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Author: Braddpitt

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1. Full Body Workout - Why Is It Important?
2. Full Body Workout - Its Impact On Your Health
3. A Killer Upper Body Workout
4. Upper Body Workouts That Give You Results
5. Dumbbell Full Body Workout - Your Guide For More
Results in Less Time


1. Full Body Workout - Why Is It Important?
With the increase in awareness about being fit and healthy, many
people have now become health conscious. Gyms and aerobic
centers are busy with fitness freaks and fitness trainers too are in
great demand. Along with the right kind of exercises, you need to eat
well and take enough food supplements to help your body grow.
Many people follow a full body workout regime and it is the best
workout you can trust. The entire body gets in to action and burns as
many calories as possible. All the joints and muscles are trained and
they work well with the help of the full body workout. Though many
prefer doing a partial workout most of the people believe that a
complete workout only makes you fit. Usually, the full body workout
allows you to make your joints and muscles work together and there
is nothing better than practicing a complete workout.
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If you are a beginner and if you have no idea about the full body
workout then you should start slowly. Never push your body to
strenuous exercises and never let it starve. In a bid to have a great
physique and healthy body, many people forget the basics and try
burning as many calories as possible. All beginners should be patient
and their regime should not be strict. Give time to your body and let
it adjust to the rigorous exercises. Fitness experts advise that a full
body workout should only be done thrice a week and each session
should not extend beyond an hour. If the session is just for 30mins it
means that you are moving in the right way.
All those people who want to lose fat, tone their body and improve
their stamina can try to adopt a full body workout. Since all the
muscles, joints, the upper and lower body are made to work; you can
lose calories easily than those doing a partial workout. The sessions

of the full body workout usually start from little exercising and then
become intense as you get used to the regime. Push-ups, pull-ups,
squats, burpees and dips are a few forms of exercise. Practicing them
thrice a week can make you build size and burn the fat in the adipose
Push-ups and pull-ups are classical exercises that have been an
important part of every exercise regime. Many fitness experts agree
upon the fact that push-ups burn lot of calories and they are the best
when it comes to keeping your body fit. A full body workout can be
done with 10 to 15 push-ups and pull-ups and these are enough to
stabilize your muscles. Dips too can be practiced by people who wish
to improve their chest. They are more of warming up exercises but
can work very well to build triceps. A combination of all these
exercises together will make your full body workout complete. But
make sure that you follow the regime regularly without taking breaks
in between.
Along with a workout plan, a good balanced diet too is important.
People who do not eat well but still exercise will fall sick frequently
and the body might lose its stamina. Eating protein food and having
liquids will keep your body energized and can handle all kinds of
exercises. You can talk to your health expert and plan your diet
depending upon your weight, height and your body condition.
Always remember that a full body workout can be done only with the
help of food and energy. Bid goodbye to crash diets and overexercising and build a good and healthy body!
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2. Full Body Workout - Its Impact On Your Health
There are a large number of people who prefer a full body workout
so that they have a sleeker body. It is this need for a sleek and fit
looking body that people go for jogging, walking or join aerobic
classes or a health club. However, not many people are aware that a
full body workout can also help in getting rid of depression, boost
your body's immune system and get rid of quite a few diseases.
Though people have always believed that exercising and regular
workouts is good and healthy, most people are unaware of how to
go about it.
Well, if you want to stay healthy and fit, you do not have to spend
hours together at the gym nor do you have to run a marathon.
According to experts, for a beginner, it is better to start off with a
thirty minute walk everyday. Of course, there are many benefits you
derive from exercising vigorously. It helps in burning more calories
and improves the endurance levels of your body. It also helps in
improving the overall health of your heart. In case of women, regular
workouts help in reducing the chances of prostate cancer. Let us see
how full body workout affects your health.
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Studies have shown that regular workouts help in reducing the
chances of breast cancer. One of the reasons could be that regular
exercising reduces the production of estrogen levels in women.
Regular workouts helps in improving the immune system, thus
helping fight cancer. In those suffering from colon cancer, studies
have shown that in those who exercise regularly, the risk is reduced
by almost fifty percent.

Another benefit of full body workout helps in preserving your mental
sharpness even though you may be growing older in age. According
to some studies in women, it was found that in those who exercised
regularly, their mental alertness did not decline when compared to
those who did not exercise. A full body workout regularly helps in
increasing the number of brain cells. According to a few studies
conducted on mice, it was found that regular physical activity in fact
doubled the number of brain cells in the mice. However, whether
this works on humans is something that is not known as of now.
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Full body workout has a great impact on depression. Some studies
have shown that regular exercise releases certain brain chemicals
like endorphins, thereby reducing the symptoms of depression. It is
not uncommon to see doctors suggesting you to workout regularly, if
you are suffering from diabetes. A full body workout helps in
reducing the body fat and at the same time also burns energy which
is in the form of blood sugar. Regular exercising helps in
strengthening the bones in your body, thereby preventing
osteoporosis. In the elderly, it helps in avoiding falls and breaking of
bones. Further, exercising helps in reducing joint swelling and pain in
those people suffering from arthritis.
A full body workout regularly helps in reducing the risks of heart
disease in your body. Studies have shown that regular workouts
boost the supply of oxygen to your heart. It also reduces the risk of
stroke and helps in controlling high blood pressure. Regular
exercising also helps in reducing intestinal disorders, sleep disorders
and other diseases.

A full body workout must always be followed by healthy eating.
Studies have shown that a healthy diet is very important for not only
losing weight but also to reduce the chances of heart attacks. Finally,
a full body workout or exercising is not something that is new. For
centuries, people knew that regular physical activity is the key to
staying healthy and staying fit.
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Exercise and building functional strength, visit


3. A Killer Upper Body Workout
I noticed so many "bodybuilding experts" are telling people all of
their so called best upper body workouts that they claim to work for
everyone. And if you really notice, they show many various different
ways to get ripped with specific isolated upper body workouts, but
all the this information can get mixed up and sometimes confusing.
One person may say to do this in order to get bigger in a certain area
of your upper body, but then another "expert" would tell you a
whole different thing. So to make things simple I will show you the
ideal or best upper workout that is proven to work.
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So here's the run down: when it comes to getting a good upper body
work out its best to work on many different muscle at once rather
than just isolating one. Why? Well its simple really, just ask yourself
why are gymnasts so cut and ripped. If you really dig down and think,
many gymnasts are ultra ripped and cut because they do full body
workouts targeted to the majority of their muscles at one time,
which is like killing many birds with one stone.
And to reveal to you this simple upper body workout that you most
likely already know, but may have overlooked, is of course pull ups.
Now you may be thinking, "Awe pulls ups! Man it's alright, but I'm
looking for a better upper body workout." And to give you a smart
allelic reply, if you really wanted to find the "best upper body
workout" you would've already realized that in reality there is no
best upper workout, for it's really all about finding something that is
simple and effective.
And in my opinion doing pulls up do get a killer upper body workout
couldn't get anymore simpler, and here's a few facts to back it up.

Fact number one, doing pulls ups or chins ups works on a variety of
your muscles at once which are your forearms, triceps, biceps, wings,
abs, neck, schedulers, back, and the list goes on.
Fact number two, lifting only weights mainly adds a bulky look to
your muscles, but doing pull ups gives a TONER or CUT look to your
muscles. This of course means more lean mass. Another fact I would
like to share with you is that, pull ups increases your muscle strength
and endurance pretty effectively, with less reps because it provides a
consistent strain on your muscles.
So to end this article if you want to get a cool upper workout it may
be a good idea, to add pull ups to your workout routine, for it could
be the best workout for you.
Also if have any comments or questions it would be great to leave
one in the original article - Upper body Workout visit


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