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Updated for 1.1.36 Beta
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Connect All - ​This will connect all that has I​ nclude in Connect All.
Disconnect All - ​This will disconnect all that has I​ nclude in Connect All.

○ Twitch bot login

Bot Name - ​This is the username of your bot you have created on
Oauth-Token -​ This is the auth-token generated while you were
logged in as your bot on twitch​ and clicking the button below the fields.
Channel​ - This is the channel you will be streaming to. Remember #
at the beginning.
Port - ​This is the port, leave it at 6667.
Server - ​ - this is the server it listen to. Just leave it.
Generate Oauth Token - T
​ his will open Twitch website and generate
an oauth token to the currently logged in account.
Reset - r​ esets the current Oauth-token.

​Yours should now look similar to the one below!