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Ultimate 4 Minute Total Upper Body Workout .pdf

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Author: Braddpitt

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1. Ultimate 4 Minute Total Upper Body Workout
2. Ripped Body Workout - Keys to 6-Pack Abs
3. Top Ten Exercises to Create a Dumbbell and
Bodyweight Full Body Workout
4. How to Get Ripped - Lean Body Workout
5. Lose More Weight and Sculpt Your Body With Full
Body Workouts


1. Ultimate 4 Minute Total Upper Body Workout
Hi everyone!
This is the ultimate upper body workout that can be done in 4
minutes, at home, with very little equipment! Its the perfect workout
to get that pump just before you go out or hit the beach! If you want
a longer workout, no worries! This is a circuit training workout and
you can do 1 to 5 circuits, depending on how long you want to
workout for.
This ultimate 4 minute total upper body workout not only builds and
develops your muscles but also works on your quickness and stability
as well moving you faster and faster towards a lean, athletic body.
There are 4 exercises to complete 1 circuit of this workout. As
mentioned above, this is a circuit training workout so you are not
going to want to take any breaks between exercises and try and
complete the circuit using good form.
>>>For More Information Please Click Here!<<<
Exercise 1: Plank Shuffle Push Ups
4 Rounds of the Following: Shuffle 10 Meters Followed by 5 Push Ups
Exercise 2: Medicine Ball Clock Taps
30 to 60 Seconds
Exercise 3: Staggered Push Ups
10 Reps
Exercise 4: Side Plank Ab Switches
8 Each Side of Your Body

If you have tried the workout, you can see that it not only works on
upper body muscle development but also works on agility and thus
makes you more athletic. Switching it up and incorporating dynamics
workouts into your routine rather than constantly following static
workouts is the best way to get more athletic and you will notice this
the next time you play sports with your friends.
Start incorporating this workout into your weekly routine over the
next 3 to 6 weeks and you will definitely notice an improvement in
muscle development as well as speed, quickness and agility. This is
also a perfect workout to do with a friend as you can push each other
when doing the circuit.
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For maximum results from your workouts, remember to keep them
fresh and new and keep your muscles guessing. The minute your
body adapts to a particular workout is the minute your results
diminish so its very important, every few weeks, to switch up your
workouts in reps, rep tempo and sets and make sure to move
between non circuit and circuit training routines. All this not only
gets you maximum results when it comes to building muscle and
muscular endurance and burning fat, but also makes it fresh and fun
for you so you don't get bored and unmotivated about working out!
For a free video demonstration of the exercises presented above,
please follow the link


2. Ripped Body Workout - Keys to 6-Pack Abs
In today's article, I want to teach you how to design a ripped body
workout that's sure to lend you 6-pack abs.
Before I get into the key components of your 6-pack sculpting, ripped
body workout plan, I need to make one point clear. Direct ab training
does not give you a sculpted 6-pack of abs. The only way to get great
abs is to burn enough fat to let the ab muscles show through.
Therefore, I strongly believe that direct ab training is an absolute
waste of your precious workout time. The 20-minutes most
overweight individuals spend doing ab crunches would be better
spent burning major calories and creating a post-workout boost in
>>>For More Information Please Click Here!<<<
Only when one is extremely lean do I recommend ab training
exercises. If you follow a well-designed ripped body workout plan,
your abs will be plenty strong, thanks to the total body movements
that use core musculature for stabilization.
With that said, let's move on to the key components of your ripped
body workout that will help you obtain a sexy 6-pack (and no, this
has nothing to do with direct ab training):
1) Focus on making your workouts progressive. In other words, aim
to improve with each and every workout you put yourself through.
You can make improvements by lifting more weight, lifting the same
weight for more reps, taking a shorter rest period, using explosive
movements with the same weight, super-setting, and the list goes on
and on.

Whatever route you want to take, just make sure that you're giving
more effort and accomplishing more work within each workout
session. This tactic guarantees consistent fat loss and muscle building
results, thereby making your ripped 6-pack a sure thing.
2) Create a huge oxygen debt. Essentially, you should be huffing and
puffing for air during your workout sessions. By forcing your body to
work while it's short on oxygen, you create what is called an "oxygen
debt," whereby your body needs to work extra hard after the
workout to "repay" the oxygen.
This, of course, leads to a post-workout boost in metabolism, which
is predominately responsible for the majority of your fat-burning. If
you want a ripped body with great abs, mastering this "afterburn"
effect is imperative.
>>>For More Information Please Click Here!<<<
3) Work as many muscles as possible, whether weight training, body
weight training or performing cardio work. The more muscle fibers
that are damaged during your ripped body workouts, the greater the
fat-burning abilities you body takes on.
Muscle is an extremely high-maintenance tissue, which costs a lot of
calories during the repair process and to maintain it in everyday life.
If it were up to your body, you'd carry almost no lean muscle tissue
whatsoever, due to the upkeep required. I encourage you to take
advantage of this principle during all workouts (not just weight
By incorporating these key elements into your ripped body workout,
a washboard 6-pack of super sharp abdominal muscles is sure to
follow. Train harder and smarter if you want a ripped physique that
sets you apart from everyone else.

If you want to achieve extreme fat loss and sculpt a rock hard body
while working out less, check out these quality articles:


3. Top Ten Exercises to Create a Dumbbell and
Bodyweight Full Body Workout
Lets assume that you have nothing but a pair of dumbbells with you.
How do you construct the best Dumbbell Full Body Workout for your
goals? Well, Dumbbells are actually extremely versatile, and you can
do hundreds of exercises with them.
On top of that, you can combine Dumbbells with bodyweight
movements to give you more options. The following are a few
exercises you can do for eachbodypart to help you construct a full
body workout:
>>>For More Information Please Click Here!<<<
Dumbbell Pushup Row - This is actually both a chest and a back
exercise. Grab two dumbbells and assume a pushup position.
Perform a pushup. Make sure you take advantage of the elevation
off the ground to get a deeper range of motion. Push yourself back
up. Lift one hand off the ground, and row the dumbbell up to your
arm pits while keeping your back straight. You should also feel your
abdominal contracting as they try to stabilize your entire body off
the ground. Return the hand to the ground, perform anotherpushup,
then perform a row with the other hand. Pair this movement with a
lower body exercise and you've got yourself a full body workout.
Dumbbell Front Squat - See Saw Press - This exercise works your
lower body and your shoulders. Grab a pair of dumbbells and clean
them up to your shoulders. Squat down, keeping your back straight,
chest out, and abs contracted. Stand back up and press the Dumbbell

overhead with one hand while bending slightly to the opposite side.
Lower the pressing hand, and repeat with the other hand. Return the
dumbbell to your shoulder and repeat. Combine this movement with
the DumbbellPushup Row and you've got a full body workout.
Dumbbell Close-Grip Floor Press - Lay on the floor with your back to
the ground. Grab a pair of dumbbells and place them close to your
chest. The heads of the dumbbells should be touching, so that your
hands are closer together than a normal dumbbell floor press. Press
the dumbbells over your head while keep the dumbbells connected.
Pair this with a back and lower body movement and you've got a full
body workout.
>>>For More Information Please Click Here!<<<
Bodyweight Over Under Chinups - Grab a pullup bar with a mixed
grip. One palm is facing towards you while the other palm is facing
away from you. Pull yourself up so that your chin clears the bar. Half
way through the set switch the grips. Pair this movement with the
Dumbbell Close-Grip Floor Press and a lower body movement, and
you have a full body workout.
Bodyweight Knuckle Pushup - These are simply regular pushups done
on your knuckles. Make a tight fist, and place them on the floor.
Perform a pushup. At first, you may want to try the movement on a
softer surface. Combine this movement with the Bodyweight Under
Over Chinup and a lower body movement and you have a full body
workout. This movement also works your triceps, shoulders and

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