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Author: Braddpitt

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1. How to Stop Drinking Alcohol Now
2. How to Stop Drinking Alcohol For Good - Starting
3. How to Stop Drinking Alcohol on Your Own in Just
4. How to Stop Drinking Alcohol If You Are Questioning
Your Drinking Habits
5. Do You Know How To Stop Drinking Alcohol?


1. How to Stop Drinking Alcohol Now
Becoming addicted to alcohol can be a very destructive thing, so you
will need to know how to stop as soon as possible. This article will
give you some different ways to buckle down and change your life
around without having to pay for traditional rehabilitation. With
enough information and the right approach, anything is possible.
One thing that you can do to get started is to talk to someone, a
therapist, psychiatrist, or counselor. These people can help you get
your life on track by not only giving you advice, but also providing
you an outlet to talk and release emotions that you may currently be
channeling into drinking. Many people who have developed drinking
problems have found this method helpful in stopping their
destructive behavior.
Throughout this entire process, you always have to keep a confident
and positive attitude. This way carry you through hard times when it
may not be easy to keep up your sobriety. You might be surprised
how effective a positive outlook can be when you need it the most.
Being determined in your goals is perhaps the most important part of
recovering from alcohol addiction.
You should also practice good diet and nutrition. Putting healthy
foods and liquids into your body is a critical aspect of staying away
from drinking. By consuming at least 8 glasses of water a day, you
are cleansing your body of harmful toxins and bacteria that
contribute to declining health. Stopping your drinking doesn't just
mean not drinking, it also means taking care of yourself and making
healthy decisions that get you on the right path to recovery.


2. How to Stop Drinking Alcohol For Good - Starting
Alcoholic beverages a very big part of our society, at parties, on
holidays, and in bars. It's almost impossible to avoid when you go
out. If you are one of the many people that has a problem with
drinking too much, then you will want to learn how to get it under
control as quickly as possible. This article will help you to do that by
giving you a few different methods that will effectively help you in
quitting alcohol for good.
One of the keys to quitting for good is to discover why you first
started drinking. For most alcoholics, there is what is called a "root",
or reason that started you in your drinking in the first place. Maybe
you have low self-esteem or have recently suffered a loss of a family
member or friend. Whatever the reason, you have to help yourself to
heal so you can move on with your life and be healthy once again.
It would also be a very good idea to get into a program to help you
quit your addiction as soon as possible. Alcoholics Anonymous is a
wonderful organization that has helped millions of people overcome
their addiction and lead happy productive lives. You will be able to
share with other people who have the same problem as you, and
heal in your own way.
You should also be surrounding yourself with people who are close
to you. This will be your support system and it is important that you
turn to them when you feel like you might be slipping. They are the
ones that are going to be there for you when things get tough.
Without a strong support system, it is almost certain that you will
eventually relapse.


3. How to Stop Drinking Alcohol on Your Own in Just
To truly overcome your alcoholism, you will need to know a few
things first. The information that has been listed for you in this article
will help in getting you to finally beat your addiction, so you can lead
a normal and healthy life. This is an addiction which can become very
destructive, not just for the person who is drinking, but also for those
who are close to them. This is why it is so important to get started in
healing yourself as soon as possible.
It is going to up to you to beat your addiction, and the first thing you
can do is come clean and admit you have a problem. This is a very
effective exercise, because it forces you to acknowledge that you
have a problem and need help. Once you have done that, you need
to find out why you are drinking so much. Most people who have a
drinking problem do so because there is something in their lives or
within them as a person that makes them unhappy.
To find the reason you drink, you have to simply think back to when
you first started, and identify why it began to elevate to the point
where it is now. Besides this, you should be keeping yourself busy
through many different activities. If you find that you don't have very
many hobbies, then you start to think about what might be fun to do
and will keep your mind occupied.
For the first few weeks, it is very important that you stay as far as
possible away from bars, parties, clubs, or any other situations in
which alcohol is served and consumed by others. This will help you
avoid your trigger and stay sober long enough to become strong to
resist it when it is put right in front of you.

4. How to Stop Drinking Alcohol If You Are
Questioning Your Drinking Habits
If you have gotten to the point of questioning whether or not you
have a drinking problem you are probably at the point where you
actually do. More than that, if the people around you have been
commenting on the amount of alcohol you drink then you may want
to listen up. You do have a drinking problem if you are at the point
where alcohol is negatively affecting your life and you are continuing
to drink.
If you recognize that you may have a problem but are unsure what to
do or where to go, and possibly even anxious about whether or not
you are able to quit, I can say with some authority that the majority
of people who wish to stop drinking can do so with nothing more
than willpower. You will not be the first person who has decided to
quit and been able to do so with nothing more than willpower.
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Regrettably there are many out there who simply do not have the
inner fortitude to follow through and quit cold turkey. If you have
decided to quit but find yourself continuing to reach for a drink then
the problem becomes one of dependency and even alcohol abuse.
Alcoholism is reached when this behavior becomes normal.
If your life has become affected by your drinking habits and you wish
to quit but are unsure if you can do it on your own there is help
available. You might want to talk with your doctor as withdrawal
medications may be necessary as well as guiding you along the right
path towards sobriety. If you are looking to join a support group
Alcoholics Anonymous is a national group with meetings in nearly
every city.

The largest library in the world, the internet, is another option for
finding groups that can support you in your efforts to live a life free
from the reliance on alcohol. Talking with others who are on the
same path as you and who understand what you are going through is
important for your success in this battle.


5. Do You Know How To Stop Drinking Alcohol?
It is an unfortunate fact of life that many people rely on alcohol to
unwind after a busy day at work or after the children have gone to
bed. Some people find themselves unable to relax without having an
alcoholic drink or 2. Other people may eventually find that those 1 or
2 glasses of wine have developed into a bottle or 2 of wine, or that
their drinking is no longer just restricted to the evening.
What should you do if you discover you're drinking too much?
The obvious solution is to stop however, it might not be that simple.
Alcohol is an addictive drug. Due to the fact that in many countries
alcohol is widely available, many people are surprised when they
discover that they have become physically addicted to alcohol and
are no longer drinking just for pleasure.
The term most people associate with this is alcoholism. While
alcoholics are mainly thought of as old homeless men, many people
can become physically addicted to alcohol while still holding down a
job, raising a family and paying their mortgage.
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If you consider that this is you then the best advice is, as with any
major decision which affects your physical lifestyle, to visit your
doctor or physician. They will then be able to advise you on the most
appropriate method to stop drinking. Some of the methods they may
suggest are:
Going Cold Turkey
Going 'cold turkey' or cutting out alcohol completely is perhaps the
most commonly used method that people undertake to stop
drinking. It's simple - you just don't drink. For people who have the

occasional alcoholic drink this method is probably fine. You may feel
restless for a day or so after you stop, unable to sleep at night, or
find your emotions a little heightened but these usually pass quickly.
Many people actually find that after they've stopped drinking
completely they suddenly become more relaxed and sleep better
than when they were using alcohol to relax.
Alcohol Reduction
If you have been trying to go cold turkey but find it just too hard to
suddenly cut out alcohol all together you may wish to slowly reduce
your alcoholic intake. If you have been drinking 4 beers a night you
may wish to drop this down to 3 for a couple of days, then down to 2
and then finally down to 1 before you stop. By staggering your
reduction in this way your body gets used to the smaller amounts of
alcohol and then it's then much easier to stop.
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Drug Supported Detox
If you have been drinking for a long period of time the above
methods might be too dangerous for you to try. In these instances
your doctor may prescribe you a reduction detox program. During
such a detox you will be given a short course, usually 5-10 days, of a
benzodiazepine type drug. Much like the alcohol reduction method
you begin by taking a large dose of this drug and then gradually
reduce the dose over the period you have been prescribed it for. The
benzodiazepine mimics the effects of alcohol in your brain and
reduces the likely hood of seizures in those who have abused alcohol
seriously in the past. If your doctor does prescribe a drug detox they
are also likely to suggest that you continue your treatment by

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