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Hi everybody….E. Jean here. This is the RTF of the book, and
let me warn you it is A MESS! The spacing is off, the
hyphenated words are a disaster, certain phrases have
disappeared---but what the hell.

“Uproarious fun . . . E. Jean Carroll’s wacko-wanton biography is
the only way to throw a net over the cavorting career of Doctor
Thompson . . . Carroll . . . out-gonzos the master.”
—Albuquerque Journal
“Crisply edited reminiscences of his friends. . . .”
—Entertainment Weekly
“Carroll’s approach is novel . . . it’s gonzo biography.”
—Indianapolis Star
“A hilarious version of Sade’s Justine . . . Echoes her wild subject
well, while framing some serious interviews with drug dealers,
politicians, childhood friends and, notably, Thompson’s ex-wife.”
—San Francisco Chronicle
“Her style is as outrageously entertaining as Dr. Gonzo
himself. . . .”
—Denver Post
“Carroll’s interviewees—including Thompson’s brother, mother,
ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, colleagues, even George McGovern— offer
many interesting observations on her subject’s alienated youth,
writing style, celebrityhood, behavior and journalistic influence.”
—Publishers Weekly
WRITERS SHOULD READ . . . Hunter: The Strange and
Savage Life of Hunter S. Thompson, written by his friend
(and hot-tub companion) E. Jean Carroll.”

“Author E. Jean Carroll tracked down Thompson’s friends,
relatives, and enemies, and got them to talk about the mad
doctor. . . . Though hilariously funny, this book has substance.
Fans of Hunter S. Thompson will find Carroll’s biography
—Arlington Old Town Crier
“A highly imaginative biography that is a smooth, fast-paced
look at an American icon. So read the damn thing. It’s
worth it.”
—Idaho State University Bengal
“Extremely well-researched and loaded with media gossip.”
—Express Books
“For Thompson’s fans . . . nothing is going to top E. Jean
Carroll’s Hunter . . . excellent . . . flashy and well-sustained.”
—Rocky Mountain News
“Hunter ought to contend for every non-fiction writing award
given. . . .”
—Fort Worth Star-Telegram
—Seattle Times
“Terrifying and hilarious . . . It has to rank as one of the most
readable biographies yet done on anyone. . . . A Renoir meets
Dali meets Tom Robbins.”
—Louisville Eccentric Observer
“She shows his life as one long prowl for drugs, women, booze,
and fame . . . Thompson is a full-blown lunatic from the first
chapter to the last.”
—St. Louis Riverfront Times

“Outrageous! Call the authorities. This sort of book can only lead
to a general undermining of the whole time-hallowed majesty of
biography . . . and ipso facto, our American civilization.”
—Albuquerque Sunday Observer
“Hunter is to other biographies what the Harlem Globetrotters are
to Athletes for Christ.”
—Tom Robbins

The Strange and Savage Life of

Hunter S. Thompson

Copyright © E. Jean Carroll, 1993
New Stuff © E. Jean Carroll, 2010
All rights reserved.
This edition contains the complete text of the original hardcover
edition plus some spanking new material by the author.

Dutton edition, 1993
Plume paperbound edition, 1994
A portion appeared in Esquire Magazine, 1993
ISBN: 978-1-933698-36-6
ebook ISBN: 978-1-933698-37-3

Back in the 20th Century, people were frightened of Hunter’s
book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. They worried about his
iconic status and his journalism’s “effect” on “youth.”
I don’t see any effect. Do you? When was the last time you saw a
“youth” do anything more iconoclastic than defriend someone
unattractive on Facebook?
Generation Y needs some pointers on tapping into their Inner
Hunter. So does Generation X, for that matter, and, let’s not
forget my own decrepit generation. So here you go, you dullards!
You panty-waists! Turn off your iPhones and reach down deep.
It’s time to start living!
7 Ways to Tap Into Your Inner Hunter
1. DRUGS. Get Off Your Ritalin and Adderall. The
whole point
of life is to enjoy your Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder.
2. WARDROBE. You Need a Hat. Accessorize with a vicious
Doberman, a clove cigarette in a holder, tinted aviators, tennis
shorts-in-the-dead-of-winter and a woman’s wig with blonde
limpy curls.
3. WHISKEY. Never Drink at Work. Leave work to get drunk.
4. SEX. Pretend to Listen to Women Very Closely. It
turns them to mush faster than looks, money, or fame.
5. FOOD. Breakfast Is Sacred. Eat it alone, and never before
3:00 p.m. It should consist of two grapefruits (the secret
of longevity!), six cups of coffee, two tall glasses orange juice,
scrambled eggs with hot sauce, cheese and chilies, four rashers of

hot-buttered toast,
three wedges of key lime pie, a couple of margaritas, all the
papers, ESPN, and half-a-grinder of cocaine.
6. TALK. Mumble so no one can understand you.
cannot understand you, you can ignore them.

If they

7. DEATH. Don't be concerned whether your books will "live
on"---they will die---the trick is for you to live on.
Of course, Hunter shot himself on February
2005, so there were times when not even he could tap into
his inner Hunter.
Because of health problems he could no longer walk, throw
bombs in the Woody Creek Tavern, or swim. The note he
left read: No More Games. No More Bombs. No More Walking. No
More Fun. No More Swimming. 67. That is 17 years past 50. 17
more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. No
Fun—for anybody. 67. You are getting Greedy. Act your old age.
Relax—This won’t hurt.
So. You are about to read the new edition of Laetitia Snap’s
famous biography of Hunter S. Thompson.
Miss Tishy, though an intelligent person and a celebrated
ornithologist, has approximately 1/79th
the writing talent
of young Doctor Thompson. We are faced with the old conundrum:
Great writers deserve great biographies; but the person has
not yet been born with the skills to write about Hunter.
P.S. Miss Tishy has written an epilogue. As you’ve no
doubt heard, her assertion that Hunter Thompson is still alive
and living in the Punjabis causing a storm in the blogosphere. Ignore
E. Jean Carroll

Shall we begin . . . .

Woman Found in
Hunter Thompson's
"She Pestered Me for Sex in My
Hot Tub," Claims Outlaw Writer
ASPEN, COLO., Feb. 14 (AP)-Acting on telephone calls
from nervous local residents, Pitkin County Sheriff
Deputies early this morning discovered a 24-year-old
scantily clad woman in an abandoned cesspool behind
the secluded mountain home of famed "gonzo"
journa-list Hunter S. Thompson.
with no apparent marks of violence on her body, gave
her name as Miss Laetitia Snap, an ornithologist and
contributing editor to American Wildlife magazine.
Friends of Miss Snap have described her as a "shy,
refined" Ph.D., an "illustrious authority on peacocks,"
and an executive vice-president
of the Indiana
the lzaak Walton Society. She was
reported missing from her Huntertown, Indiana, home
11Yz weeks ago by members of the Allen County
Bird-Watchers Association.
Forced to Compose
Miss Snap, wearing only a pair of men's boxer shorts
and a polka-dotted purple kerchief tied around her chest,
told reporters who had gathered at the scene that Dr.
Thompson held her captive in the cesspool, a
dry cement pit measuring 15 x 8 feet, and after
repeatedly "indulging his perverted appetites," had
forced Miss Snap to write his biography.
"He made me compose this revolting record

of human calamity," said the red-haired pavologist, who is
5 feet, 3 inches tall, 106 pounds, and a former Miss
Indiana. "It's
all here," she said, removing a
manuscript from a broken leather case, "the history of the
biggest degenerate of the 20th century."
Miss Snap, who said she had not slept in many days
because of "seal bombs being dropped in the cesspool,"
declared that she was giving the manuscript to a fellow
Hoosier, E. Jean Carroll, an acquaintance of Dr.
Thompson, to be edited, and added: "And then
the world will fairly call him a hog."
Last Arrested for Tweaking
Dr. Thompson, the inspiration for Uncle Duke in the
comic strip, told reporters that
"Miss Tishy Snap is an inebriated nymphomaniac," and
said she had pestered him for sex in his hot tub. He had
no further comment as he arrived for questioning at the
Sheriff's office at 530 Main Street in Aspen.
Ranked by many critics with Swift, Gogol and Twain,
Dr. Thompson is the author of "Fear and Loathing in Las
Vegas," "Hell's Angels," 'The Great Shark Hunt" and
several other best-sellers. His "Fear and Loathing: On the
Campaign Trail '72" was cited by the New York Tunes as
the best campaign book ever published.
To quote Professor Cybriane Vonne of Harvard
University, "Hunter Thompson falls most naturally into
place not with other writers, but with the great myths of
Western Civilization: Ulysses, Faust, Dorian Gray."
Dr. Thompson first came to the nation's attention in
1970 when he ran for Sheriff of Aspen on the
FreakPower ticket, and nearly won. "Where the Buffalo
Roam," a movie starring Bill Murray, is based on Dr.
Thompson's life. Johnny Depp starred as Dr. Thompson in
the film, "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas."
A symbol of freedom around the globe, Dr.
Thompson was last arrested in 1990 for brutally
tweaking the breast of Porn Queen Gail Palmer- Slater.
That case was dismissed for lack of evidence.
Miss Snap's 667-page manuscript, which carries one
of the most astonishing sex scenes of the modem era, is
rumored to contain many "shocking and disgusting"
surprises, and has excited speculation among some
experts that Thompson himself may be its author. A
bidding war is reported to have begun among publishing
houses in New York.

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