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Author: Braddpitt

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1. Muscle Building Tips and Muscle Gaining Secrets
2. Breaking Out Of The Muscle Building Rut
3. Unique Muscle Building
4. Six Muscle Building Secrets From The Worlds Best
5. Creating A Powerful and Effective Muscle Building


1. Muscle Building Tips and Muscle Gaining Secrets
The best way to gain muscle mass is to follow a combination of diet
and exercise. Some of the nutritional secrets to gaining muscle mass
and muscle building tips is to eat more protein and ensure that you
exercise keeping in mind the need to grow muscles. Muscle mass can
be gained through an ideal combination of eating right and
exercising right.
Muscle Building Tips For Diet
The diet you follow makes all the difference. What you eat
determines how much muscle mass you will gain. Muscle mass can
be gained by consuming 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of
body weight. Drink plenty of protein shakes as this is one of secrets
of building muscles. Ensure that you are able to eat a balanced,
nutritious and wholesome meal. Eating supplements is also a great
way to grow your muscles and gain muscle mass.
You should also ensure that you eat a good amount of fat as fat
soluble vitamins such as vitamin D and E are critical to muscle
recovery and repair which leads to muscle building.
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Muscle Building Tips For Exercise
Here are some muscle building tips for exercise. Avoid doing
cardiovascular exercise and instead you should bench press heavy
weights in low repetitions for sets which have 2 to 3 minute rest
intervals between them. You need to have adequate rest and
recovery period to ensure that you are not overtraining as this can
have a deleterious effect. Overtraining leads to fatigue and

decreased intensity of the workout. Hence, you should design your
workout keeping the training challenging yet doable.
Muscle Gaining Secrets
Muscle gaining secrets include adequate rest intervals, ensuring that
there is no over training and that there is ingestion of adequate food.
But what is equally important is to avoid using supportive gear while
working out and ensure that you are lifting the weights without any
reliance on external aids. Supportive gear tends to increase the ease
with which you can perform successive repetitions. It also tends to
make the wearer exert less pressure and leads to a less intense
workout. The basic aim should be that the muscle is exercised and
through muscle recovery and repair, muscles become bigger.
Muscle gaining secrets also include eating enough multivitamins as
this can boost the rate at which micro tears in the muscle recover
and repair themselves. Therefore, there should be emphasis on both
the way that you work out and the way that you eat.
The emphasis is on gaining muscle mass and so there should be
adequate rest and recovery. Essentially, over training must be
avoided at all costs for a leaner, trimmer and healthier you.


2. Breaking Out Of The Muscle Building Rut
If you've reached a muscle building plateau, then it's time to shock
your muscles. It is easy to get into a groove. And who has not hit a
rut? We all have but the most successful people vault themselves out
of that rut as soon as they find themselves in it.
Because another way to describe a rut is to call it a coffin with two
open ends.
And to fall into a rut when you building muscle is terrible waste of
time, resources, and effort. So, here are two tools for shocking your
muscles out of the rut:
Giant Set
Blood and the nutrients that it carries builds muscle. We are talking
about "the pump!" If you are not getting a great and consistent
"pump, " then you are not building muscle. Giant sets are a great for
engorging your muscles with copious amounts of blood.
Basically, you perform 4 to 5 exercises per muscle group without
rest. For example, you would perform the following exercises
without rest, going from one exercise to the other until you have
done all 5 exercises:
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1.Incline Dumbbell Presses
2.Prone Dumbbell Flyes
3.V-Bar Dips
4.Cross Bench Dumbbell Pullovers

At the end of the push-ups, you would rest about 60 seconds and
begin the giant set over again. You would do a total of 4 sets. You
would keep the repetitions around 12 initially, but will probably drop
as you progress. For push-ups, you would just max out. The key is not
to push heavier weights but to finish the giant sets and get that
Obviously, your chest workout as described would be short. That's
good in that you save time. Also, this is a very hard technique. You
should use it for no more than a month to shock your muscles back
to growth.
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Reverse Pyramid
This technique is tremendous for blowing up the dam that is holding
back the blood. And it is a simple technique.
-1st set - Use weight heaving enough to do 6 full repetitions followed
by 6 burns. Burns are half reps done at the end of a set. Burns are a
favorite to the point of being a trademark for the Legendary Larry
-2nd set - Reduce weight by 10% and repeat 6 X 6 repetitions
-3rd set - Reduce weight by 10% and repeat 6 X 6 repetitions
-4th set - Reduce weight by 10% and repeat 6 X 6 repetitions
You should rest no more than 60 seconds, or less, between sets. You
will be a spotter and your objective is to complete the repetitions
plus burns.

If you find yourself in a rut or a muscle building plateau, then
judiciously use these tools to help you break out. Remember, the key
is to achieve maximum muscle pump. The more blood you jam into
your muscles, the more nutrients you deliver to your starving, aching
muscles. And that is good.


3. Unique Muscle Building
Unique muscle building tips for the person who wants to make a
change to his or her body!
No matter the reason you would like to bulk up here is a few unique
muscle building tips to help you obtain your goal.
Ways to build muscle
• Eat protein, such as meat products
• Eat according to your weight class
• Begin your workout with the muscles that are bigger
• Drink a protein shake before you begin your workout
• Lift weights every other day
• To help maintain your muscles eat food high in carbs after your
• Eat small meals every three hours
• Treat yourself; eat an ice cream for a snack
• Drink a nice cold glass of milk at bedtime
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Protein is the key to building a bigger and better muscle. You will
need to eat or drink extra protein in order to replace the protein that
your body already naturally uses for other body functions.
The amount of protein that you will need to consume is at least one
gram per pound of body weight. Examples of foods you can get
protein is, eggs, peanuts, cottage cheese, milk, and chicken breast.

Do not forget to eat equal amounts of carbs and fats per pound of
body weight.
You will need to add calories to your diet. In order to gain muscle you
will need to allow yourself to gain at least one pound per week. Do
this for at least two weeks and check your weight, if you do not see
any results add up to 500 calories to your diet, this should help you
to see results within a week or two.
Many people are casual exercisers, but when you decide that you
want to be serious about building muscle you will need to work on
the larger muscle groups first. This muscle group is in the chest, back,
and leg area. Once you get into a good routine you will need to add
bench presses, squats, and deadlifts, bent over rows, pull-ups and
dips. For each exercise you will need to do anywhere from eight to
twelve repetitions. Make sure you at least take a 60 second breather
between exercises.
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If you want to have a head start on building your muscles either
drink a 20 gram protein shake or eat a protein bar before you begin
your workout. TIP: liquid protein absorbs quicker and better.
Be sure to rest one while day between workouts. This will let you
rest but the rest will help your muscles build as well.
On the day you take off from working out; be sure to eat carbs; food
suggestions, banana, peanut butter, and sports drinks.
You will need to take the calories that you determined from your
body weight and divide them by six and you can eat that many
calories every three hours to help insure that your body and muscles
receive the right amount of protein and carbs.

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