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Author: Braddpitt

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1. High End Full Body Workouts For Men
2. A KILLER Total Body Workout You Can Do At Home
In 7 Minutes Using Just Your Body Weight!
3. Full Body Workout To Lose Weight
4. Full Body Workout Routines - 4 Reasons Why I Like
5. Full Body Workout - Stimulate Every Muscle in Your


1. High End Full Body Workouts For Men
The highest levels of bodyweight based full body workouts for men
are certainly nothing to sneeze at - in fact, they offer levels of
physical development that satisfy practically anyone except
professional muscle men (and will help them keep in shape, too).
These are exercises that can be carried out with a minimal amount of
equipment, yet will give you a strong, heavily muscled, agile body
that is useful for everything from sports, outdoors activities, and
work, to impressing women.
One huge plus to bodyweight exercises is that, unlike machine
exercises, they make you more nimble, coordinated, and quick on
your feet, too. Just sitting on a bench "pressing iron" or walking in
one place on an elliptical machine doesn't improve your balance or
dexterity one iota. It's far better to end up not only strong, but able
to effectively use that strength, than to be strong but clumsy.
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One exercise that is deceptively simple but is actually extremely
challenging is one using a power wheel. This, along with chin-ups and
pull-ups, is one of the very few bodyweight exercises that use an
accessory. Even this is straightforward, though - no flabby, complex,
delicately balanced constructions that a tough guy need turn his nose
up at.
The power wheel (which goes by other names) is a medium-sized
disc which is used as a wheel, pierced through the center for an axle
to be fitted. This "axle" actually takes the form of two connected
handgrips, one on each side of the wheel. The power wheel may also
be known as the "ab wheel", depending on the manufacturer.

Kneel on the floor with your legs together, and put the power wheel
directly below your chest. Your arms should be vertical and your
hands should be grasping the handgrips. Then, extend the wheel out,
rolling it forward while extending your arms and body. Do this slowly,
and lift your knees off the floor so that your whole weight is
supported by your toes and the power wheel.
Extend and straighten until your body is hovering just above the
floor, then slowly retract to the starting position. This is an extremely
powerful exercise that is, in a way, the ultimate compound workout;
literally every muscle, except perhaps those in your face, will be
The A-frame is another extremely demanding exercise that tones
practically every cubic inch of your body volume. In this case, though,
you start by securing your feet to the handles. Get in the starting
pose for the pushup, and then pull your feet in towards your body,
straightening your back as you do so. You should end resembling a
capital A (without the central bar), with your straight legs forming
one side, your buttocks at the top, and your back and arms in line,
forming the other slope. Hold your pose to the count of three and
then roll back out to the pushup position slowly and smoothly.
One of the strongest exercises of this type starts in the A pose with
your hands grasping the handles of a power wheel. Roll it out,
lowering your body until you are straightened out parallel to the
floor and then slowly pull yourself back up again to the starting
position. These exercises show how much variety there is in simple
but rigorous methods that you can use to power up any full body
workout for men.


2. A KILLER Total Body Workout You Can Do At Home
In 7 Minutes Using Just Your Body Weight!
To many folks looking to get in shape, exercising at home using
nothing but your body weight gives the impression that you won't
get amazing results. The fact of the matter is that exercise... is
exercise. It doesn't matter if you go to the gym, have a ton of
equipment all around your house, do nothing but body weight
exercises, play sport activities, or even play with your kids! Doing
some type of physical activity... consistently... will produce results
(weight loss, fat loss, building muscle, etc.).
Now of course, how fast those results come, and how significant
those results are, will depend on what type of exercises you do.
However, if you are just trying to lose weight, burn fat, increase
strength, get more natural energy, and feel great, then simply
working out at home using just your body weight is HIGHLY effective
and HIGHLY recommended. Oh, and not to mention, it's way more
easier, affordable, and motivating!
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So, in this article today I have for you a very quick (7-10 minutes)
workout you can do, and trust me when I tell you... it is a KILLER
Alright, the first thing you want to do prior to doing this workout (or
ANY workout for that matter) is to warm up. I recommend that you
do active warm up routines. What I mean by that is moving your
arms and legs around, loosening up your neck and other areas of
your body, etc. When you are done your workout, make sure you
stretch your entire body.

Okay, here is an awesome total body workout you can do using just
your body weight:
Estimated Time To Finish: 7 minutes.
Things You'll Need: A sweat towel... trust me!
The Workouts: Burpees, running in place with high knees, and sumo
Rest Time In Between Each Round: 30 seconds.
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The Workout Step-By-Step:
1. Run in place with your knees high for 30 seconds. Try to go as
quickly as you can and make sure you get your knees up as high as
2. Immediately following the above, do 10 sumo squats. To do a
sumo squat, you move your feet a little farther than shoulder width
apart, point your feet outwards, and squat (make sure your knees do
not go past your toes when squatting).
3. After that, squat down and put your hands on the floor shoulder
width apart, then spring your legs back to get into a push-up
position. While in the push-up position, do a push-up, then jump
your legs forward back to a squatting position, and then jump up
straight with your hands raised up in the air. You've just completed
one burpee.
*Do all 3 steps above for 5 rounds and rest for 30 seconds in
between each round.*


3. Full Body Workout To Lose Weight
If you want to lose weight you are better off with a full body workout
than your normal split body routines that bodybuilders do. If you
look at the educated masses (who knows weight lifting is good for
weight loss), they often adopt a body building routine. Which is fine
and dandy but if they have tried to look for better ways, they'd have
found out about full body workouts very effective.
In their quest for getting slimmer, these people either focus on
cardio or weight training (with split routines i.e chest & back on
Monday, legs on Wednesdays, arms and abs on Friday). But here lies
the problem, if you are just working one body part per workout, you
are not putting your body in residual metabolic condition after the
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Anyone who have been trying to build muscle or lose fat, knows that
you don't burn fat during the workout, You burn when you are
resting, When your resting metabolic rate is higher. That's why I am
suggesting a full body workout routines which elevates your Resting
metabolic rate higher and it's ideal for fat loss.
From my experience, 3 -4 days workout with full body focus will give
you great results. Here your workout should look like this...
Chest : Incline bench press, dumbbell fly ( 3 reps X 8 sets)
Back : Pull ups (3 X 8)
Shoulders : Arnold press or Seated dumbbell press (3 X 8)
Biceps : barbell curls ( 3 X 8)

Triceps : Dips and pulley pushdown (3 X 8)
Legs : Squat, Dead lift and good mornings (3 X 8 )
As you can notice I am asking you to lift heavy with small reps and
high sets. This will build not only build your muscles but also
functional strength in your body.
For full bodyweight workouts Fastest way to lose weight. Know more
about natural weight loss visit


4. Full Body Workout Routines - 4 Reasons Why I Like
A lot of people think that muscle building requires a huge amount of
gym time and effort. But it is not necessary to toil endlessly in order
to chisel out a strong, muscular physique. Fitting full body workout
routines into your schedule will help you progress faster. If a routine
of single workout is difficult for you, this is an ideal option for
achieving extreme fitness. You can save time with a full body
- Going to the gym less frequently is the biggest advantage of total
body training. Two to three times in a week is sufficient.
- Instead of spending two hours of exhausting exercise in the gym for
every session you have the advantage of working out the entire body
all at once. Every full body workout only requires one hour in the
gym. That totals only 3 to 4 hours at the gym during the week. In the
case of full body workouts, the important thing is quality, not
quantity, or the length of your workout.
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- If you know the extreme fitness training style you can design full
body workout routines to boost the cardiovascular system. Within
the course of the one hour session, you have to allocate from two to
four sets for each body part. One hour of these vigorous and various
exercises will help condition your heart and pump up the volume!
- Make sure the workout is brief. The body has natural hormones
connected to muscle building that are affected with resistance
training. An intensive workout raises amounts of testosterone in the
body, while lengthier exercise regimens raise levels of catabolic

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