant of
unfortunate situations, all of which will contribute to a higher likelihood of good things
happening to you. The opposite is true, too; if you’re negative to people, or intolerant, it
might cause people to become unconsciously more hostile towards you, increasing the
likelihood of your day being bad.
What does this have to do with dating? When you’re trying to meet people for the first
time, your first appearance is very important. While physical appearances are important,
personality plays an arguably higher role in determining whether someone will find you
date-worthy. Think of it like this: if you come off to a man (or woman) as someone who is
laidback, easy going, positive, your potential partners will be able to get a sense of that,
and they’ll become more attracted to you. This can be dangerous, though, because if you
provide the opposite sense (someone who seems to be impatient, unsociable, etc.), you
might attract people who thrive off of that kind of negativity, which obviously doesn’t
sound like a good partner.
To conclude things, in the context of dating, the Law of Attraction can be really useful in
the image you present to potential partners, with good images attracting good people,

Manifesting Greatness For Your Life

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