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Author: Braddpitt

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1. A Full Body Workout
2. High Intensity Full Body Workouts
3. The Best Beach Body Workout For Summer
4. Full Body Workout - Five Rules
5. The Ultimate Guide to a Dumbbell Full Body Workout


1. A Full Body Workout
The beauty of a full body workout routine
You can exercise on a split routine such as upper body on one day
and lower body on another day. Or you could do a full body work out
and exercise your entire body. A full body workout routine is ideal
for shorter and more effective workouts. A great exercise schedule
to have is to workout at least once every 3 days doing a full body
work out. These can be performed using exercise equipment [not
only weights] but even just your own body weight.
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Major Muscle Groups
These are mainly located on your back, chest and legs (your torso).
These muscle groups also connect to your smaller muscles, by doing
exercises such as push ups not only do you work out your pectorals
(chest) but also the muscles such as triceps (arms) and deltoids
(shoulders). A full body work out requires you to do less exercise.
Exercises for a full body work out and the muscles they effect:
Squats - can be done using your body-weight or exercise equipment
and they target your Quadriceps and Hamstrings (thighs), Gluteal
(buttocks) and if executed correctly even your Abdominals (stomach)
get a workout.
Lunges - like squats you can choose between body weight or
equipment to work out your Gluteal, Quadriceps and Hamstrings.
Combine lunges and squats as part of your full body workout to get a
complete lower body session. Add a run or jog either before or after
your full body workout routine really target lower body - you do not

need to have a long run, anything between 10 and 20 minutes is
Push ups - great exercise for your Pectorals (chest), Deltoids
(shoulders) and Triceps (back of arms). The further apart your hands
are from each other will isolate the different parts of your pectorals.
Shoulder press - effects your Trapezius (muscles on your back),
Latissimus Dorsi (muscle that wraps around your back to under your
armpits), Deltoids and Biceps (front of the arms).
Rows - you can either perform a one arm row or a bent over row.
Targets your Latissimus Dorsi, Trapezius, Deltoids and Biceps. Include
rows in your full body workout routine to focus on your back muscles
[a large number of people neglect they back muscles when
exercising, especially guys who focus more on their Pectorals].
Upright row - targets your Biceps, Deltoids and Trapezius. Similar to a
one arm row or bent over row except as the name suggests it is
performed in an upright position.
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Chest press - exercises your Pectorals, Deltoids and Triceps.
Chin ups/pull ups - are exercises that need to be done while hang
from a fixed bar generally with a wide grip. They usually require a fair
bit of upper body strength. Include chin ups/pull ups in your full body
workout routine only if you are able to do more than 4 repetitions at
once. Your muscles effected will be the Teres Major and Rhomboids
(cover your shoulder blade region), Biceps, Trapezius and Latissimus
Core exercises- that target your Abdominals (stomach).

Before pursuing any physical activity it is advisable to check with
your physician. Your personal abilities and conditions, if any, will
dictate what you can or can't do.
It is important to warm up adequately before exercising.


2. High Intensity Full Body Workouts
Summer is here and everybody is trying to get into their best shape
of the year. We have some great workouts for you guys here. Firstly,
we recommend you try full body high intensity workouts and I'll
pretty much be breaking it all down here. High intensity means that
you are doing more work in less time. In the gym you don't want to
be like the Prius you want to be like the Vette. For example in a very
high intensity workout you should be actually lifting or exercising
twice as much you should be resting. A full body workout is a
workout where you are stimulating every muscle fiber in your body
in just one workout. You must be asking yourself why should I be
doing full body workouts?
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Here's why, after the threshold of an intense full body workout, you
won't be leaving your body much of a choice. It's going to have to
adapt to whatever pressure you put on it. Well and guess what's its
going to have to do? Either put muscle on or burn fat so it never has
to go through the same pain ever again. Well, that sounds pretty
simple right? Maybe, but I'm not gonna lie, high intensity full body
workouts are just one of those things that just get you out of your
box. It's the true test to how much you can handle mentally. Now,
you must be saying to yourself, full body workouts every time at the
gym? I don't have the two hours for that. Well, you can thank god for
the superset, a set that has two or more exercises compiled into it
that are done sequentially. You will only be resting after you finished
doing the two or more non-competing exercises (exercises that use
different muscles, that aren't going to be working together). For
example one superset might be twelve reps on chest and back. Now
can you see what a powerful workout sounds like? Now go try it and

see what it feels like. You'll feel like you're going to work, but don't
worry this job is fun especially with our blasting playlists.
Here's a pretty basic workout I like to use when I'm working full
Barbell Bench Press/Bent over Barbell Row
Seated Military Press/ Wide grip Pull-ups or Lat Pull downs
Dumbbell Front Lunges/ Medicine ball sit ups
For the rep scheme, start out at 12-10-8-6. Meaning the first set you
will be doing 12, second you will be doing 10, etc. Focus on adding
weight after each set, and you should be at around 75-80% of your
max on the last set. Don't do this workout more than one time a
week unless you really want to plateau. To transform your body
you're going to have to give it a reason to grow and change things up
pretty often. Use this workout as a template and feel free to change
things around to fit your goals. We'll have more for you soon. Train
hard and use the playlist we got for you and you'll be rocking your


3. The Best Beach Body Workout For Summer
If you've ever scoured the internet and magazines for workouts you'll
more than likely find your fair share of workouts ranging from pure
weight loss workouts, muscle and size building workouts, body fat
loss workouts and so on.
On top of this, all these workouts are suited to different people, be a
middle aged women trying to rid belly fat or a young high male who
is trying to gain muscle mass in the off-season for when he goes back
to high school to play football. For obvious reasons you wouldn't
recommend one workout to the other person. It's for this reason
why a Beach Body workout should stand out on its own as a
workout. It's not a fat loss workout and it's not a muscle building
workout it's a million dollar beach body workout!
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So, what constitutes as a great Beach Body Workout?
I think most would agree that a great Beach Body workout should be
a workout that gets you in to the most physically appealing shape as
possible. For most people this would mean to target body fat to a
level where nothing sags or jiggles or hangs over the side of your
shorts. so essentially a good beach body workout should be one
which reduces body fat and increase lean muscle mass to reveal an
overall more defined and sculpted look or what most people refer to
as "toning up".
What's the best way to do this?
Well from my experience Circuit training workouts are one of the
best Body Fat Burning Exercises. On top of that, it builds lean muscle

which gives more definition to the shoulders, arms, abs, legs, gluteus
and almost every other region in the body.
For women, I would say DO NOT be afraid of building some lean
muscle. I know the first thing that comes to you head when I
mention muscle is big freaky looking bodybuilders but you have to
trust me that this will never happen you.
The great thing about having more lean muscle is that your weight is
less likely to fluctuate so dramatically because the muscle you are
carrying burns up calories from food. Ever wonder why some of your
friends who play sport can seem to eat what they want without
getting fat? Well it's because their metabolisms are so active from
the abundance of muscle they are holding.
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Here's a typical Beach Body fitness Workout;
Complete this circuit right though with no rest for one set. Complete
this 5-6 times 3 times per week. On top of this include cardiovascular
exercise such as running, rowing, and swimming or cross training for
a 30-45 minutes 2 times a week. This should leave 2 days for resting.
Beach Body Workout Circuit;
Fast Push-ups x 20 reps
Bent over Rows x 8 reps
Triceps Dips (on bench or chair) x 15 reps
Single leg squats (onto bench or chair) x 15 reps each side
Shoulder Press x 8 reps
Deadlifts x 12 reps

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