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RollPlay Swan Song - Week 1 Part 2
JP: Alright guys, welcome back to RollPlay Swan Song. Going into hour number two here
on the premiere of Swan Song. Adam, what should we do next?
Adam: Let’s do a quick summary. So let’s get everybody’s character’s name, what class you
are. Tell me your background and your training, and what world you’re from, and then we
can jump into the trouble you’re in.
Geoff: I can start first.
JP: I do not wanna go first. I’ve got do a bunch of stuff.
Adam: Okay. Geoff, go for it.
Geoff: So, my name is Mr Sicarian. He’s not quick to tell people-, I mean he doesn’t tell
people his full name. It’s kind of like he’s a little bit more secretive and quiet about that stuff.
It’s better that you don’t know his full name. He comes from planet Onitziwa, or Onintza. I
should really stop adding the subtle racism.
JP: Can we just call it Onitziwa?
Adam: Yeah, not ‘planet Konnichiwa,’ please.
Geoff: Anyways, he’s from planet Onintza, which is like a Japanese-speaking planet, but as
Adam said it’s embroiled in civil war where they’re fighting over everything. Mr Sicarian’s
background is he’s an extremely well-kept, clean-cut, ‘keeps to himself’ kind of quiet guy,
but he’s a hired gun so he’s kind of like-, I don’t know how this team’s going to formulate,
but my vision of him is that he’s the hired muscle. Just kind of keeps quiet, gets the job done.
Like I said, very clean-cut so he’s got slicked-back, black hair, always wears his clothes
immaculately clean, very straight and narrow. If he’s in casual clothes, he prefers business
suits, type things, but very athletic. Not super buff. Not super huge. Kind of, nondescript,
handsome but not nothing super special in any way or shape or form, as the numbers would
all suggest.
He’s actually completely fucking average in everything, but he’s very athletic and actually
very dexterous. I have to give credit where credit’s due, so he’s very good with his hands.
Like I said, he’s the hired muscle, mercenary. Money is the number one thing for him. He’s
extremely good with his hands and he always carries this nasty-ass lookin’ knife. It’s a
monoblade, but it’s like his favourite thing in the whole world. It’s like, ‘The Knife.’ He lives
and dies by it, and the monoblade, as Adam explained for me, and for those who don’t know,
it’s like a mega, super sharp knife, which fits perfectly with how I envisioned him. He’s just
always got that around. When picturing him, I’m not going to be-, I already talked about this
on my stream, but he’s loosely based on the character Marcone from Dresden Files. Jim
Butcher is the author.
Really cool character for me. Obviously I’m not gonna straight rip him, but he’ll be my
interpretation of him, and he’s just kind of a business mastermind. He’s got that business
background as a mercenary. Not afraid to do talk and do business talks, but otherwise he’s
pretty quiet and just does what he’s paid to do.
Adam: Very cool. Alright, do you wanna go next, Wheat?
Wheat: Yeah, so I have a female psychic. Her name is Piani Pic, from Majid.

Steven: How much does she weigh?
Wheat: She is of average-, because of course everything about her is average.
JP: Hold on. In Adam’s world, do we roll for the weight or do we just say?
Adam: You just make it up, I don’t mind.
Wheat: Then she is average size, so she is probably thinner than Lady Amsel and Frix.
JP: Okay.
Wheat: Okay, there we go. Has everyone got the mental picture? So, from Majid-, Majid
obviously, as we’ve established, is a place where a very wealthy individual just bought up all
of the resources and the ability to mine there, and so I grew up on this home planet poor as
fuck, while everyone else was wealthy around her and her family. So, Piani just wants one
thing and money motivates her, and all she wants to do is make sure she has a shit load of
money because she never wants to be poor again. Of course, in doing so she went into the
seedy underworld of criminal activity, whether that was on the planet, little cons, trying to
steal gold here and there. They were, of course, punishable by death, but she had to do
something. The longer cons that eventually got me on the com crew of a major ship, only to
narrowly get caught, and that was the reason why Piani’s now on the run.
So, Piani, other than being average size, you know, kind of smaller, on the shorter side, has
short hair, wears some wielded body armour. Nothing too elaborate, pretty plain, and also
carries a laser rifle.
Adam: What ethnicity is Piani? Can you tell by looking at her?
Wheat: Probably not. I mean, as it goes in the year 3200, a lot of shit has just kind of mixed
Adam: Beige is the baseline.
Wheat: Yeah, she’s still very Eastern European-looking.
Adam: Okay.
Geoff: So Middle-East, yeah?
Wheat: No.
JP: Wheat, can you change your name in Roll20?
Wheat: Yeah, I’ll change my name in Roll20.
JP: Okay. I think I got the overlays correct as well, so hopefully everyone’s stats-, God, you
look at my stats and they’re just fuckin’ terrible. Steven, I think it’s your turn for the
Steven: So, I am Victor Kovacs. I once was a biotech crew, before I gained training in
xenoarchaeology. I’ve been kind of a nerd for a long time, but I’m also quite strong, pretty
athletic, intelligent, charismatic. I’m basically tall, tanned, well-muscled. I wear my woven
body armour stripped to my waist usually, with a white wife-beater underneath. You can often
find me working in my lab, either dissecting something or deciphering some ancient language

that I’ve come across. I have a buzzed, military haircut that’s slightly longer on the top, with
the sides like with lines cut into them, and I wear glasses. I’m a little bit ‘in my zone’. It’s
hard to get me to pay attention to what’s going on outside of my areas of interest, but I’m
actually quite astute once I put my mind to something. What’s the deal with Andoni? Adam,
can you tell me about my homeworld?
Adam: Sure. How long have you been away?
Steven: I don’t know. I guess-, how did we all meet each other?
JP: We’ll announce that after we get character.
Adam: Well that’s something we can figure out in flashbacks and stuff later on. We don’t
have to be like, ‘This is the exact details of everything that we’ve done.’ We’ll flash back to
that stuff.
Steven: I guess I’ve actually been away for a couple of years. Maybe like two or three, or
something like that. I guess I had a little bit of trouble on my homeworld and maybe, well,
obviously it was part of why I decided to hop world, but also probably part of why I decided
to get a little bit of training in projectile weaponry and purchase this semi-automatic pistol
that I always keep tucked into my other waistband of my woven body armour. Yeah, I guess
that’s about it. Maybe I stole some trade secrets from a group I was working with on Andoni.
That kind of makes sense. Like, I was too curious and I took it home just to keep working on
it, there was a whole misunderstanding. Probably I also didn’t want one of my rivals working
on it at the same time. You know, things like that.
Adam: Do you have culture Andoni or culture Gunnhild system?
Steven: What is my culture?
Adam: If you had culture world, you could choose Andoni.
Steven: No, my cultures are spacer and traveller.
Adam: Okay, so you don’t have it. So, I’ll tell you some of the basic stuff you know about
Andoni before we get started, because the game will begin there, and we’ll show you how
your world has changed in the years you’ve been gone.
Steven: Sounds good.
Adam: JP? Tell us about your character?
JP: Yeah. So, my character is an expert with background in con artistry and training in
bounty hunter. His name is Wilbur Higgins the Third. Everyone calls him Higgs or Higgins.
No one calls Wilbur. He hates the name. It’s just something that he was given when he was
born and everyone just calls him Higgs, but he also goes by a lot of other names because he’s
running a ton of cons and he’s kind of a planet hopper, which is why he’s able to navigate and
able to also drive grav vehicles. He’s very accustomed to leaving in the middle of whatever’s
going on because a lot of the time the cons don’t go his way, which is because his stats are
fucking terrible. Apart from that, he’s got a laser pistol. He speaks a little Southern. Can you
tell me the background of the planet Asa?
Wheat: He speaks a little Southern?

Adam: That can be a language. Maybe something like a Georgian space traveller settled on a
JP: Well, that’s why-, Can you tell me the background of Asa?
Adam: So, planet Asa is a major space yard. It’s probably under the ownership of either
Sunbeam Multistellar, or there’s another major shipyard called Ximenez. So probably either
of those have their base there, and it’s like an ocean world, so more water than land. There’s
maybe some land but the world is primarily ocean.
JP: Oh, yes, that’s why I had grav. Okay.
Adam: Yeah. Maybe you were a grav boat driver, or something. But yeah, there’s probably
not a lot of land there. It’s a temperate planet, prone to toxic storm.
JP: Great, and you said that in space there’s a lot of-, What was it? When you started off
describing it, what were you saying?
Adam: Oh, it’s a major space yard planet. So, for some reason, one of the major corporations
that builds space ships uses Asa as their home base.
JP: Great. We’re going to say a lot of those people are of Southern influence, and they have a
drawl and they talk-,
Adam: Sure. I think it’s perfect. Let’s make it Sunbeam Multistellar. So, they’re the company
that owns the Swan Song. You guys are owing them money for the ship, and it fits perfectly
for me if Sunbeam’s got a Southern drawl. I like it.
JP: Perfect. Yeah, and the influence of the character is a little bit Han Solo and a little bit
cowboy. Just general cowboy. Yeah, that’s Higgs.
Adam: Cool.
Steven: Adam, do you think Andoni has any space-based science facilities?
Adam: So, something happened on Andoni recently that’s made it the centre of a particular
part of the scientific community. You will know about this just by your character’s business.
They’re a little shut off. Let’s jump to that, then. Unless anybody has anything else that
they’d like to do, we can jump right in. I’ll tell you a little bit about where you are and what’s
going on.
JP: Can we go around, just to know what everyone purchased in terms of gear? Geoff, what
d’you purchase?
Geoff: Sure, I’ll kick things off. So, my armour is woven body armour, and plus, with my
dex it’s actually AC4. It’s not bad. Like I said, I carry a monoblade, which is the sharpest of
sharp knives, and I’m at +2 with that because of my various proficiencies. And then my
weapon is a plasma projector, which is at +3. It throws superheated energy. It fucking melts
people from the inside out. It just sets them on fire, but it’s like a ball of energy that hits you.
It’s not like it just microwaves you or something.
Adam: Big, two-handed plasma bazooka.
Geoff: Yeah.

JP: Nice. Did you purchase a com pad?
Geoff: No, what is that?
JP: It’s the cell phones of this world.
Geoff: How much does that cost?
Adam: 100. Well, it’s 50 for a pad and then the data pad, the bigger, better one is 100.
Geoff: I have 50 left so I’ll just do the cheap one. So, what’s that called?
Adam: Com pad.
Geoff: Com pad. Okay.
Wheat: The com pad, I thought, was 100.
Adam: So is it 100? I don’t know.
Wheat: Yeah, the com pad is 100.
Adam: I’ve moved away from the equipment.
Geoff: Where’s the cheaper one?
Adam: Yeah, you can’t afford a phone, sorry.
Geoff: I don’t have a phone, I guess.
Adam: There’s no good data plan on Andoni. Don’t worry about it.
Geoff: Keep me close.
Wheat: A port-a-box.
Geoff: We should also, after our gear, talk about why we’re together. Who’s the captain, and
shit like that.
JP: Totally.
Adam: Yeah, I have some questions about that.
JP: Steve, what about your gear?
Steven: I have two Lazarus patches, two med kits, a backpack, a survival kit, a semi-auto
pistol and woven body armour, and that’s all I bought ladies and gentlemen because I am
broke. So, I hope one of you bought an extra com pad.
JP: You rolled like a 4, you’re fine.
Wheat: Well, since I’m a rich bitch I bought woven body armour, a laser rifle, five ammo
clips, a com pad and ten thermal flares.
Steven: Oh, isn’t that just fine and dandy.
Adam: It’s the queen of thermal flares.

Wheat: Let there be light.
JP: Well, since I rolled a 1, I purchased a laser pistol and a com pad. That’s it.
Wheat: No armour?
JP: Oh, sorry. Laser pistol, com pad and a metal plate. So, I keep a metal plate under my shirt
because, you know, I look normal, but you never know what type of con-, if it’s gonna go
bad. So I just want to have some sort of protection on the person.
Adam: In case unless someone hits you hits you with, like, a long bow. But otherwise you’d
be okay.
Steven: A metal plate. Awesome.
Adam: Awesome. Let’s talk about the Swan Song a little bit. So, your ship, you are in the
midst of processing a payment for it. The cost of that ship is 775,000 credits. I mean, pool all
of your money together, you can’t even make half a payment on that thing. But it’s a pretty
bad-ass ship to get started. It’s a free merchant, so it’s primarily for bumming around the
galaxy with cargo, so you’d be shipping things from one place to another, picking up
miscellaneous jobs to pay off the ship and to get paid yourselves. The ships operating costs-,
So, it can support a crew of up to six people. If you want to get additional crew, you want to
hire two more people, you can do that. They cost 600 credits a day, per person.
Wheat: Is that also included for like cargo, as a person?
Adam: No, so the other thing is maintenance cost. So, every month I’m going to track actual
time in-game, like I know what date we’re starting and then I’ll track weeks and months. At
the end of every month, someone needs to pay 3230 credits or the ship gets worse. Something
might break. Maintenance costs go up.
JP: What was that number?
Adam: 3230 credits.
Wheat: It’s on the sheet.
JP: We’ll just keep the sheet, then. I’ll print that out.
Adam: You also owe Sunbeam Multistellar 775,000 credits for the ship. They’re going to
expect a monthly payment for that, so you’ll have to deal with that, and then whatever’s left
over, you can do whatever you want with it. You can buy com pads galore if there’s any
money left over. The ship itself has atmospheric configuration, so you can go to planets and
moons. You can land it. You don’t have to, like, stop in a space shuttle. It has fuel scoops and
a fuel bunker, so if you don’t want to buy fuel you can take four days to skim a gas giant or a
star for fuel. You have enough fuel for two drills. Basically, a drill is a jump using your spike
drive and it’s travelling 1 hex. If you look at the map that I have in Roll20, you guys are in
the Gunnhild system now.
You have enough fuel to get you to Varvaressos or Stasi or Tovar or Mualimi, but you’ll have
to stop if you want to get as far as Vafa’i or Laodice. The further ones, you’re going to have
to make multiple jumps.
Steven: So how far can we go in a single jump?

Adam: 1 hex. The way to improve that is to get a better spike drive. So, your spike drive is
rating 1, right now, and will allow you to jump 1 hex per fuel. So you have enough fuel,
because of the bunkers, to take on two jumps worth of fuel.
Steven: So we’d need to refuel to reach Mualimi, as well?
Adam: Yeah, coz you can only get as far as 207. The ship has space for 100 tons of cargo.
So, pressurized cargo space, and you have a multi-focal laser and a sand-thrower. Multi-focal
laser is what it sounds like. It’s like an armour-piercing laser beam. Sand-thrower shoots a
cloud of ultra-fine sand, essentially, like silicate crystals. It’s particular useful if you’re being
attacked by a bunch of smaller ships. If you’re being swarmed by fighters, you just blast them
with sand it’ll chew ‘em up. Those, you don’t need special ammo for. It’s just part of the deal.
The ship can support 84 person-days-worth of time, so one person for 84 days or some
version thereof.
Steven: Basically 21 days with all of us.
Adam: Yes. And for reference, a jump with a single spike drive takes 6 days, I think. So if
you get stuck out in space, you can figure out how much fuel you have left. Yeah, so that’s
the Swan Song. I mean you guys don’t have it paid off yet, but if you wanna start building up
some cash to improve it, you can do that. If you wanna take out the fuel bunker or the scoops,
you can add on new weapons. Like, there’re hard points available on the ship and we can talk
about that. I’ll do a post maybe on Reddit about, ‘How to upgrade your ship. How to make
the Swan Song better.’ But what my question is, somebody or a group of somebodies owes
Sunbeam Multistellar an ass-ton of money for some reason.
JP: So, since they work on my planet and I’m a con man, I would think that I was the one
that got the ship.
Adam: Okay.
JP: But they wouldn’t sell it to me unless I had a crew, because they wanted to make sure
that they would make money.
Adam: Yeah, so that’s the thing, right. All the money you make is your own. It’s like buying
a car, right? You’ve got to make payments on it but the Mazda dealership doesn’t care where
you drive the car.
Geoff: Mazda.
Adam: Thanks, Canada.
Geoff: You talk funny.
Adam: So, I guess, JP, it’s a question for you. Does everybody get equal shares in the jobs?
Does everybody have equal shares in the Song? How is it divided, because the more shares
you have or the more ownership you have over the ship, the more you have to pay? Like,
when Sunbeam comes looking, you’re more responsible, but then maybe you get more of the
loot when you’re on a mission.
JP: So I have a question for you. As a con man, is there any way that I could perhaps have
gotten a discount, perhaps owe less monthly? Can I roll for that?
Adam: You wanna negotiate the terms of your lease?

JP: I’m a fuckin’ con man, of course I do.
Geoff: The paperwork says your name is ‘Jimmy Bob,’ but it’s really not.
Adam: Alright, so I think that’s probably a business roll, or do you have another skill you
want to use for that?
JP: Let me look at my character real quick. I have so many things open.
Adam: See what kind of APR you can get on the ship?
JP: Well, I have a persuasion skill of 1, so I would like to use a persuasion skill, and the story
that I go with is that Pipi, or as we know her, Piani, but I call her Pipi-, you said that you were
a criminal, or you worked on a criminal world, right?
Wheat: Yes.
JP: Okay, so I have a criminal culture of 1. So maybe that’s how I picked you up. Is that
negotiable to you? Does it make sense?
Wheat: Yeah, sure. They met in the seedy underworld.
JP: Okay. Does anyone else have a criminal background?
Geoff: I believe I do. No, maybe I don’t, actually. Oh, no, culture criminal. I do.
JP: So I did the same thing with Geoff, because we needed some muscle, right? I had to go
collect a crew, so I went and found Pipi, because I liked her name. It sounded cute, and then I
found Geoff because he had this giant cannon, which I was into. I don’t know how we met
Steve, though.
Adam: He’s the face of legitimacy, right? Like, he’s the guy whose name is on the lease.
Steven: I think that makes a lot of sense. I also have culture spacer, so I feel like maybe I’ve
spent more time in space than any of you.
JP: That makes sense.
Adam: Culture spacer is like the unofficial ‘members of a crew.’ You know what bar to go to
on space stations. You’ve been around the sector a few times.
Wheat: I only took the job, though, because JP’s character, which I’ll figure out the names
here in a second, offered exactly one fourth of the ship and everything we do with it.
Adam: Yeah, is it an even split?
Wheat: Did he give you guys the same offer?
Geoff: I could negotiate. Depending on what you guys want, it could be that you hired me
for muscle so I don’t get an even split, but you pay me a salary a month, or I do get an even
JP: I think we just do an even split all across the board. Like, I’m a con man but I’m not a
fuckin’ asshole, right? Everything gets a fair split.
Wheat: You’re a fuckin asshole.

Geoff: Alright. It’s split evenly, but it’s JP’s ship, then.
JP: Well, no, the other thing too is, as the con man, I knew that they would never give me a
ship because my name is very-, people know all of the names that are associated with myself,
so I had to get the front man – Victor Kovacs – to sign and put his name on the ship.
Steven: So Victor’s name is on the lease.
JP: So his name is on the lease, but technically I’m the one that got everyone involved with
the ship.
Steven: Mm-hmm. Maybe you approached me separately from the others, making me feel
like you approached me first. I don’t know if you actually approached me first.
JP: Yes, totally. Exactly. These other two were nowhere near me when I approached you and
I conned you into perhaps thinking that I was a little bit more reputable than I am. You didn’t
know me. You were visiting or something from space.
Steven: Yeah, absolutely. Where did we find you, Mr Higgins?
JP: I guess you were jumping on-, I found them-, I don’t know where I would find them,
world-wise? Did you guys come to Asa for some reason? Maybe in the space station?
Steven: For some reason.
Geoff: I might have been there from a previous gig, or something like that. I think I’m fairly
well known.
Adam: So one thing that this sector has to enable types such as yourselves to find jobs, is
there’s an organisation called The Exchange. They’re a neutral, sort of, banking guild that
runs most of the legitimate financial transactions in the sector. They also run a com net. It’s
like a universal mail system, and on the com net you can, when you pop in sector, when you
come into a system, you can connect to the com net and you can download a list of the
various jobs that are available on the net at that time. So it would be totally conceivable that
Higgs, you put up a post, like, ‘Looking for crew,’ or whatever, and that com net, the job
boards, those will come up continually throughout the game.
JP: Okay. Yeah, that’s what I did for Marcus.
Geoff: If was interested in joining a crew, then, that’s probably what happened.
JP: I did that on the black market com net, if there’s such a thing.
Adam: Totally, yeah.
JP: Like the criminal one that only criminals know about.
Steven: Lf3m, you know, coms, navigation and vehicle space.
JP: Exactly. That’s where I found Pipi and-, can I just call you Mr S?
Geoff: Me? You can call me whatever you want, you know.
JP: Sicarian, is how you say it?
Geoff: Yeah, Sicarian.

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