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1. Good Reasons To Stop Drinking Alcohol
2. Tips To Stop Drinking Alcohol - Powerful Strategies
To Quit Booze
3. Stop Drinking Alcohol On Your Own With These 3
Proven Solutions
4. Stop Drinking Alcohol - Successful Tricks To End
5. Stop Drinking Alcohol - Methods To Give Up Drinking


1. Good Reasons To Stop Drinking Alcohol
There are three types of people when it comes to alcohol, 1) Those
that avoid alcohol completely, 2) Those that consume alcohol
moderately, and 3) Those that resort to heavy drinking.

When a person comes under the third category it is important they
seek help from a how to stop drinking alcohol expert and safeguard
their health and improve their lifestyle.
Alcohol consumption is not essential for our health. Hence those
who have not tasted alcohol so far need not get into the habit of
drinking alcohol. Because they avoid alcohol, they are not going to
lose anything. However, it's not wrong to consume alcohol
moderately and one can have a few health benefits from moderate
drinking of alcohol. It is believed that alcohol reduces the risks of
various cardiac ailments, diabetes and also ischemic stroke that
occurs when blood flow to the brain is reduced as a result of the
arteries that take blood to the brain getting blocked. However, there
is no guarantee that everyone who drinks alcohol gets these health
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Heavy drinking makes alcohol a killer
Those who develop the habit of uncontrolled drinking of alcohol
should first of all keep in mind that the health benefits from drinking
alcohol are rather insignificant when compared to the health risks
involved in heavy drinking. Even moderate drinking of alcohol is not
good for pregnant women, cardiac patients, diabetic patients, those
who had stroke and those who undergo medication for various
ailments. Drunken driving can lead to fatal accidents.

Heavy drinking will not provide any health benefits but can
considerably increase the risks of cancers of breast, mouth, pharynx
and esophagus, fatal cardiovascular problems, pancreatitis, cardiac
failure, stroke, high BP, liver ailments, brain damage for the unborn
child, accidental injuries or even death and alcohol withdrawal
Why one should reduce alcohol consumption?
Those who take alcohol strictly in moderation and remain healthy
may continue with the same moderate doses. Those who consume
too much of alcohol, certainly invite disasters. Unrestricted,
prolonged drinking negatively affects the brain, heart and various
other vital organs in the body. Thinking capabilities and motor skills
of a person are gradually impaired as a result of heavy drinking. The
other bad consequences include violent behavior, unwanted
pregnancy and getting affected by sexually transmitted diseases.
Those who refuse to reduce amount of alcohol they drink are prone
to severe health hazards and also they have the great risk of alcohol
poisoning that may even cost them their life. Reliable and factual
reports reveal that in the US around 88,000 people each year die due
to alcohol related illness. In the UK that figure stands to over 8,000
deaths each year.

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Those who drink heavily are more susceptible to alcohol poisoning
which will gradually impair the most vital functions of the body such
as heart beat, breathing and maintenance of body temperature.
Those who drink alcohol heavily should watch-out for the various
alcohol poisoning symptoms like repeated vomiting, seizures and
poor coordination. Untreated alcohol poisoning leads to choke on

vomit, dehydration, irregular breathing as well as heartbeats,
hypothermia and hypoglycemia.
Effects of alcohol poisoning on women are more severe and lead to
irregular menstrual cycle, infertility, miscarriage, premature delivery,
memory loss and increased risks of breast, liver, mouth and throat
cancers. When women are under the influence of alcohol the risks of
rape and sexual assault are much more.
Hypnotherapy is helping people to reduce the amount of alcohol
they drink
As a matter of fact there are tens of thousands of men and women in
the US who make sincere efforts to reduce their alcohol
consumption. A lot of those people use hypnotherapy, which has
become a positive solution to cut down on drinking. It has become so
popular, hypnotherapy to stop alcohol drinking has been featured in
the media all over the world, showing people that hypnotherapy is a
powerful tool.


2. Tips To Stop Drinking Alcohol - Powerful Strategies
To Quit Booze
Those with a persistent desire to drink are classified as alcoholics and
would often seek tips to stop drinking alcohol. Alternatively those
who are constantly preoccupied with the thought of drinking or
alternatively need to drink through the day are evidently suffering
from alcoholism. Statistics indicate that well over 14 million people
are suffering from alcoholism in the US and the numbers continue to
If wondering as to how to diagnose this alcohol misuse disorder, then
all that one would need to do is look for symptoms like a
progressively increasing consumption over a period of time and
experiencing withdrawal symptoms when deprived of drinking.

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When seeking tips to stop drinking, the first step is about setting up a
goal with a timeline. To further elaborate this could be about
determining a specific date for total abstinence. The timeline is
flexible and this could be tomorrow, within a week or even six
months. The time period is not important however it needs to be
specific if the commitment is to be met.
Once the quit date is set it is now time to communicate and
announce. Communicating to relatives, friends and co-workers
strengthens the commitment and there is now a need to ensure that
the goal is achieved.

Concurrently requesting friends to support your cause and to avoid
drinking in your presence helps break the habit. Saying 'no' to
temptation is not easy however removing all barware and alcohol
related reminders from the home are a significant help.

Yet another innovation which returns encouraging results is to set
the ground rules in the house and on a social front. These could
range from ensuring that alcohol is not served or consumed in the
house and also by avoiding attending functions where alcohol is
being served. In a crux eliminating temptation cues from home and
social commitments alike can increase the success rate for most.
Modification of social and professional networks is equally effective
when the context is to stop drinking. To further elaborate, all that
one would need to do is to give up friends and professional groups
which continue to drink with little regards for the ground rules.
Success can be difficult and often a bumpy ride for some, thus if you
are one of those who have tried and failed in the past then it is
logical to learn from past mistakes. Once you recollect as to what
worked and what countermeasures failed in the past, all that is
needed is the will to avoid the pitfalls and adopt the more effective
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When scouting for tips to stop drinking alcohol, you will definitely
come across the extremely popular option of a gradual cut down
rather than sudden withdrawal. The process is simple, all that you
would need to do is to maintain a diary and record the date, time
and quantity consumed. A record maintained for 3 to 4 weeks would
help chart the course and gradual withdrawal for alcohol is ensured.
Yet another innovative method would be taking a break for a day
when you do not drink.
The break can then be gradually increased from one day to three
days to finally even a week. Then think about the feeling of
emotional and physical well - being that you experienced during the

period when you did not consume alcohol. This will help you stop
drinking with relative ease in the weeks to come.


3. Stop Drinking Alcohol On Your Own With These 3
Proven Solutions
After years of abusing alcohol, losing memories, and creating a life
run by alcohol, you have finally reached the point where it is time to
stop drinking on your own. This decision to change your life will bring
out a healthier you, with more energy and clarity as you begin to
repair your body, your mind and your relationships. Creating a new
life without alcohol involves making big changes by bringing in new
habits and healthier decisions.
Your choice to improve your life by quitting drinking alcohol is also a
choice to extend your life, heal your body and create a new mental
state of stability and happiness. Cutting alcohol out of your life will
enable you to let go of excuses that have been holding you back and
keeping the bottle in your hand.

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While you have been drinking alcohol, you have probably been
letting your diet turn into a daily routine of fatty fried foods, snacks
and booze. It is time to reclaim good eating habits. Putting the
proper foods in your body will help curb cravings for alcohol because
your body will feel fuller and more fulfilled.
Make sure to eat three solid meals a day with fruits, vegetables and
protein. Also plan to have healthy snacks available to combat
cravings for alcohol. Giving your body plenty of fiber and protein will
help to give you energy to keep up your strengths and stamina while
quitting drinking.

Along with a balanced diet, you need to start drinking more water. It
is recommended to drink eight glasses of water per day. At the

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