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Author: Braddpitt

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1. Ways to Stop Drinking Alcohol On Your Own
2. Steps to Stop Drinking Alcohol - What You Need To
3. Ways to Stop Drinking Alcohol - Essential Tips To
Give Up Drinking
4. How to Stop Drinking Alcohol
5. Stop Drinking Alcohol On Your Own - Helpful Tips


1. Ways to Stop Drinking Alcohol On Your Own
People who drink an excessive amount of alcohol generally have
more health problems and life problems than people who do not
drink alcohol. Some of the health problems caused by the
consumption of alcoholic substances include cirrhosis, cardiovascular
disease, cancer and anemia. The life problems caused by alcohol
include poor work performance, isolation from friends and isolation
from family. If you are already experiencing some of these problems,
then you must quit drinking alcoholic drinks and start changing your
life for the better.
There are many ways to stop drinking alcohol, but the most
important thing is that you must be willing to cure your addiction.
Get a sheet of paper and list down all of the reasons why you need to
stop drinking. You should also write down the problems that alcohol
has caused in your life. Every time you feel tempted to drink an
alcoholic drink, read your list so that you will be reminded why you
should not drink.
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It is almost impossible for anyone to just suddenly stop drinking
alcohol especially if one has been drinking alcoholic substances
regularly for a long time. To quit your drinking habit more easily,
gradually reduce the amount of alcohol that you consume each. For
example, if you used to drink 5 cans of beer each day, reduce it to 4
cans on the first week, then to 3 cans on the next week, and so on.
Continue reducing the amount of beer cans that you consume per
day until it becomes "zero cans of beer per week".
If you really want to stop drinking alcohol, then you must remove all
traces of alcoholic drinks in your house. Clean up all of the empty

beer cans and throw them out so that you won't be reminded that
you used to drink them. If you are gradually reducing the amount of
alcohol you consume, ask a friend to keep the drinks for you and tell
him to give you the proper amount of alcohol each day.
There are other ways to make it easier for you to quit drinking
alcohol. One method of curing alcohol addiction is by consuming one
teaspoon of wild thyme extract 3 to 4 times per day. Wild thyme
extract causes vomiting and nausea when taken with alcoholic
substances. Wild thyme extract acts as a deterrent and helps cure
your addiction.
You can also resist the temptations and cravings more easily by
keeping yourself busy during your free time. Instead of staying at
home, join a support group that helps alcoholics so that you will be
able to meet other people who are in the boat. You can also keep
yourself busy by going to the gym and working out. Exercise will also
help reduce the excess weight caused by excessive consumption of
alcoholic drinks.
There are many other ways to quit drinking alcohol. Visit your doctor
and ask him for advice on how to cure your addiction. Your doctor
can also prescribe medications that will help reduce withdrawal
symptoms and cravings.
You can discover may proven ways to stop drinking alcohol on your
own and also find out what is the best way to stop drinking alcohol
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2. Steps to Stop Drinking Alcohol - What You Need To
Drinking too much alcohol is harmful to your health and your life.
The effects of alcoholic drinks to your health can affect your
relationship with your family and your performance at work. If you
want to stop drinking alcoholic drinks, but you don't know how to do
it, then this short guide may be able to help you. Here are some of
the steps to stop drinking alcohol that can help you cure your
addiction and improve your health.
You must learn to recognize the signs of alcohol addiction so that you
will know that you are already addicted and you should do
something about it. One of the most common signs of addiction is
the continued consumption of alcoholic beverages despite negative
consequences. For example, if you avoid important obligations such
as school or work in order to drink alcohol, then you are already
addicted to it. Other signs of addiction are bad temper, bouts of
moodiness, cravings, depression, poor focus, anger, frustration,
resentment and bitterness.
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The first step is to recognize that you have a drinking problem and
that you must do something about it. Most people fail to cure their
addiction because they don't want to admit that they have a
problem. Think about the problems that alcohol has caused and
decide that you must quit drinking in order to get rid of those
problems. You will only be able to get rid of your addiction if you
believe that you have a problem and that you are doing this for your
own good.

The next step is to ask your family and friends to support and help
you cure your addiction. Tell your friends that you want to quit
drinking so that they won't invite you to go out drinking and tempt
you. Ask your family to stop you when they see you drinking an
alcoholic drink and tell them to avoid bringing alcoholic drinks into
the house.
To cure your addiction, consider joining an alcohol addiction support
group that will allow you to meet other people who are also trying to
stop drinking alcohol. A support group can give you some advice and
teach you techniques that can help cure alcoholism. Surrounding
yourself with people who are in the same situation as you will make
it easier for you to stop drinking alcohol.
In order to cure your addiction to alcoholic drinks, you must avoid
alcohol completely. Remove all of the alcoholic drinks in your fridge
so that you won't be tempted to drink. Clean up your house and
remove empty alcohol bottles, beer coasters, and other objects that
remind you about alcohol.
You should try to avoid people who drink alcoholic beverages. Also
avoid places that serve alcoholic drinks such as bars and nightclubs.
When dining at a restaurant, do not even look at the alcoholic drinks
section of the menu. If you are craving for alcohol, drink water or
healthy drinks such as fruit juice.
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3. Ways to Stop Drinking Alcohol - Essential Tips To
Give Up Drinking
While drinking alcohol for some may be the highlight of their week,
you may be looking for ways to stop drinking alcohol. Being in a
different mental place than your family or peers can make a decision
like this difficult. However, there are ways that you can help you
begin the process to stop drinking alcohol. Exploring your drinking
habits and then working on cutting back slowly or methodically can
make the process of quitting smoother and easier on your social life.
Quitting drinking is very healthy for your physical, emotional and
mental health.
Before you have a drink, whether it is at home with a meal or out at
the bar, drink a large glass of water. Staying hydrated is not only a
healthy habit to form, but it will also aid in cutting back on alcohol.
Often people drink faster or more because they are thirsty, but if you
have a large glass of water prior to drinking, you will find yourself
drinking less.
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Think about when you drink and what you are drinking. A simple way
to slowly cut back on alcohol intake is to simply have a smaller drink.
If you usually have a 16 oz. beer, go for 12 oz. If you typically have
two shots on ice, have one shot of alcohol and top it off with water
or soda. If mixed drinks are your choice, use half the alcohol and add
more soda or juice.
Using smaller glasses also aids in cutting back. It is human nature to
fill a cup up all the way and it is difficult to only fill it half. However, if
you have a smaller glass to begin with, you can still fill it up, but you
will be getting less alcohol in the long run. Make sure to take the

same amount of time to finish the smaller glass as you do a large
Similarly, you can also use a lower strength alcohol as a way to stop
drinking. Weaning yourself from your normal drinking habits is a
great first step in the quitting process. If you usually drink hard
liquor, choose a lower proof or switch to beer or wine. If you usually
drink beer or wine, choose one that is lower in alcohol content.
Make sure that you do not increase the number of drinks because it
is lower in alcohol content. If you typically have four cocktails in an
evening, do not switch to wine and then have six glasses. The key
here is that you are cutting back by lowering the amount of alcohol
in your system.
As you continue to cut back on alcohol content, eventually you will
cut back on the number of drinks. Then you can combine all three by
having a large glass of water, drinking from a smaller glass and
choosing a lower content beverage.
Sticking to your plan and utilizing these ways to stop drinking alcohol
will enable you to continue your social life during the beginning
stages of your goal. Remain aware of what you are drinking in
different situations and respond appropriately.
Do you want to know how to stop drinking alcohol? Then here are
some effective and proven remedies to stop drinking alcohol on your
own which will help you overcome your dependence on alcohol
quickly. Click on the above link and discover some of the most
powerful techniques to give up liquor.


4. How to Stop Drinking Alcohol
Drinking alcohol is a widespread addiction. There are conflicting
counsels about how to stop drinking alcohol. You have to chart your
own course from the myriads of crisscrossing ways to stop drinking
Have a Clear Vision
A clear vision about an alcohol free life can motivate you and
strengthen your efforts to stop drinking alcohol. If you stop drinking
alcohol, you will improve your general health and quality of life. Your
relationship with your parents, spouse, children, friends and relatives
will improve.
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Adverse Effects of Addiction
Addiction to alcohol may increase your chances of injuring yourself
and others under its influence. Alcohol addiction ruins the life both
physically and emotionally. It reduces the man to be his caricature.
You set bad example before your children and forfeit moral authority
to check them if they do anything wrong. There are numerous steps
about how to stop drinking alcohol.
Self Help-Introspection
Think hard and try to see the benefits of abstaining from drinking
alcohol. You may have been discarded by your boy/girl friend you
loved most just because you are an alcohol addict and are given to
repeated relapses. You may not have been able to realize your
dream of distinguishing yourself, for example, as an art designer just
because of your alcoholism. Try to analyze the outcome of your past
drinking and envision your future. How it would change if you

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