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Author: Braddpitt

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1. 3 Advantages For Doing a Full Body Workout
2. Upper Body Workouts and the Benefits of Push Ups
3. Best Upper Body Workouts and Exercises
4. More Information About Full Body Workouts
5. Total Body Workout to Stay Healthy - 30 Minutes
Twice a Week!


1. 3 Advantages For Doing a Full Body Workout
Most of us who do a full body workout think that it's all for fun while
others see it as a way of keeping fit. Anyway we see it, the two
reasons can actually be correct but let me tell you one thing, for
every body building exercise that you do there are always reasons for
doing it. I will be discussing to you today in this article the 3
advantages for doing a full body workout.
The first advantage that I will be letting you on is that when doing a
full body workout you get much stronger. Do you want to be in a
situation whereby you can't defend yourself? Let me tell you this
little secret that when you work out the entire part of your body you
get stronger. If you never knew this before please know this now.
Working out at the gym and doing big movements such as the dead
lift and squat alone will make your entire body stronger. So if you
haven't been doing that before why don't you just change the way
you perform at the gym and impress yourself.
Another good advantage for a full body workout is that when you are
working out the entire part of your body, you emit some hormones.
What they add to your body is that you gain more muscle mass
which everyone who is working out will want to have.
Have you ever been told by anyone that when growing you don't
grow in the gym? rather you grow when you are resting? Don't ever
believe that doing a full body workout everyday of the week will
make you grow because by the time you are doing this you will only
be hurting your muscles. You can just pick 3 days out of the week to
do your exercises. So this 3 reason can really gear you up in seeing
that you perform a full body workout.


2. Upper Body Workouts and the Benefits of Push Ups
If you really want to build muscles and feel the perfect body and see
improvement in your body the most important exercises you will
have to do are the upper body workouts. They tend to increase the
muscle mass. The most important exercise in this category is push
ups. The benefits of push ups are far more than what are presented
all around the world. In this article, I am going to discuss importance
of both in detail.
The Significance Of These Workouts.
As I said earlier that these exercises are very important to build
muscle and to be a step closer to the perfect body you always
desired. These plans tend to increase the muscles around your chest,
arms, and upper abdominal muscles can also be included in it. You
should include these workouts in your schedule to increase the mass
around these parts of your body.
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Some Of The Exercises Included...
The exercises included are curls for arms, it can be hammer curls,
which are done by dumbbells, or bar, or an equipment specially
designed for arm workouts. Furthermore, chest presses and the most
important exercise of them all are the push up. Shoulder presses can
also be included in these exercises. They tend to increase just the
shoulders, but they also have a positive impact on the chest muscles.
So, why did I give much emphasis on these? Let us see,
The Significance...
By far, one of the best workouts for the above mentioned parts are
the push ups. Their benefits are enormous. Apart from keeping you

fit and healthy they also tend to increase your muscle and bone
strength. It is vitally important to have them included in your day-today workouts. But, before you start doing them you should learn
why to do them.
Why Do You Need To Do push ups...?
They are used as the main exercise since ages. People realized the
benefits of push ups very early and started including them in their
workouts. So, what muscles do they help to build? Push ups helps to
build all the muscles around your arms. These include your biceps,
triceps, and forearms. They also tend to improve your chest muscles.
Most of the workouts planned out there tend to overlook the chest
muscles, by including them in your exercises you also develop your
chest muscles. Another important part muscle which is helped is the
upper back. These muscles are vital to carry your entire body. And
the most important benefit of push ups is that it does not need any
So, start including push ups in your workout plan.
Stop all the guess work of building a workout plan by having a look
on how I am using the workout plan I developed.


3. Best Upper Body Workouts and Exercises
Upper body includes many muscle categories which need specific
exercises and workouts. You need to work on each category of the
muscles from 1-2 times per week, the best is if you work in GYM
where you have all the equipment and weights to do all the exercises
you are supposed to do, for better and faster results. You can also
work at home if you have your own Fitness, or dumbbells and
The upper body muscles categories which you will need to work on
are: chest, arms, shoulders. This are three different muscle
categories which need you concentration and a lot of exercises if you
want to improve them and gain muscles. Before you start following
the workouts you need to know some basic things about nutrition
which is more important in bodybuilding than workout.
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To gain muscles you will first need to eat a lot, the MASS time. The
time when you eat 6 times per day, feed your muscles with a lot of
calories and proteins. You will need to eat a lot of meat and carbo to
get bigger muscles easier. After 3 months of MASS are through you
can start with DEFINITION, the time when you lose weight and burn
fat, to shape your muscles, so they can look better. Lose your fast,
eat less carbo and fat food and eat more proteins like meat.
Now that you know the basic things about nutrition you can start
with working on the best upper body workouts and exercises which
are the follow:

Bench Press - If you are not doing that exercise do not expect to have
bigger chest muscle. It is one of the most important exercises for
chest! Do 3-4 routines per day with 12-8 lifts.
Decline or Incline Bench Press with Dumbbells or Barbell - Another
must do exercise. You need to choose for your first day or decline or
incline bench press. You can work with dumbbells to change it a bit
or with barbell like the first bench press. Do 3 routines per day with
12-8 lifts.
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Barbell Incline Shoulder Raise - Main and most important exercise for
your shoulders muscle. Do 3-4 routines with 14-10 lifts.
Barbell Rear Delt Row - An exercise for your rear shoulders muscle.
Works and does miracles! Do 3-4 routines per day with 12-8 lifts.
Barbell Bicep Curls - Main and most important exercise to start with
biceps workout. Stay straight and do not move your body when
doing the exercise. Concentrate on your muscle and do not help
lifting with shoulders or body moving! Do 3-4 routines with 14-8 lifts.
Concentration Curls - Use dumbbells and your concentration to do
this biceps exercise which helps you shape the ball out of your
biceps! Do 3 routines with 15-10 lifts!
Triceps Cable Extension - Use the cable to extend your triceps. A
great exercise to shape your muscle and do a lot of push downs.

Close Grip Bench Press - Build your triceps muscle with this hard
exercise that does miracles. Do 3-4 routines with 12-8 lifts!
Get more tips and Upper Body Workouts on our website. We help
you gain arm muscles in less time with faster results, thanks to our
Arm Workouts


4. More Information About Full Body Workouts
With the growing trend toward fitness it should come as no surprise
that people are looking for faster ways to get it done effectively. The
main thought that a lot of people have now-a-days when it comes to
fitness is that it will take up a lot of time. In a lot of situations this
just may be true but it doesn't have to be. This article will focus on
using full body workouts and saving you time and getting the fitness
results you desire.
Full Body Workout Guidelines
As in anything that is systematic there are a few processes, rules or
guidelines that will need to be met to get the intended results. This is
no different with this. So the first guideline to be met is . . .
Your training should only be done every two to three days. This gives
your body time to rest and recover. In fact you can use that time to
implement your cardio routines. And because they will be on days
different then your full body workouts they should be more focused
and effective. Which leads to the next guideline . . .
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For the full body workout routines we strongly advise you to go with
heavy weights. This will probably fly into the face of some people's
understanding of this but the simple truth is you cannot achieve
optimal progress from your workouts if you don;t train with heavy
enough weights. because your cardio is actually going to be done on
different days you have no excuses to conserve energy. This naturally
leads to another guideline of . . .

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