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Author: Braddpitt

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1. How To Get A Full Body Workout At Home
2. Understanding A Full Body Workout And Total Body
3. Tips For Designing A Full Body Workout
4. At Home Full Body Workout - Get Ripped on a
5. Get a Beach Body Workout That Works!


1. How To Get A Full Body Workout At Home
Not everyone can afford those high gym fees and still that should not
preclude them from getting the benefits of a full body workout. It is
possible to get a full body workout at home using only the items
found in almost any household. The venerable Jack La Lane has been
doing it for years. Trying to teach us how to use what we have to get
our bodies into shape.
The body itself is one of the tools you will be using in this full body
workout routine. Stay at home moms and others will enjoy being
able to get a jumpstart on losing weight, tightening and toning the
body. After just a few weeks you will marvel at just how well this
program works.
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You will need
A large towel
2 small towels
Thick books
3/1gallon milk jugs
These are the only workout equipment's you will need along with
your own body.
Step 1
Fill the jugs with water. Only fill one half way and the other two to
the top. The full jugs will weigh about 8 pounds and the half jug is
your four-pound weight. Make sure the books you choose are hard
covers, thick and that the cover is not slippery.

Step 2
You will need to warm up your muscles with a series of stretches and
you can also do what is known as a runner or burpee. This exercise is
done from a standing position, now bend over from the waist and
touch the floor. Kick your legs behind you so that you are in the flank
position. It should look like you are beginning a push-up. Now quickly
bring one foot up and alternate. This looks like you are running in
place. Do ten repetitions. Return to the standing position. Put you
hands to your waist then raise them over head, looking pretty much
like you are signaling a good goal. Repeat this whole routine 5 times,
this is considered your first set. You will do three sets with a one
minute rest between sets.
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Step 3
For the legs you will do squats. Retrieve one of the jugs. Standing
with feet shoulder width apart and holding the jug close to the chest
now slowly lower your body to the squat position. At the same time
you are slowly forcing the jug out in front of you by extending your
arms. This is done in three sets of twelve and a minute between each
set for rest.
Step 4
Take a full jug standing with legs split. You will now go into a lunge
placing the jug on the outside hip. Next lunge to the opposite side
bringing the jug around to rest on the other hip. Repeat motion for
12 reps, rest and begin again for a total of 3 sets of 12. You can also
perform the lunges in a walking motion using a controlled motion to
alternate the full jug form one side to the other.

Step 5
This is where you do the body work get into the Push up position. Go
through the following series of movements, push up, crabwalk to the
left and back to the right. Pushup again and go into downward facing
dog yoga position. Repeat this 6-8 times per set for 5 sets.
Step 6
For the final part of the routine you need a slippery surface. Using
the large towel to thread into the handle on a full jug. Bring the jug
up to rest on your upper back using the ends of the towel to hole it
there. Both ends should be over a shoulder and held in front of you.
Now using the small towel make a sort of skate for your self and
alternating legs and pushing yourself around the room without lifting
your feet from the towels.
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2. Understanding A Full Body Workout And Total Body
If you have been working out for some time you have surely begin to
notice that some of the people that are working out on the days you
go to the gym seem to be in a different state of fitness. They may all
have lean strong bodies but the overall fitness level seems some how
If you have made it to this point then you are definitely thinking
along the lines of making your body as fit as possible. Full body
workouts are great and even if you have reached the level that have
won you a few titles there is still more you can achieve in addition to
continuing your full body workouts.
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That brings us to the meaning of the term full body all together. For a
novice the term loosely refers to working all of the major muscle
groups in one session. These exercises are designed to work each
muscle completely in that one session. Now you are at a point that
you need a full body workout boost.
Switching from a full body workout to a total body regimen means
that you not only do resistance training but that you also train in
some of the other areas like cardio as well. Strength and cardio are
fine but still that leaves a lot of the body not accounted for. Most
people see cardio exercises as a fat burning tool, which of course it
is. It also strengthens a muscle you cannot see and that is the heart.
If you are a bodybuilder then you cannot continue to ignore the parts
of the body that are no as readily seen as those ripped abs and tight
pecs. There are about seven different ways for you train for instance
strength training can be done in infinite combinations and in

between competitions they will keep you from becoming bored. You
can explore different variations and see what benefits there are to
be gained once you have achieved the benefit move along to another
Though a lot of bodybuilders think that they do not have time for
cardio except as a way to get off any excess fat they generally do not
do enough of it to really gain the heart strengthening benefits. You
should attempt to include both aerobic and anaerobic exercise in
your workouts at least twice a week.
Agility and speed training can add a new level to your competitive
form. Any exercise that includes dexterity would be great to
incorporate into a routine during your off season. People do not see
bodybuilders as being either fast or especially agile. The fact is
carrying around that much bulk can make you look pretty awkward.
Practicing skills that improve both will help you to be more
comfortable in your own skin.
Finally there is flexibility training, this is especially important for
bodybuilders. This type of training involves stretching to ensure all
the muscles, joints and connective tissue has full range and freedom
of movement. Being flexible also helps you to prevent injuries.
Muscles will shorten every year if you do not continue to stretch
them the short stodgy muscles will look rather out of place on you.
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3. Tips For Designing A Full Body Workout
A full body workout consists of working all the major muscle groups
each workout session. This is done three days a week with resting
days between workouts. If you are just starting a program or going
back after a long hiatus you should not do more than one exercise
per group of muscles. Any more than that will prove to be
counterproductive. The greatest gain in muscle mass and strength
will happen in the first few months of the program.
Remember when you design your program that even though you are
working a certain muscle group other muscles are being used
indirectly. When you are exercising you chest and back your biceps
and triceps are also working. On the days that you are doing back
and chest you should not include a set for the arms.
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If you are designing a program for weight loss you will not use a lot
of weight but more repetitions. If you are using more weight for
muscle you will design a program that is more weight less repetition.
When graduating from one weight class to another you should only
increase 5 to 10% higher than what you are already using.
You should also feel free to add in a few isolation exercises
depending on what areas that you need to work more. Men
generally will do arms and women abdominal muscles. It is equally
important for you to keep the workouts short. Longer workout
sessions will not get the job done any faster and you will eventually
end up pacing yourself or overworking muscles.
The cardio portion of the routine is there to help you build stamina.
They should be done at the end of the routine. Cooling down the
muscles is essential. Incorporating a stretching segment at the end of

the full body workout will do the job of cooling the muscles so you
can avoid cramps and bunching up.
Do not listen to those trainers who expect you as a beginner to do
high volume or intense workouts. They may have forgotten what it is
like to seriously out of shape. Making you sore is not going to do
anything but put you off working out all together.
Design your program so that you have ample time between workouts
to recuperate. The objective of the intense workouts is to increase
your metabolic rate. The workouts will change how your body burns
fuel. And if done correctly you can experience hours of continued fat
burning long after you have finished your exercises.
In the beginning it is best to only work until you are feeling a bit
fatigued. As your body adjust to the actuality of doing more you will
be able to push yourself further past this limit. You can test your
limits by adding an additional rep each time you do that particular
exercise. Increasing in this manner will help you to avoid any pain
and muscle strain.
Continue your beginners' routine for several months, then begin to
slowly push yourself harder and harder. Be careful to allow 48 hours
or more between sessions for maximum recuperation.
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