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Muscle Building and Weight Gain at Any Age .pdf

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Author: Braddpitt

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1. Muscle Building and Weight Gain at Any Age
2. Muscle Building Fast - Do You Want To Bulk Up Fast?
3. Muscle Building? 4 Mistakes to Avoid
4. Muscle Building Program Myths
5. Looking to Build Muscle? 3 Supplements to Jump
Start Your Muscle Building Program


1. Muscle Building and Weight Gain at Any Age
A person's ability to gain muscle is wholly dependent upon a few
important variables. The first thing that has to be considered is their
own particular body makeup, for each individual due to their age and
size will build muscle and gain weight at totally different metabolic
rates. Most importantly though, is the training program a person
decides to use, for not all programs are constructed the same, just
like no two bodies are the same. One particular exercise program
may work very well for a person, but it certainly doesn't mean it will
work for all.
In saying that, there are scientific rules to muscle growth and if you
follow these specific tried and tested rules, then you can build your
own personal muscle-building program around them in whatever
fashion you wish. Just make sure you follow the basic rules. If you are
the type of person that can gain weight and build muscle rather
easily, you should have no problem finding a routine, for most will
work no matter what you do.
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But what if you are a hard gainer?
In layman's terms, this is someone who will always struggle to build
muscle because their body easily over-trains, lacks fat and actually
breaks down the muscle itself for energy. So discovering what body
type you are is the initial step towards building strong lean muscle
and natural weight gain.
I personally advise all people to take extra days off in between their
workouts to let their muscles fully recuperate; for if they decide to
train again too soon with tired aching muscles, it will do more
damage than good. Their muscles will noticeably weaken in only a

few weeks and their strength will decline with it, due to over stress.
Eventually the whole body's nervous system begins to fail, opening
the person up to injury and bouts of inevitable illness.
It's a fact, that the majority of workout plans are not designed for
hard gainers, purely because they are written by people who have
never struggled to gain muscle, so most of their routines contain far
too many exercises and sets for a beginner. But luckily there are
trainers out there who take this sort of thing seriously into account
and who design routines that have the person only working out
when their muscles are 100% recovered.
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This is known as "instinctive training."And personally I have always
trained my clients in this fashion. Why would you stress your body
with more weight lifting, if you weren't 100% recovered? Because for
sure you will not increase any weight or reps, and it is these two
important factors that matter most in your muscle-building and
weight gain progression.
If someone was to ask me "how can I gain muscle", I would tell them,
that the best workout routine for a hard gainer would consist of only
3 hours in the gym each week spread over two training sessions. Yes,
only two. I would advise them to train more intensely by using a
mixture of the most basic compound exercises and super sets, and I
would certainly tell them to stay well clear of fixed machines.
I would advise them to train all their pulling muscles on one day and
then all their pushing muscles the next, so that their body's nervous
system can completely recover. At the very most I would suggest to
anybody, that 3 one-hour sessions is quite enough. The 4 days off
during the rest of the week, is ample time for the muscles to

recuperate; but of course if you need the 5 days off then most
certainly take them.
Again I ask you!
Why would you train if you weren't 100% fully recovered?
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2. Muscle Building Fast - Do You Want To Bulk Up
Over the years, many people have committed the mistake of trying
to workout but using the wrong programs or not knowing how to
properly make muscle building fast. There are some who spend
months, or even years, trying to put on more muscle but fail to do so.
Body builders actually have a lot of secrets as to why they are able to
bulk up a lot faster. In order to be successful, people have to get a
hold of these secrets. This article will help those who wish to build
bigger muscles and have toned bodies in a short period of time.
Listed below are some of the secrets that body builders share in
order to obtain muscle building fast.
a) Lifting
In order to help the muscles increase in size is to cause the muscle
fibers to work or to tear and the only possible way for that to happen
is to apply external forces to which these fibers are not accustomed
to. This means getting one's hands dirty on lifting weights like
dumbbells, barbells, and a lot more.
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b) Do multi-joint exercises
Single-joint movements such as triceps extensions and the like do
not really help to build muscle quicker. Multi-joint exercises such as
bench pressing, squats, and many more are used to help with muscle
building fast because they workout more muscles in a shorter
amount of time but with heavier weights.

c) Cardio exercises should be avoided in certain cases.
Cardio exercises actually burn a lot of calories and in order to bulk
up, you need calories. When you incorporate cardio into your weight
training workouts, you are actually burning those needed calories.
This will result to little or no increase in muscle mass.
d) Bulk up by eating.
According to experts, in order for a person to be able to put on one
pound of pure muscle, at least 3500 extra calories should be
consumed. The foods to be eaten, however, should be from healthy
sources and of the right components. Healthy protein, fat, and
carbohydrate sources should be sought out, such as grass-fed beef,
avocados, and sweet potatoes.
e) Use supplements.
There are a lot of supplements used today that could be very helpful
in adding bulk to one's physique. The most common and most
effective of these include high-quality protein powders and creatine
f) Rest is a must.
Muscle fibers need exercise but when they are worked too hard,
they become damaged and thus fail to grow. Rest is needed to help
these muscles recuperate.
I have prepared very powerful body building techniques below,
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3. Muscle Building? 4 Mistakes to Avoid
If you are like me, you are building muscle to not only look better but
feel better. Everyone has their own reasons for building muscle,
mine is mostly directed at hitting a golf ball further than my buddies!
We all want to look the best we can and feel good getting there. A
good fitness program that teaches you the right way to build muscle
so you don't get hurt is exactly what you need. Building muscle
requires weight lifting and many different type of exercise. Knowing
how to do each exercise and how much weight is key to not injuring
yourself. There are some important steps you need to take to make
your muscle-building program and exercise as safe as you can.
First-Adding weight to quickly, this is one of the biggest mistakes
people make. Most people will do a particular weight lifting routine
for a couple weeks and then add ten pounds to the bar, in most
cases that is too much and the damage you will do will set you back.
It is better to add like 2.5 pounds and continue the same routine, by
adding the weight in smaller amounts, you will give you muscle more
to do, but limit the potential damage. Your muscles want the abuse!
but they want it in a form that does microscopic tears in the tissue
not rips in the muscle causing muscles to hurt so much you cannot
do your next routine without pain.
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Second-Neglecting strength, Every muscle you are working on rely on
other muscles to help the building process. You need to train for
strength. For example, if your triceps muscles are so weak that
they're impeding you bench press, then the result is that you're not
going to fully train your pectoral muscles.

The solution, train all muscle groups so they can help each other.
-Strong triceps will help you with chest muscles.
-Strong shoulders will help you with chest and back exercises.
-A strong core will help you with most compound lifts.
-Strong biceps will ease your back lifts.
-A strong back will help you leg lifts (and vice versa).
-A strong grip will help you improve performance on a variety of lifts,
including back exercises, bicep exercises, etc.
Third-Avoid power lifts, leave those for the big guns that want to
impress the gym. All power lifts do is increase your chances for
damage immensely! A muscle reacts and builds faster when you use
a good routine that breaks down the muscle and rebuilds it in a very
consistent way and minimizes the potential for damage. Our muscles
can take allot but when you do something stupid one time you can
wreck your muscle-building process for months. Stick to lifts you can
do the reps and not a quick power lift to impress someone!
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Fourth-Training too long, You should limit your workout to an hour
or less. Work all the muscles you were planning for that day and
keep it to under an hour. Train hard, rest hard and eat right, that is
all there is to building muscle. Your muscles want the intense
workout but they don't want to be subjected to hours of work, it
does nothing for the process. Keep it short and intense and you will
see results much faster.

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