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Period 1

What if?

1 Listen and repeat.
a bit

grow up
in trouble
look after

2 Look at the picture on the next page. Describe it.

Aunt Nada and Hadeel
They are standing
There is
Aunt Nada

on each side of
is saying something about
are standing
some food

on the table.
in the kitchen.
the food on the table.
the kitchen table.

3 Listen and answer the questions.
1 What would Hadeel like to do with Aunt Nada? 2 Why do the Masri family have a big problem?
3 Who is trying to look after everyone?
4 How are Aunt Nada and Hadeel going to help?

4 Listen and read. Find the words and phrases from activity 1.
Hadeel and Aunt Nada were talking in the kitchen.
Aunt Nada Tell me, do you ever cook back home?
When I’m at home, I sometimes help a bit. But I’m often out because I do
various sports and other activities after school. So I don’t know very much
about cooking. I should though.
Aunt Nada Yes, if you learn to cook, it’ll be very useful later, when you grow up.
You’re right. I need to learn. Nidal knows much more than me! And if I don’t learn,
it won’t be easy to live away from home in future.
Aunt Nada I’ll teach you some simple dishes if you like.
Aunt Nada Let’s make lunch for our neighbours, the Masri family. Mrs Masri is sick.
Are they the family opposite?
Aunt Nada Yes. How did you guess?
The daughter always looks busy. She goes shopping every day, and I often think
maybe her mum isn’t well.
Aunt Nada You’re right. Her father is in hospital, too, so poor young Sameera is looking
after them and the four little ones, too. She’s only fourteen, like you.
That’s very hard. How does she do everything?
Aunt Nada Well, the friends and neighbours are helping, and today it’s my turn.
If something like that happens back home, neighbours don’t usually help
as much. You seem to have a closer community here.
Aunt Nada Perhaps you’re right. If someone is in trouble here, we
Everyday English
always feel it’s our duty to help. Now, … there are some
… if you like.
chicken pieces in the fridge. Let’s cook them and make
If you like, …
some salad.

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