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angl .pdf

Original filename: angl.pdf
Author: Nиколай Zыкин

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Тест 1
Задание 1
1.apologising, 2.she helped, 3.sisters,
4.baybysit for, 5.at a railway,6.at a
travel agen, 7.a ferry, 8.a doctor, 9.a
superma, 10.football boots

1. Most of it was, 2. Buy his ticket,
3. Getting ready, 4.To tell people, 5.
supermarket, 6. She’s impressed, 7.
are no collection facilities, 8. Trial,
9. takes place once a year, 10.
Patient and receptionist

1. she doesn't give much home,2. a
clothes shop, 3. by car, 4. cookery,
5. theu have been there before, 6. it
saves time, 7. it will be cooler there,
8. it will now close earlier, 9.
Martha lent robert a book, 10. at a
train station

1. delayed on the roads, 2. in the
kitchen of a restaurant, 3. animal
charity, 4. a news reporter, 5. getting
directions to the station,6. She’s not
satisfied with the drink, 7. doesn’t give
money to the charity, 8. warning the
passengers that, 9. persuading, 10. at
the Thai Garden
On April 2nd John Walker set out from
London in the south of England to
walk to the very north of Scotland for
charity. He had recently had a serious
operation and said he wanted to
celebrate life.

The inter-schools football
tournament, postponed in February
due to adverse weather conditions, is
now going to be held in May. Eight
teams, organized into two groups,
will play three group games. The two
group winner will meet in the final.

Recycling involves making used
materials into new products and to
stop the waste of materials that
could be useful. It saves energy and
reduces the different types of
pollution. Most importantly, it
decreases gas emissions which
cause global warming.

If you are in town this Saturday,
come along to the Home
Entertainment Centre in Park Street.
The store is holding a one day sale
event. We’re offering huge savings
on all flat-screen TVs and a range of
computer games.

13.passengers//New Bridge station,
14.the ex//2 hours, 15.other//Running
normally, 16.there is//The web site

12. tomato fight, 13. all over the
world, 14. not known, 15. 50,000
tourists, 16. (large)(plastic)covers

12. spicy/hot, 13. Italian,14. 83 High
Street,15. 8.30 / eight thirty (pm),16.
he is working / he has to get up early

17.Where son lives Australia,
18.reasson/business, 19.length//2
weeks, 20.date//17th june, 21.Riviera
22wash their hands, 23marriage
24muscular pain, 25travel,
27he wanted to help,28during the.,
29Stuart’s university,30by train, 31go
with someone else

17. group/class, 18. fitness centre,
19. the 1960s, 20. exercise, 21. lazy
and overweight
22. dicounts,23. place , 24.
Unfortunaley, 25. Details, 26.
27.1978, 28.2 weeks, 29.call the
cinema before, 30.awards are given
to the, 31.Berlin

32.how many//nine
33.what is going//talent show
34.how sho//by phone
35.what are//on a special stage
36.when did work// two years ago
37.what is James//make a speech
38.what happened/it burned down
39.why can’t/he’s abroad

32. waterproof sacks
33. May 25
34. Liverpool City Council
35. (around/about) 784 tonnes
36. (because) food affects (your)
energy levels
37. low-fat
38. vitamins
39. 6-8 glasses a day

12. town (at any time/period) in the
past, 13. 3,000 ,14. (end of) June,
15. Handwriting,
16. (the) same/similar/identical
(mobile/cell) phone(s)
17. late(r) (tonight) ,18. milk,19.
birthday card, 20. 47 Park St, 21.
(takeaway) pizza (for dinner)
22.discount, 23.Sign,
24.given back, 25.departament,
26.do not leave
27.less than 5 years, 28.schools
aren't usually open,
29.you don't stay overnight, 30.the
hours are similar to those, 31.the
32. silver
33. Minett Academy
34. (only) 2 kilometres (apart)
35. illness / He was unwell
36. the original City Action/
37. so few changes
38. sales /second hand bins
39 better graphics and faster speeds
(both elements required)

40.avoid probl..pocket dictionary
41.it’s advi// in advance
42.to enjoy//guide book
43.take clothes//local climate
44.leave room//souvenirirs
45.using ATMs//usually cheaper
46.to get//other travellers

40. our planet('s energy)
41. (private) households
42. Materials Recovery Facility
43. recycled/waste paper
44. make its own (plastic)
45. unusual
46. spectacles/glasses and

39. really young children
40. age
41. 7kph
42. families
43. birthdays
44. (protective) clothes / suits,
helmets, gloves
45. long queues

40. preparing and/ or distributing
41. athletic competition(s)
42. learn to read
43. gain work experience
44. profit
45. taking care of/looking after/caring
46. help/support a charity

17. Egypt/Luxor, 18. Nileside (Hotel),
19. one/1, 20. (were/have been)
opened , 21. 8–17 May
22. donate 23. inconvenience 24.
environment 25. founded26.
27. celebrate his birthday 28.
surprising 29. with natural decorations
30. Senhor Roberto, his wife and
daughter 31. unique
32. shocked / surprised
33. hygiene problems / cross
34. (the) end of December
35. top chefs
36. international volunteering
37. personal expenses
38. working in the hospitality industry
39. global education programmes

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