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By Ben Trefry, editor

The Trump Card

November 8th
was an exciting night
How Donald Trump swept this election and
for all of America.
Nearly everybody
was transfixed by the live news feed
confident Clinton supporters began
from the election. On one side, Hilto get worried. True, Hillary Clinton
lary Clinton’s supporters felt confidwon the popular vote by over 2
ent that she would win the election
million votes, but it’s no use arguingby a landslide. On the other, Trump’s
Trump is our president. What’s less
supporters clung to the hope that he
known is how, after such strong prewould somehow win, despite the fact
dictions from both sides (yes, even
that almost every expert in America some in Trump’s campaign resigned
agreed he was set to lose. Even The
themselves to the belief that he’d lose)
Tiger Tribune casually predicted that
that the outcome would be otherwise.
Clinton would win in our ‘Election
In the weeks leading up to
2016’ article.
November 8th, almost every poll in
But as the country watched,
the nation had shown Clinton in the
Trump’s lead grew and grew. As soon
lead, but it seemed that things were
as he won Florida, even the most
not going as forecasted. Once it was

just about official
that Donald Trump
had won, the media
turned to the next
big question: How
did we not see this
coming? And how could so many
polls conducted in so many places by
so many organizations be so wrong?
The answer lies in Trump’s message
of real change and economic
prosperity, openly disregarded and
criticized by some but quietly taken
to heart by many.
In the weeks leading up to the election, analysts talked of the “sleeping
giant” that was soon to awaken and
rush to the polls to vote for Hillary
Clinton: The supposedly massive

Continued on Page 4

LVHS Students Carry Mary Austin Contest

By Sophia McKee, reporter

This past October, the Friends
of the Eastern California Museum
held a writing contest asking for high
school students own person experiences in nature. Each student who
entered was asked to submit a 500 to
700 word non-fiction story about any
of their outdoor adventures in Inyo
and Mono counties. The top five finalists would be awarded prize
money and the top ten would be recognized. After all the entries had
been submitted, out of many schools
and many students, four of Lee Vining High’s own ended up in the top
ten! Each winner, along with an excerpt from their submitted story, are

shown below:

“When the Moment Captures
You”: Caelen McQuilkin, 1 st

“At first, the cold hit me like boulder,
but as I looked up at the pristine sky,
I smiled to myself. Twinkling white
pinpricks of light were strewn across
the inky sky in seemingly random
patterns that, in fact, make hundreds
of shapes if one looks closely. The
Milky Way seemed so bright and so
close that I had never felt so small,
and yet I had also never felt so important. Even though it was below
freezing, I stayed outside the tent for
a while, gazing up at the sky full of

stars, marveling at how infinite I felt.”

“Wild Link”: Karlina Duro,
Honorable Mention

“As we got further on the trail the
sound of cars and everyday life started to drift away and all we heard
were birds and wildlife and all we saw
was pure beauty of peaks, trees, and
little streams. Once we got there I
stopped and looked at how beautiful
Yosemite National Park is and how
lucky I am to have an extraordinary

Charles DesBaillets – Honor
able Mention with “A Day
of Calm”
“From the Summit of Lem
bert Dome”: Rosalie Burch,
Honorable Mention
“I am often told that the wind carries
the scents of everything that it
touches. But for me this is not true.
Every time I took a breath of the Sierra air all that I could smell was a
sweet freshness that burned my nose.
The wind has traveled thousands of
miles from the coastlines to reach the
mountains and has been cleansed in
the process. The only sound that
reached me was the breeze blowing
its way along the mountainside. It
brought with it a quiet serenity that
filled me from head to toe. You cannot find this beauty in any city.”

Need Advice?

Is the Electoral College out of Date?
By Ben Trefry, editor

Twice in recent history, one
presidential candidate has won the
popular vote but lost the electoral
vote, sometimes by a landslide.
The Electoral College works by
giving each state a certain number of
electoral votes, which is loosely based
on their population, and small states
are guaranteed at least three so their
voices are heard, no matter how small
their population is. On December 19,
the electoral votes are tallied up, and
the outcome of the election finally
becomes official. The entire system
is very complicated, which makes it
difficult for the media to predict the
outcome of the election, even the day
The Electoral College was
designed to prevent a malovent
candidate from duping the voters and
thus winning the election (if the
electors decide the candidate is evil,
they can decide not to vote for him),
and to prevent big states from
drowning out the little ones. However,
a side effect is that individual people
in large or reliable states have very
little weight attached to their vote,
while just a few hundred thousand
people in swing states can swing a
national election. In fact, it’s
technically possible for a candidate
to win with just 21.8% of the popular
according to
calculations. Electors can even decide
to go against the popular vote of their
state, and by changing their one vote,
they silence hundreds of thousands
of citizen’s votes. This year, two Texas
electors chose to vote for candidates
other than Donald Trump, even
though he won the state. Why, then,
does the Electoral College still exist?
The answer lies in the benefits
it provides, and in its historical
importance in the U.S. First of all, it
gives smaller states, such as Wyoming
and Alaska, a voice in national matters
in which they would have no weight
in if the system was based on
population alone. Because these states
have very few people inside their

jurisdictions, they can easily be left
behind and run over by the likes of
California and Texas. Also, it forces
candidates to have a broad national
appeal, instead of just catering to a
few dense urban areas, as shown on
the map. You can clearly see that
Trump has won by land area, but
Clinton has carried both the west and
east coasts.
Although the electoral college
was designed in part to prevent one
region, such as the west coast or the
south, from electing a president that
serves only their interests, that idea
does not really work correctly in
modern times. In fact, it consistently
allows the swing states to choose their
president- when the swing states
prefer Republicans, the presidentelect is a Republican. When they lean
blue, a Democrat takes office. So, the
rest of the country votes as it reliably
does every year, then the swing states
pick the president.
In addition to the historical
importance of the Electoral College,
a major roadblock to abolishing it
would be the party which currently
benefits from it. Since the Electoral
College gives more electoral votes per
person to small states, which are
usually Republican, Republican
presidential candidates have a
distinct, and, some would argue,
unfair advantage when the electoral
votes are tallied.
With many people becoming
more and more distrustful of the
Electoral College, its days are
numbered. It certainly is outdated,
but whether America is ready to let
go of it remains to be seen. As LVHS
government teacher James Godoy
says, “The electoral college has flaws,
and it might be time to look into
other options.”

Although many of you may
not know me, I know you
and what you may be going
through. I have lived your
life, experienced your
experiences, and I know. I
know. Questions are your
thing, and answers are mine,
for I’ve got all the answers.
Need advice? Don’t know
how to ask that girl or guy
you like out on a date?
Dealing with too much
homework? Send your
questions in to
toni@tigertribunelv.tk and
I’ll give my best help. You
are not alone. This message
has been approved by Toni
the Tiger.

About this Issue

This issue was created with
Scribus desktop publishing
software, v. 1 .4.6.


Ben Trefry: Layout, Articles
Caelen McQuilkin: Articles
Sophia McKee: Articles
Claire DesBaillets: Articles
Andrew Sindel: Articles

If you want your name to be on
this list, go to
www.tigertribunelv.tk for
more information. Your help
will be appreciated!

About The Tiger

The Tiger Tribune is student
published school publication
that is (hopefully) published
monthly. It aims to help keep
students and the community
Visit our website at


Jerry Seinfeld, Comedian

Will Rogers, Actor and

Book Review: The Name of the
Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
By Andrew Sindel, LVHS teacher

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss is the
first book in the Kingkiller Chronicle. With the
superb storytelling, it is not surprising that this
this book won both an Alex Award and a Quill
Award for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. This is a great read to anyone looking for
a heroic fantasy story.
The infamous Kvothe is known throughout
the lands as a magician, sword fighter, and
musician. While many of the red-headed protagonist’s feats have turned to legend, his most
famous deed is the killing of the king.
Kvothe had a unique upbringing. In his youth,
he lived with his friends and family in a
renowned group of traveling performers. The
child prodigy seemed to have a knack for every
subject he put his mind to. An old man named
Abenthy temporarily joins the performers and
accelerates Kvothe’s education including the
science of “sympathy” (what many might call magic). After witnessing an
Abenthy call the wind to scare off townspeople, Kvothe vows to discover the
name of the wind. This is a simple beginning to a man that would later have
his story fade to legend.
This book has many strong points. The plot of this story is creative as
the reader is led by the protagonist through his triumphs and failures. In fact,
seeing how Kvothe fails and how he reacts to his failures makes him a threedimensional character that is easy to relate to. The relationship between sympathy and the laws of thermodynamics is also an interesting comparison. The
more a person knows about chemistry and physics, the better the person can
control and create ways to use sympathy. The amount of detail in the story
feels well-balanced. There is not too much detail so that you have trouble remembering cities, characters, or events, but there is plenty of detail to keep
the reader interested and curious about how future events might unfold.
Of course, there are a few criticisms I have for this book. The story is
epic in the sense that it is long and somewhat drawn out. Some chapters seem
slow and insignificant to the main plot. The largest criticism is directed at the
entire trilogy as opposed to the individual book: The series is unfinished! I
cannot wait for Rothfuss to publish his final book in the Kingkiller Trilogy. I
highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the fantasy genre.

Recipe: Sugar Cookies

By Claire DesBaillets, reporter

The holidays are coming up and it sure is a time for nice warm
cookies. Sugar cookies are a favorite of mine, and here is a good,
easy recipe for them.


•2 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
•1 teaspoon baking soda
•1/2 teaspoon baking powder
•1 cup butter, softened
•1 1/2 cups white sugar
•1 egg
•1 teaspoon vanilla extract


1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. In a small bowl, stir together
flour, baking soda, and baking powder. Set aside.
2. In a large bowl, cream together the butter and sugar until
smooth. Beat in egg and vanilla. Gradually blend in the dry
ingredients. Roll rounded teaspoonfuls of dough into balls, and
place onto ungreased cookie sheets.
3. Bake 8 to 10 minutes in the preheated oven, or until golden.
Let stand on cookie sheet two minutes before removing to cool
on wire racks.
Recipe from: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/9870/easy-sugarcookies/

Book Review: Code
Orange by Caroline B.

By Ben Trefry, editor

Though not as well known as
those of Rick Riordan and JK Rowling, this book is as good a thriller as
any. It’s a medical mystery, which
starts when 10th-grade slacker Mitty
Blake is assigned a report on smallpox for biology. While researching it,
he finds and handles smallpox scabs
from the Boston epidemic in an old
Mitty knows from his research
that bioterrorists would do anything
to get their hands on the virus, but he
is greedy and decides to put out an
advertisement for the scabs online,
hoping to make a quick buck off
some researcher or collector. But his
advertisement has dangerous consequences, getting the FBI on his case
and forcing him to make a difficult
decision between life and death.
This book starts out by
describing Mitty’s regular life, but it’s
exciting for the reader because of
Cooney’s expert foreshadowing.
Though Mitty has no idea what will
happen, readers will soon begin to
make predictions and keep reading
to find out if they come true. Near
the end of the story, though, the excitement gets even greater, and every
reader will be gripped.
Granted, the plotting is not as
smooth as some would expect. Many
situations occur for no reason other
than to move the plot along, and
some of them are unrealistic but
necessary to create plot twists.
However, this doesn’t detract from
the excitement at all, and I would still
recommend this book to almost anyone.

Election, from Page 1

ent’s and Clinton’s tone. It is very remanufacturing means that we must
group of Latinos who don’t usually assuring that even though they traded
be more lax about the environmentvote but felt insulted by Trump. In
it’s expensive to clean
reality, Hillary Clinton got less of the
damaging insults
Latino vote this year than Obama did
with him during the
in 2012 against Mitt Romney (67% vs.
long, brutal camDISAPPOINTMENT FOR operation, and one
71%). Only 48 percent of eligible
paign, these public
thing companies do
Latino voters voted in this election,
figures are willing
not want is expense!
according to the New York Times.
stand with
It’s not that this campaign was
Trump for the good
disappointment for
APPOINTED A CLIMATE environmentalists,
so uninspiring that few came out to
of America.
vote. In fact, a sleeping giant was
President has
awoken, but not the one that everyThose who don’t
appointed a climate
body thought would be.
support Trump also DIRECTOR OF THE
change skeptic and
This sleeping giant was made
have less to fear, as
industrialist, Scott
up of all the working-class white
he’s softened his positions on several
Pruitt, to be director of the
Americans who feel dissatisfied with
of the campaign promises he’s made.
Environmental Protection Agency. In
our current system because the wellInstead of deporting every undocuthe past, he has sued the agency
paying manufacturing jobs that once
mented immigrant in the U.S., he
several times, though he does believe
employed them and their families
says he’ll stick to just the ones that
it serves a purpose.
are now few, far between, and pay less
have criminal records for the time
Pruitt’s appointment was just
than two thirds of
being, although he
another brick in the border wall for
what they used to,
still likely deport
the already-angry liberals in America,
adjusted for inflaothers in later years.
E ALL He has moved protests and proving that Trump is
forward with plans
farther than ever from unifying our
During this election, WANT WHAT S BEST FOR for the border wall,
nation, despite softening his tone on
Hillary Clinton and
without assurance
certain issues and calling for unity.
her campaign felt President Barack Obama that Mexico will pay,
Protesters are asking him to step
strongly that they
but in some areas it
down, appoint different people, take
had the vast majorwill
probably different positions, you name it.
ity of women in America on their become a fence. He admits that he
According to a poll by the Monmouth
side. Truth is, 46% of women voted
will probably keep some parts of University, 70% of respondents think
for Trump. Our nation has been
Obamacare, like the provision that
this election has brought out the
divided deeply, and a possible reason
prevents insurers from blocking cliworst in people, and 7% of
for this misconception from Clinton’s
ents that have pre-existing conditions.
respondents have lost a friend
team was that our deep divisions
He has not softened his promises on
because of differing political views
often prevent people from hearing bringing back jobs, and saving some
this year. Though the 70% number is
political views other than their own.
of the jobs at the Indiana Carrier unusual, Monmouth University says
But, as President Obama said
plant- even if some of them did end
that many respondents have lost
in his speech after Clinton’s loss of up going to Mexico anyway- shows
friends over past elections too, and
the election, “We’re actually all on
that he does have the will to deliver 7% losing a friend due to a
one team. ... We’re not Democrats
on this flagship promise. The deal he
controversial year is not that
first, we’re not Republicans first: We
struck with the company was even
are Americans first; we’re patriots
more impressive because he hadn’t
first. We all want what’s best for this
even taken office at the time! “We will
On the two sides of this situation,
country.” Although he has been critibe taking a step back in terms of opinions and attitudes vary wildly.
cized for many things during his
sexism and racism, but we might
Over the next four years, the question
presidency, surely this speech is not
possibly take a step forward in terms
is not whether we can survive
one of them.
of jobs and the unemployment rate
President Trump, but whether we can
Hillary Clinton, too, delivered
might go down,” says an LVHS
heal the divisions that have been
a heartfelt, powerful speech just the
student who did not want to be
day after all her hard work evapornamed.
ated into thin air and all the women
Trump’s continuing assurance
who excitedly voted for who they that he will bring back millions of This article is intended to be fair and
thought would be the first female
jobs is undoubtedly a major source
unbiased, all views expressed are
president were left with the exact
of excitement for those whose jobs
accidental. All information has been factopposite. Donald Trump also verbalhave flown to other countries
checked, however, if you have a correction,
ized a message of unity in his victory overnight, but there is always a email the author at:
speech, in keeping with the Presidbalance, and bringing back benjamin.trefry@lvschools.org





“W ’

... W


What does LVHS think?

Caelen McQuilkin, LVHS


Anonymous LVHS student

LVHS Wraps Up Cross Country Season

By Caelen McQuilkin, reporter

I experienced it firsthand: running cross country was not easy. We
had to run 4 to 6 miles almost every
day after school, and our runs made
the infamous loop we run for P.E.
look wimpy. The workouts ranged
from strenuously long loops to numerous and fast sprints, to steep and
torturous hill courses. By the end of
our season, cross country meets took
place about once a week in faraway
areas in the desert, like Boron and
Vasquez. No, I’m definitely not going
to say I loved every minute of cross
country. But I can say that, in the end,
it was 100% worth it.
As the cross country season
progressed, it was easy to notice how
the runs began to feel much easier
and how we were quickly getting fitter and fitter. Soon, running three
miles was laughably easy. “The first
day I ran the loop I could barely

make because I was
so out of shape. But
by the last day, I was
running four miles
no problem and I
felt great doing it!”
said Karli Duro. Getting in better shape
didn’t change the
workouts still sometimes made me want
to cry, but it did
make things easier.
By the second or
third race of the season, our cross
training began to
pay off.
two boys running for
Lee Vining, Sawyer
Beck (senior) and
James Rangel (freshman) unfortunately
could not make a
team together, because a minimum of five runners is
needed to form a cross country team.
However, the boys both did really
well in all their races. At the final
meet in Vasquez, James placed third
in his entire division.
The girls running for Lee Vining, Claire DesBaillets (freshman),
Sophia McKee (sophomore), Caelen
McQuilkin (sophomore), Karli Duro
(junior), Rosalie Burch (junior), and
Julie Vargas (senior), made LVHS history by forming the first ever girls’
cross country team. Rosalie and
Claire both raced at different points
throughout the season, but the team
always managed to have five runners
for the meets. Impressively, the girls
placed 3rd out of five teams in both
the Mammoth Invitational and the
Boron meet, especially considering
that we have never had a girls’ team
before. Additionally, all the girls were
juggling volleyball practice with run-

ning, which was a huge and impressive feat.
“[Winning third place overall]
shows me how dedicated these girls
are. It gives me some good expectations for next season,” said the team’s
coach, Mr. Wanner.
We did well in the races, but because
they often have so much pressure and
tear-inducing courses, many of us
decided our favorite part of cross
country was the long runs in the Sierras. The sport made me realize how
fun it is to stay in shape while running in beautiful (and shady!) places.
While describing some of our more
scenic runs, Sophia McKee said, “It
was very beautiful and it made you
realize that running can be beautiful
if you’re running in the right places.”
Running cross country gave our team
the opportunity to run in stunning,
ever-changing mountain places like
Parker Lake, Walker Canyon, and
Lundy Canyon. This didn’t change
the fact that the running was gnarly,
but it did make it much, much more
fun. “There were beautiful views [on
the runs] and I just felt so free,” said
Karli Duro.
Although cross country was not
always our main focus during the fall
days packed with homework, volleyball, and other busy things, our cross
country team still made an impact on
other, bigger schools in our league.
First, our school’s team completed
the Desert Mountain League, which
would not have been able to compete
with other leagues at state without
LVHS’s team. I think that our team
also showed the bigger schools that
although we are a small school and
cross country isn’t one of our traditional sports, we are still able to be
competitive in big-league races.
“[Our impact on bigger schools] just
shows me that in our little school,
there are a lot of super opportunities. Nobody gets cut from the cross
country team. At our small school,
kids get to do a lot of extra-curricular
activities if they choose to,” said Mr.
In conclusion, Lee Vining High
School’s cross country team made
history and an impact in our school.
It made the runners’ schedules more
stressful, but also much more exciting by introducing an entirely new
sport to our school and opening up
many opportunities we wouldn’t have
otherwise had. Every single person
on the cross country team was able
to get in tip-top shape for basketball
season, spend time in our beautiful
mountains, and create an even closer
bond with teammates through all the
time spent running together. Overall, I am glad we were able to make a
real cross country team this year, and
let’s hope we can do it again!

Weather Results:

Weather Results:






66% 85%




A surprise storm after Thanksgiving
gave us 1/2 inch, or 25% of average,
precipitation for the month of
November, and 8 inches, or 66% of
average, snowfall. Temperature for
November was above average; the
average temperature for the whole
month was 41° F.

Basketball Season Starts

By Claire DesBaillets, reporter

The Lee Vining basketball season has just started, and it looks like
Lee Vining High is in for another
great sports season, with several big
game wins already.
Possibly the secret to such a
small team doing so well is teamwork.
All of the players love their
teammates, and are quick to show it.
When asked what she thought about
her teammates Stephanie Gomez responded by saying “ I love them [my
team]. It’s just like they’re my family.” Jonny Clark said “They’re pretty
good actually; they’re better than me,
that’s for sure.”
Karli Duro says “I feel
honored,” when asked how she felt
about being a leader on the team. And
Julie Vargas said “I feel the same.”
Even though being a team leader is a
big job, these girls are willing to take
on the responsibility because they
love basketball.
This year we have lots of
freshmen playing on the teams, and
we asked them what is different from
middle school basketball. Giovanni
Gamon said that, “It’s harder and you
have to think faster.” Along the same
lines, James Rangel said, “It’s a lot
harder and you have to be more precise with your shots.” After all, high
school sports pracice every day and
have more games, and are thus far
more competitive. It's a welcome
challenge for students who have felt
held back by the lesser demands and
opportunities of middle school





December was a somewhat good
month for the high mountains, but
very little snow fell in places like Lee
Vining. Total precipitation was close
to average, however.

Movie Review:

Star Wars: Rogue
Rogue One, the latest product of
Disney's Star Wars project, is not an
official episode but rather a side story
that builds up to the classic movie A
New Hope. It was awaited eagerly by
all Star Wars fans, and, for the most
part, it delivers a very entertaining,
faithful Star Wars venture. It's made
in the classic Star Wars spirit, but with
some new ideas and visual technologies.
Thanks to 2016's amazing animation technology, Rogue One features several amazing explosions and
battles. Throughout the whole movie,
the special effects are basically to die
for, and easily beat all the other Star
Wars movies except The Force
The movie also features a creative and unique cast of characters
that do not appear in any other
movies; even Princess Leia is only in
one or two brief scenes and has a very
minor part. Instead, the spotlight focuses on Jyn Erso, the daughter of an
Imperial scientist who is secretly a
However, since it's not an official episode, the movie does not include the scrolling text that usually
graces the starry background at the
beginning of other Star Wars movies.
That may not seem too bad, but the
lack of its usual information and
context means that the audience is
dropped right in the middle of a
complex story, not knowing who
characters are or what their significance is. Another feature that is missing from this story is the spectacular
lightsaber duels of past Star Wars
films, which is a shame, considering
how good the special effects would
have been. True, Darth Vader uses his
lightsaber once in an impressive
show, but it's not the same as a real
Overall, Rogue One is an essential movie to watch for every Star Wars
fan. It has a good plot, and, being far
more creative than The Force Awakens
(which stole its plot from A New Hope), it
earns our five-star rating.

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