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Lauren Ashley Shapiro, PsyD
3099 W. Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92868

Notice of Privacy Practices:
Electronic Communication, Information, and Usage Policy
This document contains all policies, procedures, and practices regarding the use of electronic
communication channels, services, or information in my provision of professional
psychological services. It is my responsibility to update, communicate, and make available
any changes made to this document. I have prepared this document to assure the security,
privacy, and confidentiality of your treatment and to provide you with information about the
ethics and laws I adamantly uphold.
The purpose of these policies, procedures, and practices is to maintain your privacy and
confidentiality, protect my professional liability and interests, alert you to any risks or
damages you may experience, inform you of the laws and standards of my profession, and
remind you of your rights as my client.
If you have any questions about this document, please discuss this with me during our
therapy sessions or scheduled appointments.
Communication Via Emails and Text Messages
I use email communication and text messaging services in my practice. However, I will only
contact you via email or text with your permission and only for administrative purposes
unless we have made another documented arrangement. This means that email exchanges
and text messages with my office should be limited to things like changing appointment
times, billing matters, and other non-clinical administrative issues. Emergencies or urgent
matters should never be communicated via email or text.
It is ultimately your decision whether you email me about your personal or private clinical
matters; however, I strongly advise you not to do so because emails and texts are not secure
and I have no means of ensuring your privacy and confidentiality when you contact me
through either service. Furthermore, I do not guarantee response times and, on occasion,
may even be unable to respond until our next therapy session or scheduled appointment.
If you need to discuss a clinical matter with me, I urge you to please call me to discuss it on
the phone or wait until your next therapy session or appointment.
Internet Accounts, Social Media, and Online Networking
I do utilize various social media accounts and networks for my personal use but make great
efforts to separate my professional work and client contacts. As such, I have created a
dummy 'personal' account and maintain several professional pages on various social
networks to create a clear distinction between my personal and professional social
networking use. If you have an online presence, there is a possibility that you may encounter
my personal or professional pages or accounts by accident.
I do not communicate with, contact, or reach out to any of my clients through social media
platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. and Facebook. This is my policy because certain
types of casual social contacts can create significant security risks for you. I believe that
personally or directly communicating with my clients online has a high potential of
compromising the professional relationship and refrain from doing so at any and all costs. As
such, if I discover that I have previously or accidentally established a personal online
connection with you, I will immediately take the necessary steps to undo/cancel that

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Furthermore, you have absolutely no obligation to interact with, subscribe to, participate in,
or contact me via my online accounts. Your unsolicited attempt to do so comes with a set of
risks for your protection and privacy that I cannot guarantee or control. While, I take steps
and make efforts to reduce these risks and security concerns for all of my clients, you are
choosing to do so at your own risk.
Please do not attempt to contact me through any of my personal accounts or try to establish
a connection with any of my personal accounts. I will not respond to these attempts and will
terminate any personal online contact I am aware of. Please ask me to address any concerns
or questions you may have about my social media, networking, or online presences.
Websites and Blogs
I have a website and blog that you are free to access. I use it for professional reasons to
provide information to others about my professional work, the field of mental health, and my
practice. You are welcome to access and review the information that I have on my website
and blog posts. If you have questions or concerns about anything you see on my pages,
please do not hesitate to bring them up during our therapy sessions or scheduled
Web Searches and Public Information
I do not use web searches to make inferences about your diagnosis, confirm details you have
provided me with, or to obtain clinical information about you. I believe that this violates your
privacy rights; however, I understand that you might choose to gather information about me
in this way. On occasion, I review information provided about me online to ensure accuracy,
protect my patients, and preserve my self-interest; however, I cannot review every available
post, page, or source of information and it is possible that you may come across inaccurate,
misrepresented, unverified, or misattributed information.
If you encounter any information about me through online sources that concerns you or that
you would like to discuss, please address it with me during our therapy sessions or
scheduled appointments.
Online Ratings, Rankings, and Reviews
Websites that review, rank, and rate service providers have become increasingly popular and
it is becoming even more common for consumers, clients, and patients to utilize these
websites. According to the professional and ethical standards, codes, and laws that mental
health providers must follow, responding to any comment, accusation, review, rating, or
ranking would constitute a breach of confidentiality.
If you come across my name, practice, work, research or any other type of information about
me on any of these websites that concerns you, impacts our treatment, or that you would
like to discuss, please address it with me during our therapy sessions or scheduled
While we are in ongoing treatment together, it is not in your best interest to rate me or my
work with you on any of these websites as there is a possibility that doing so may impact,
damage, undermine, complicate, or hinder our ability to continue working together. Once we
have completed services, terminated our treatment, or concluded our therapeutic
relationship, you understand that engagement or participation on any of these websites
indicates that you and I were affiliated in some way and that you have accepted any risk or
concern of that information being made public.

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Document preview Note of Privacy Practices.pdf - page 2/2

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