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Brandon Farley1 day ago
Banning an unborn baby from entering the world isn't "basic rights," it's mass murder of
the innocent. This should be America's number one priority. How are so many people
okay with baby genocide? If you're not ready to have a child, adopt them out and use
contraceptives, next time. Lesson learned.

BradleyJan 29, 2017
+Brandon Farley
Before you put all of them into the adoption system, what will you do with the 500,000
other children in the U.S.A. alone who are currently waiting to be adopted?

Brandon FarleyJan 29, 2017
Ask any one of those children in the system if they'd prefer to live like this for a few
years or would they rather be killed right now by being sucked through a tube.

BradleyJan 29, 2017
You aren't answering the question. What is your plan to get ~500,000 children into
homes with loving parent(s)? Before you add a million a year to that number of course.
Did you know that Pence is against contraception? So that kinda eliminates that option.
Also, the children can feel pain, the fetuses cannot even remotely feel pain until 23/24
weeks, that's 10 weeks after the vast majority of abortions are performed.

Brandon FarleyJan 29, 2017
I, personally, will do absolutely nothing for those 500,000 children. That's way too much
for a single person to take on, but I can advise other people not to kill their unborn
babies. VPence might be against contraceptives, but I'm not. I'm speaking out against
abortions, not contraceptives. I'm one of those rare Atheists who enjoys having Trump in
office and I think abortions and the people who get them are disgusting. That's just my

BradleyJan 29, 2017
If it's too much for a single person to take on, then why do you want to add even more

stress to a system that is already full of children?

Brandon FarleyJan 29, 2017
I don't understand how birthing children is going to add so much stress that you can
justify those murders. I mean, by that logic, we could just kill off 99% of the population
and prevent homelessness. There are over 500,000 people suffering from that in
America, right now. I think people should take on the burden of their responsibility or
simply don't put yourself and others in that type of situation.

BradleyJan 29, 2017
We have 500,000 children up for adoption. There are roughly ~1 million abortions each
year, with the number slowly going down, that means in five years you would have ~5
million children up for adoption. If parents cannot be found for the ~500,000 we have
now, what makes you think we can find parents for ~5 million?
So now you're blaming the victims?

Brandon FarleyJan 29, 2017 
Victims? No, they're murderers. But, you're correct about the statistics, yet you're still
okay with it, for some fucked up reason. So, 20% of all American fetuses are literally
being sucked through a tube. At this point, we could solve hunger by feeding people
unborn babies.

BradleyYesterday 9:14 AM
Where are you getting your statistics from exactly?
You realize that the fetus is A, nearly all abortions happen within the first 13 weeks, B it
is not aware, and C is unable to feel pain when they do it as the receptors for pain are
not remotely connected until the 28th week? That's over double the amount of time.

Brandon FarleyYesterday 10:19 PM
My stats are from the Center of Disease Control. You know.. if you drug a person well
enough they won't be aware, either, and pain won't be an issue. But, that's a good
attempt at trying to justify the modern day mass murder of babies. IT'S A HUMAN LIFE!!
I thought we held those to great value in our society, but I guess that will never be true
as long as abortions are not severely penalized or completely abolished, except for
extremely rare cases, when the mother and child's life are on the table.

BradleyYesterday 11:01 PM
Your "point" is invalid. They literally do not have the capability for pain.
Could you point me to your statistic then?
Are you also against taking brain dead people off of life support?

Brandon Farley12:06 AM
Your "questions" are invalid. Brain dead people are different. they have no chance at
any quality of life. They're as good as dead, to me. Kill 'em quickly and cost efficiently.

Bradley12:09 AM
No, they aren't invalid. Until they pass the 22nd week they are no different. Those
machines that are providing nutrients to the brain dead person? The same as the
woman's body providing her nutrients to the fetus.

Brandon Farley12:18 AM 
If you don't want your questions to be considered invalid, you shouldn't tell me that my
points are invalid, especially without any proof. And giving me a link to a long ass list of
statistics, doesn't entice me to want to look any further, especially to prove a point to
someone I don't know who's probably never going to change their opinion on the matter.
And neither am I. I haven't the time nor mental focus to indulge in your race off a cliff,
where nobody wins, except maybe someone who happens to scroll through the
comments and realizes that I actually do make valid points.. enjoy your masturbation.

I’m Tired Of Being The Nice Atheist @TOBTBA (Brandon Farley - Farley CG Studios

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