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How to Stop Drinking Alcohol in 7 Days or Less .pdf

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Author: Braddpitt

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1. How to Stop Drinking Alcohol in 7 Days or Less
2. Simple And Effective Strategies To Stop Drinking
3. Promising Secrets to Effectively Stopping Drinking
4. If I Stop Drinking Alcohol, How Much Weight Will I
5. Stop Drinking Alcohol Today


1. How to Stop Drinking Alcohol in 7 Days or Less
Consider the many reasons why one should stop drinking alcohol - it
affects work, daily activities, relationships, social ties, and various
other external aspects in life. Research has also shown that drinking
too much can shrink your brain size, and can negatively impact other
organs; it can slow down reaction time, impair memory, and depress
the inhibitory centers of the brain causing other behavioral
Now we've established the many reasons why one needs to stop
drinking alcohol, let us look at some of the ways to achieve this• Take it one day at a time and then incentivize each day that you go
without a drink. Understand that each day being alcohol free should
be treated as the achievement that it is!
• When you first determine to give up alcohol and are wondering
how to stop drinking alcohol, your first step should be to remove all
the bottles of booze from your house. Yes that means the secret
stash you have hidden away as well; the one that you think no one
knows about.
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• Change the company you keep and the places that you frequent.
There could be some people in your life that may unknowingly or
otherwise, derail your efforts to remain on the wagon. Hanging with
them may tempt you to drink and may create situations that entail
drinking. If your favorite hangout is a pub where also your friends are
to found, pick up a new hobby or acquaintances that will help you
avoid this. Try and be around people who are supportive and
encouraging of your decision to kick the habit and who will help you
on your way.

• Keep goals realistic. If you think you cannot give up drinking cold
turkey then set yourself smaller goals - one less drink than the
previous day and then one less the day after and so on. unrealistic
goals are doomed to disappointment and will de-motivate a person
disrupting the process of recovery.
• Confront underlying issues that make you drink. Drinking is often
simply a symptom of a deeper problem. If alcohol is used to escape
issues and so on, it helps to confront these. Get help by joining a
support group, getting into therapy or seeing a counselor to work
through the issues.
• Finding something meaningful to do in life - learn a new skill or
take up a new hobby, do volunteer work that gives purpose to life, or
try and give back to society in other ways.
• Also get help from external aids to help you quit the habit redressing chemical and nutrient imbalances within the body can
help in staying off the harmful substances by reducing and helping to
control craving and improving chances of success
• Last but not least, don't give up!


2. Simple And Effective Strategies To Stop Drinking
The question of how to stop drinking alcohol excessively has haunted
men and women for generations. So far, there has not been one
highly successful or full proof program for people except for certain
support groups like alcoholics anonymous. However, not one
program is suitable for everyone. The path to sobriety still lies in
learning and applying solid strategies for staying sober.
Follow these simple strategies, and you'll be ahead of ninety percent
of alcoholics who try all sorts of "alcohol programs" and fall out.
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1) Create a sobriety plan
Just like how an architect plans to build a house, he needs a floor
plan first. If you wish to build a beautiful house (or stay sober), you'll
need a plan. This could be sticking to a maximum of one drink a day
or staying sober everyday. When you are clear of what you want to
achieve, you will be much more likely to achieve it.
2) Rope in you friends and family
Our peers play an integral role in our success in quitting alcohol. Let
them know of your plans of quitting alcohol and they will gladly
support you in any way towards your success! Be wary because your
peers can also be your downfall, so kindly ask them not to invite you
for any social drinking events or any activities which involve alcohol.
3) Reward yourself
Our mind works in funny ways. The more we reward ourselves for
certain behaviors, the easier it gets. Hence, by rewarding ourselves in

anyway that does not involve drinking for staying sober, we
inherently "train" ourselves to want to stay sober!
4) Invest in tools
Just like how a carpenter has tools to create his trade, an alcoholic
should also invest in tools to motivate themselves to stay sober.
These tools could be anything from meditation courses to e-books
that share powerful insights for staying sober.
5) Join a support group
If quitting alcohol alone is too hard, join others who are in a similar
journey so that you can motivate each other towards sobriety
success. This could be your local counselling centre or an Alcoholics
Anonymous group.
In short, these solid strategies can help you jump start your curve to
achieving sobriety if you implement them diligently. Remember,
always start with a plan and commit yourself to it. Also, a good way
to improve your results is to see what works best in helping you stay
sober and focus on those instead.


3. Promising Secrets to Effectively Stopping Drinking
Stopping drinking alcohol is a hard task and a long battle. It is not a
thing that you can do alone successfully or meaningfully. The
problem is, most people will have ruined so many valuable
relationships, or at least damaged them, before they get to the point
where they decide to stop drinking. That is why it is important to
make amends and not to alienate people. You need to surround
yourself with a solid support group. You need something or someone
you can draw strength from when you're feeling weak. And the
people you love and truly care about are the ones who can most
genuinely give you that. Before you start on this journey, you must
expressly list the help and support of the people who are important
to you to help get you through this ordeal. Surround yourself with
hands that pull you forward.
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While it is important that you do not isolate yourself from the people
around you, it is also equally important to choose your company
wisely. Surround yourself with the right people. Stopping drinking
alcohol entails not only surrounding yourself with people who will
give you the push to carry on but also staying away from the ones
who push you into the habit. This seems simple enough, but it very
seldom is.
When choosing the ones to keep around you, think about the
relationship you have with that person. It's hard to imagine yourself
being impressionable, but you are. To a certain extent, we are all still
impressionable, just in different ways. There are people in our lives
who influence us, sometimes for the good, but many times for the

worse. It is essential to know the difference and to act on that
difference. Examine your relationships and see how the people
around you influence you.
The last and most difficult ingredient in stopping drinking alcohol is
being independent. It might sound odd, given that the first two
involve counting on other people, but it is actually not. Being
independent means making your choice to quit solid and unwavering
regardless of what happens. It must not be based on any kind of
contingency nor should it be affected by any. The reason you have
for doing this should come from a steely resolve within yourself and
a consistent commitment to realize that resolve. Your reason must
come from you and not from anybody else. A commitment to stop
drinking grounded on something outside yourself is a vulnerable and,
therefore, tenuous one. Placing your drive on something other than
yourself will put it subject to things that are beyond your control. For
example, if you're doing it to win your wife back, you will have less
reason to keep it up when she is finally back and will have no reason
at all if her return will be impossible. The reason you must give
yourself must have for the subject and object yourself. Do it for
yourself; do it because you want feel better about yourself. Do it,
ultimately, because you want to.


4. If I Stop Drinking Alcohol, How Much Weight Will I
If I stop drinking alcohol, how much weight will I lose? If you are a
moderate to heavy drinker, then this is probably one question that
you want to get answered. Many of the alcoholic beverages out
there such as beer and wine are high in calories. The worst kinds of
alcoholic drinks are frozen cocktails that are also mostly high in
sugar. You've heard of the beer belly right? Well it is not a myth.
Some of the beers out there are also high in carbohydrates which can
also make you fat. Even light beer, when drank excessively will cause
you to gain weight.
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So if you are asking the question if I stop drinking alcohol how much
weight will I lose, you need to know that the answer will depend on
how much are you currently drinking in the first place. If you are
currently drinking a lot then just a small reduction to your daily
alcohol intake will most likely to produce positive results. What you
need to know about alcoholic drinks though is that it is not simply
beverages that can make you gain weight. Alcohol itself can be an
impediment to weight loss. For one, heavy alcohol consumption can
compromise your health. It can affect some organs of the body,
specifically the liver and the stomach. To lose weight, you need to
have a healthy functioning body.
Alcohol is actually poison which means the body gets taxed every
time you go for a drink. If you really want to lose weight, you should
at least limit your alcohol intake to two drinks or servings a day. It is
OK to have fun and drink every now and then but you need to do it in

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