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Author: Braddpitt

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1. Full Body Workouts For Couples
2. Full Body Workout Vs Split Routine: Which Is Better?
3. 5 Tips For A Full Body Workout - A Beginners Guide
4. Women Can Get Better And Faster Results With A
Full Body Workout Plan
5. Iron Gym Total Body Workout for Women


1. Full Body Workouts For Couples
In today's busy world couples have less and less time to spend with
one another. It is hard to get the quality time needed to connect on
any level. Why not make workout time couple time as well. Sure the
full body workout routine will be a bit different for each of you but it
will be time well spent. The fitness experts all say that the couples
they see working out together are happier, we know they are
You can design a routine that allows you to work together to build
better bodies and better relationships. Exercising together will give
you added accountability not only to their individual workouts but
also to each other. It is also a great motivational tool. If you are
already members of a gym then it is only a matter of scheduling your
workout times to coincide. Some gyms have trainers that already
offer couples training programs.
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It is important that you seek medical advice before beginning any
exercise program. You doctor can assess the state of your health and
make recommendations for the amount of time you should workout
as well as how strenuous a workout you can attempt. High intensity
full body workouts will put a lot of strain on your system and any
underlying heart condition could be aggravated by it. This will better
help you to design a program with different levels of intensity if
necessary for one or both of you.
You can also make it a joint effort to combine your full body
workouts with a new healthier eating plan. If you are not out of
shape eating healthier will give you the required fuel to sustain you

during your workouts. If you are over weight you can tailor a diet
that gives you maximum weight loss.
It may be necessary for beginners to start out with a professional
trainer. This is necessary in order for you to learn how to perform the
exercises properly. Once you have the techniques down you can
move on to doing them on your own. Because the goals of men and
women working out is different you have to be careful when helping
your wife or girlfriend design a full body workout. The differences are
also psychological as well as physical so be understanding if she
cannot keep the pace that you are used to.
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Working out together can be a fun way to make a lasting foundation
for your body and your health. You do not have to do every thing in
the routine together as long as you design some elements that allow
you to connect. The key to having a great time in a couples workout
is that there be no bullying. There is a big difference between
motivating a person and bullying them. Some people respond well to
bullying while others do not. Make the most of the time you have
together by keeping the atmosphere light and carefree.
The beauty of doing your full body workout together is that you can
spend your time building on your friendship as well as your bodies.
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Routines, visit


2. Full Body Workout Vs Split Routine: Which Is
The debate about the full body workout vs split routine is still very
much raging on today. Many people will pick one and defend it to
the hilt, then scream and shout at anyone who disagrees with them.
I am going to give you a quick over-run on the full body workout vs
split routine argument. Hopefully by the end of the article you can
decide for yourself which one is better. I will start of with the
benefits of each system, you can have a shifty at them below.
Full Body Workouts Benefits
Whole body routines let you work a muscle group, more times a
week, therefore increasing the frequency of your training. Many top
trainers are massive fans of using high frequency training for big
muscle gains. Olympic lifters are good examples of this; they use lots
of frequency on the main Olympic lifts and they are not exactly small.
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There is a big belief among some top trainers that whole body
routines are suited to naturally skinny people. As they cannot
recover as well from too much intensity and respond well to high
frequency. So if you are naturally skinny, you may want to take a
look at full body training.
Full-body workout routines can also be suited to naturally larger
people who put on body fat easily. Or for people who want to
minimise fat gain when on a big bulking diet. This is because fullbody workout routines burn a lot of calories and fat, as you are
working more muscle per session.

Finally, full body workout routines are great for elevating your
natural hormone production, such as testosterone and growth
hormone. Which is obviously very welcome when you are trying to
put on muscle.
Are full body workouts better than split workouts? Lets have a look
at the benefits of split training, so that you can answer that for
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Split Routine Benefits
The main split routine benefit is allowing you to concentrate on a
muscle group more, to work it harder. This ensures that a muscle has
been adequately trained to induce muscle growth.
You are also starting fresh on each muscle. Compared to full body
workouts were you can get tired towards the end of your session.
Basically; you will get far better quality of training on each muscle.
Finally, your are less likely to over-train with split routines. Full body
workouts are very taxing on the body and central nervous system.
Which can tire you out, in your general day to day life, and not just in
the gym.
Split routines, although hard on the muscles your are training, do not
effect your overall energy stores that much. So you will be fresher
when out of the gym.
Full Body Workout vs Split Routine: Which Is Better?
So: full body workout vs split routine, are you any further on what
one your prefer?

Personally, I use both. At the end of the day any training technique
or method is only a tool to build a better body. So why not use all the
tools you have available?
Remember that your body adapts very quickly to any type of training
you do, so it is important to mix things up from time to time. If you
have been doing one style of training, why not switch to the other to
see how you progress.
I tend to use an upper and lower split mostly, where you work the
lower body one day, then upper body the next. I feel this is a nice
happy medium between the two styles.


3. 5 Tips For A Full Body Workout - A Beginners Guide
or people who are short on time, but still want to exercise, the full
body workout can be a great way to get in shape. A total body
workout can be done in less than an hour, which makes it more
popular than spending hours at the gym. And, a full workout can be
done just about anywhere, even at home.
If you're a beginner to the total body workout your going to need
some tips to get started. Even though a full body workout can be
easy to do, planning is the key to a successful workout. Here are 5
important tips for a full body workout for beginners:
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1) Make sure you warm up:
The first 5-10 minutes of your workout should be spent warming up.
Warming up before your workout will decrease your chances of
injuring a muscle. Stretch out all of your muscles to prevent injury.
2) Plan your workout to meet your goals:
Before you start a workout, ask yourself why you are doing it. Do you
want to lose weight? Or build muscles? Or maybe you want to do
both at the same time. Know what your goals are and plan your
workout accordingly.
3) Perform one exercise for each muscle group:
One of the goals of a total body workout is to make sure you work
out all your muscle group in a short amount of time. Performing one
exercise for each muscle group will help you accomplish that goal.

4) Make sure you have the right equipment:
What kinds of exercises are you going to do? Do you want to lift
weights, use exercise bands or use a kettle bell? No matter what you
use you need to make sure you have it available or go out and
purchase it. Even if you have to buy you own equipment, it can be
cheaper than going to the gym.
5) Have fun!
If your not having fun doing a workout, you will probably end up
quitting. So, choose a workout that you like and have fun with. And if
you end up getting bored with one workout, you can mixed it up to
have variety.
A full body workout can be a satisfying and fun way to get in shape.
It's a workout that you can change easily if you do get bored with it.
Doing a full workout for 3-5 days a week for 30-60 minutes is an
optimal way to lose weight and burn muscle. The tips above are
meant to guide you in the right direction so you will be successful
with your full body workout.


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