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1. How to Stop Drinking Alcohol
2. Steps to Help to Stop Drinking Alcoholism
3. How to Stop Drinking Alcohol Without Entering a
4. How to Stop Drinking Alcohol - Finding Support and
5. Lifting Your Spirits - How to Stop Drinking Alcohol


1. How to Stop Drinking Alcohol
So your drinking has gotten out of control and you are worried about
how alcohol is affecting your life. You've been wondering "How Can I
Stop Drinking Alcohol?" There are different methods you can choose
Chances are like most of us, you have tried many times to stop on
your own using you own willpower with limited success, even when
you put all the determination and effort at your disposal into it. And
you know that if you don't stop, if you haven't already experienced
serious repercussions from drinking you will. It is just a matter of
Likely, most problem drinkers would like to quit drinking on their
own. However, the success rate on quitting on your own is a very
small percentage.
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If you are serious about putting an end to your alcohol abuse, you
have several options available to you:
You can attend Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings:
To succeed in AA most alcoholics need to attend at least a few
meetings a week. The recommendation of the AA people and/or
literature is to attend 90 meetings in 90 days initially. This works for
some people.
You can check yourself into rehab:
You can't drink in rehab, you have been removed from the
environment you were drinking in, and there is extensive
therapy/counseling in rehab, which are all pluses. The big challenge

comes when you have to return to your old environment without
drinking "on the outside".
You can find a formula that will help you stop drinking on your
The vast majority of the claims that you can stop drinking with
certain methods are utterly untrue, and you can waste a lot of your
time and money just to be disappointed with the results. So you have
to be very careful in your selection.
You can just accept the fact that you are an alcoholic and try to
work around it:
This is an option, but you must be aware that this decision will result
in the continued downward spiral of your life, health and happiness.
Most alcoholics have low self esteem ironically as a result of drinking
alcohol and sometimes feel trying to stop isn't worth the effort. But
it is. You deserve a good life. Pick the best option for you and run
with it.
If you think you have a drinking problem, visit us at:


2. Steps to Help to Stop Drinking Alcoholism
The first signs of alcoholism are the easiest to get to stop, but when
it comes to being an alcoholic for many years, it can be a hard habit
to stop. There are many ways to getting help for this painful time of
your life and when you're in a depression, alcoholism is the most
common thing people do to get over the depression. How to stop
drinking alcohol has to be up to you and if you want to be free from
the dirty habit.
To stop alcoholism can be hard if you don't have someone that can
help support you with quitting. The alcoholism might be affecting
everyone that loves you or affect your everyday life. You might need
to get help before you lose everything that you worked for. Your
family is a good key to helping you stop this bad habit.
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The best thing to do when you're experiencing this problem is to find
a friend that can stop you before you buy or before you drink. Now
for those that hide and drink, they're going to be the hardest to get
them to quit.
There are many AA meetings you can attend and many people make
fun of the programs, but that's because they're not wanting to quit.
To quit means to stop drinking totally and forget about drinking all
As you know, when you experience drinking, you will have many
health problems in the long run or even short term. You will be late
for work for many days and you will be wanting to have no life what
so ever. The problem can get your life to become a total hardship.
How to stop drinking alcohol can be up to you and if you want to quit
the nasty habit. The best support you can get is your husband, your

wife or other family members to help you out of this problem you


3. How to Stop Drinking Alcohol Without Entering a
This piece of writing is written for folks who would like to
comprehend how to stop drinking alcohol and do not have all the
cash in the world to register with or check into a rehab or a
treatment center. This same thing applies to a wife or husband or
family members that want to lend a hand to a dear one grappling
with alcohol addiction. The tips mentioned in this article will help you
to make out what to do. It is not mandatory for you to borrow
money in order to register with an alcohol rehab or treatment
center. It is something that can be done and we shall examine them
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Primarily, you should possess a desire or get the alcohol addict
understand his or her need for a desire to stop drinking alcohol.
Without a strong craving all your endeavor may be futile. To put in
another way, if the drinker does not possess a desire to put a stop to
the trouble, there is nothing any family member can do about that.
Every addict can only win the conflict against bottles of alcohol if
there is a tough want. This connote that you have to be tired of your
present life and you need to own a yearning to set out a new life that
you and those around you will be proud of.
Number two, you must run away from every alcoholic drink. This
means that you have to dispose of every bottles of alcohol in your
home and company. Graciously turn down any offer from associates.
As family members, you must attempt to eliminate the bottles from
the alcohol addict. Besides, there is need for you to get rid of all
alcoholic friends. You need to put a stop to your association with

them. Without saying no to them, they will constantly take you back
to your former way of life. Moreover, you need to escape parties
that encourage alcoholism.
Thirdly, every alcohol addict must get busy in meaningful activities
that do not commence desire for alcohol. To put in another way, you
are encouraged to join community or social groups in your region.
This assembly will aid you take your minds away from alcohol. Ensure
that you are keenly caught up in their discussions and activities. I
have attempted it and it worked. After enrolling for a group, I
wrapped up myself in their activities and I find out that I no longer
have the desire for alcohol.
These three acts are all you require to stop drinking alcohol and they
do not require wasting your hard earned cash to take care of the
crisis of alcohol addiction. All it demands is your want, resolve and
strictness. With these traits, you won't have difficulty with alcohol


4. How to Stop Drinking Alcohol - Finding Support and
Are you a slave to alcohol addiction? Or do you know someone who
needs to learn how to stop drinking alcohol?
Whichever is the case, it helps to know the different types of help
that are available to the alcoholic. They come in different forms,
from the informal to the government-supported, from the
professional to the charitable. Every country differs in its culture and
make-up, so this article strives to give the general ideas.
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The Alcoholic
Before anything else, the alcoholic has to make the decision to
change. This can be harder than you expect: An alcoholic may blame
circumstances and other people for his predicament, and may deny
the problem. Be aware that an alcoholic may also drink because of
the extra attention he gets, either while drunk or afterwards when
Until the person suffering from alcohol addiction admits to the
problem and realizes that he needs help, there is unlikely to be much
Friends and Family
Once the decision has been made, friends and family can support the
decision by staying alcohol-free around the person, and refusing to
"feel sorry" for, or pay any attention at all, to the drinker when she
drinks. Plenty of praise and positive reinforcement should
accompany teetotaler behavior; but don't overdo it for people who
are shy of their own emotions.

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