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Author: Braddpitt

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1. What Are The Benefits Of A Full Body Workout?
2. Complete Body Workouts - Home Gym Without the
3. Are There Rules for Full Body Workouts?
4. Motivation Is Vital for an Upper Body Workout Plan
5. The Pilates Toning Ring Total Body Workout and
Workout DVD Review


1. What Are The Benefits Of A Full Body Workout?
All it takes is one hour two or three times a week. Full body workouts
are as popular as ever. The reason is that they are truly a fast way to
get into shape. The workout routines are designed to work
regardless of your experience level or strength. They are well known
for their ability to burn fat fast.
From beginner to experienced pro a full body workout routine will be
a great asset to the exercise schedule. Below you will find several
benefits of switching to a full body workout.
#01. You hear it all the time about having a lean and sexy core. This
statement is all about how you look. The objective of having a strong
core should be about function and health as well. The core muscles
control just about every movement you make and this alone should
be reason enough to want a strong core. People with lean and strong
cores experience less low back strain as well.
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#02. You spend less time in the gym if you do a full body workout.
#03. It's all about your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). The full body
work outs increases your metabolism. This is how your body burns
calories and fat, even while you're resting. If your exercise goal is to
drop sizes, burn fat, build lean & sleek muscle, lose weight, and tone
up, then increasing your Resting Metabolic Rate is what your
workout objective should be. The harder you push your body the
more you increase your RMR. You should concentrate on working
hard for short, powerful bursts that is the key to increasing this rate.

#04. A full body workout can be customized to work certain areas
more, while maintaining an overall training regimen for each of your
body parts.
#05. By working out all of the muscle groups you will have better
symmetry. You see it all the time the people who only work the arms
or legs or middle they look a bit out of proportion.
#06. A full body workout reduces the risk of incurring muscle
imbalances in the smaller stabilizer muscle groups.
#07. When you use the compound exercises you burn a lot more
calories than if you use a split routine.
The full body workout moves more muscle mass for each exercise
performed. This is much better than working one isolated group and
the body will respond by burning more stored energy when it is at
That brings us to one other important thing about working out in
general. The muscles need to recover before retraining. By utilizing a
full body workout you can let your body rest more often. Short
intense workouts for all the muscle groups allow you to be able to
give the body 48 hours or more to rest before hitting the gym again.
Muscles need this time to recuperate and repair themselves. If you
do not allow this time you run the risk of seriously damaging your
muscles. Muscle strains and tears can be avoided.
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2. Complete Body Workouts - Home Gym Without the
Finding a way to get into shape means learning about complete body
workouts. One problem that many people run into when they are
thinking about a workout program is that they think they need to use
weights for resistance training. The truth is that you can find
complete body workouts that will help to build lean muscle without
ever picking up a weight. By learning how to properly do exercises
that use your bodyweight to offer resistance you can get just as
effective of a workout as if you went to the gym. The best part about
training without weights is that you can do it from the convenience
of your own home. As someone who probably has demanding work
and family commitments finding the time to go the gym several
times a week is probably a challenge. When you learn how to do
complete body workouts at home you can get great results while
saving time as well as money by avoiding a gym membership fee.
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The first thing you need to learn about complete body workouts is
that you need to target each part of your body. You need to do
specific workouts that target your chest, back, arms, legs, and abs.
While most people believe that you need weights to be effective, the
truth is that you don't. You can effectively train your chest with the
old-fashioned push up. By adjusting the distance between your
hands and the speed of each repetition you can very easily vary your
workout enough for continued results. Push ups not only strengthen
your chest, they are a very effective workout for improving overall
upper body strength.

Pull ups and chin ups are other old-fashioned workouts that are
highly effective and strengthening your upper body. In particular
pull-ups and chin ups work your back as well as your biceps and
forearms. Much like push ups, by varying the width of your grip and
the speed of repetitions you can easily alter your workout. You can
also do cheating pull ups by supporting part of your weight on a chair
if a regular pull proves to be too challenging.
While push ups and pull ups are probably the most well known
exercises that can be done without the use of weights, they are far
from the only ones. You can train your shoulders and triceps by
doing dips. Doing jump squats, lunges, and calve raises are great
ways to strengthen your legs without using weights. Of course doing
a variety of abs exercises such as knee raises, sit ups, and crunches
are also a must. With the right knowledge you can very easily do
complete body workouts without using any weights.
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It's important to remember that if you are taking the time to do
complete body workouts, you need to eat right as well. In order for
your body to perform at it's best it needs the right fuel. Eating a diet
that is high in lean protein and fresh fruits and vegetables can help
you to get the most out of your complete body workouts. By eating
right you can help to give your body the fuel that it needs to build
lean muscle, which is the goal of anybody who is doing resistance
By taking the time to learn how to do complete body workouts
without using weights you can give yourself the ability to train when
you want to. You won't have to spend your hard-earned money on
gym memberships, or waste your time driving to and from the gym.
Learning how to do complete body workouts without weights will

enable you to get in a workout when it's convenient for you. You can
either start out your day by training, or do your workout in the
evening to help you unwind. It's important that you remember that
nutrition is just as important as training if you want to get into great
shape. You need to dedicate yourself to eating right as well as
training hard. Once you have the right knowledge you should be able
to create complete body workouts that will give you great results
without ever having to pick up a weight.
Personally needed to lose weight to join the Armed Forces. I went
from 225 to 181 by creating my own workout regiment, and lost that
weight in 6 weeks.


3. Are There Rules for Full Body Workouts?
Like anything there is a right way and a better way to do it. Before
you begin a full body workout regimen you should learn a few basic
rules. This is especially true for beginners.
Rule 1: Keep it to only one exercise per muscle group.
It will seem that more is better but because you are working the
entire body you will need to go with the concept of less being more.
Even if you are working leg muscles your arms will be in play and so
will your core.
Rule 2: Use a different exercises for each muscle group every time
you workout.
This means if Monday you incline dumbbell chest presses for your
chest, then on Wednesday switch to barbell bench presses. This gives
the muscles a slightly modified workout. It will work the same group
just from a different angle.
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Rule 3: Limit the workout to three sets per group. This does not
include the warm up.
Your goal is to maximize intensity not volume. This approach will
actually help you to lift more weight than if you target isolated
groups of muscles.
Rule 4: Lose the Machines.
Machines actually isolate muscles and that will defeat the purpose of
a full body workout. It is best to use free weights although cable
machines and the leg press machine can be used in tandem with the
free weights.

To get the maximum benefits of any full body workout plan, you'll
want to use free weights. The standard equipment like dumbbells
and barbells and some body weight machines like pull-up bars or
chin-up stations, parallel bars for dips will give you the workout you
Rule 5: Let your body rest
A full body routine will put additional stress on your muscles. This is
why you should never workout two consecutive days. Always allow
at least 48 hours or more between workouts.
Rule 6: Compound exercises are a better choice
Since your overall goal is to shorten the time you spend at the gym
you should use as many compound exercises as possible in your
routine. These exercises will use almost all muscle groups to some
extent. Examples of compound exercises would be things like dips,
presses, squats and others that entail multi-joint movement.
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Rule 7: Start out with a lower weight
To lose fat you want to go for higher reps less weight for building
muscle fewer reps more weight. For the fist 4-8 weeks either way
keep it between six and eight.
Rule 8: EAT
These workouts cause your body to burn fuel. High intensity
workouts will increase how your body metabolizes it fuel. You can
still be burning fat hours after you leave the gym. If you are
concentrating on weight loss then eat a small high protein meal
before working out and after. If you are already lean with very little
body fat to burn eat high protein and lots of carbs before working

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