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Author: Braddpitt

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1. Top Cardio For Muscle Building
2. Muscle Building Secrets - Why Brief Intense Exercise
Helps Your Muscles Grow
3. How to Develop a Muscle Building Plan
4. How to Gain Muscle Fast - Discover the Best Muscle
Building Secret
5. Muscle Workouts - Officially the Best Muscle Building


1. Top Cardio For Muscle Building
What is the role of cardio in muscle building?
Any old time stalwart, when asked, will tell you that cardio is a waste
of time. However, this is not true.
There are two important roles played by cardio in muscle building.
1) Muscle building cardio warm-up.
The best way to warm up before lifting weights is a five-minute light
cardio session. In addition to increasing your body's core
temperature, it also warms up your arms and legs so that they are
ready to take on the onslaught of pumping iron without being prone
to injury.
Running, spot jogging, using a stair climber or elliptical trainer, or
cycling are some of the forms of cardio that you can do. Cardio
prepares your body for the weight training session by raising your
heart rate, ensuring that adequate blood is pumped throughout your
entire body.
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2) Muscle building cardio for definition.
Cardio only plays a role during the warm up session of your exercise,
and not otherwise, if your goal is only to increase strength and build
muscle volume. However, a combination of high intensity cardio and
weight training is required if you want to get ripped muscles and six
pack abs.
I've seen this so many times in gyms around the country. People start
going to a gym because they want to get the ripped physique of their
favorite movie star. While they pump iron for months and get bigger

and stronger, the definition that they are looking for continues to
elude them. You need to include muscle building cardio in your
workout if you want well-defined muscles. So would you choose
muscle building cardio that comprises of a long, leisurely run through
that park or 45-minutes on the treadmill every alternate day?
None of them.
High intensity, low interval cardio is the only one form of muscle
building cardio that can get you serious definition with a ripped look
and washboard abs.
That's right; running on the treadmill for hours is not what you need
to do. Muscle building cardio, just like weight training, needs to be
brutally intense and short for it to be truly effective.
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Now that we know the type of cardio that you need to do, let's move
on to how often and when.
A high intensity cardio soon after a weight training session can help
to burn maximum fat, as shown by studies. Not having to schedule
time for exercises on your off days is another advantage of doing
cardio just after your weight training session.
In fact, by adding some standalone muscle building cardio on your
off days, you can even maximize your fat loss. It is a good idea to
start slow if you've previously never done high intensity muscle
building cardio. Slow does not mean you reduce the intensity; it
means that you need to reduce the number of days in a week that
you do this.

Trust me, high intensity muscle building cardio is not the easiest of
things to do. Your muscles will burn, your eyes will water, and it will
leave you panting for breath. But be persistent, and you will
eventually start to see the muscles beneath as the fat dissolves.
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cardio training....
My goal is to promote a healthy mind with a healthy body and
bodybuilding or muscle building is an excellent way of achieving a
healthy body so that it can host a healthy mind. If you want to learn
more on Muscle Building, visit


2. Muscle Building Secrets - Why Brief Intense
Exercise Helps Your Muscles Grow
Every successful body builder knows that their exercise routine is the
first step in achieving their goals of a well built physique. There are
muscle building secrets that can make or break the success of the
routine. One key secret is to understand how the body reacts to brief
intense exercise, and how this will help muscle builders achieve their
What is the effect of brief intense exercise?
The idea underlying all muscle building activity is that you are
exercising your muscles through weight training or body mass
training to get the muscle to the point of experiencing brief failure at
the end of the repetition or set of the exercise. This means the
muscles experience a condition called microtearing, which is pulling
the muscle tissues apart. This is creating a condition where the
muscle experiences damage at a microscopic level.
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The body responds to this damage by putting in place the necessary
steps to repair the muscle. The body begins to grow new muscle
tissue to strengthen the existing muscle tissue and make it thicker.
With thicker muscle tissue, you will experience growth in the overall
size of the muscle. This is the foundational concept for muscle
building, and this is not always recognized by body builders.
Pitfalls of low intensity exercise
The evidence that this behavior is not clearly understood can be seen
in many fitness centers and exercise programs. You will find people
doing very large numbers of repetitions with light weights. This is

evidence that the individual is not aware of this basic concept of
muscle building activity.
If they continue to lift the light weights for an extended period of
time, the brief failure won't be accomplished, the microtearing won't
occur, and the body won't start the new muscle fiber growth that
increases the muscle size. The key is to create the momentary failure
which gets the muscle building process started. Brief intense exercise
is one of the muscle building secrets that can bring about this
condition faster than any other strategy.
What you can do to be successful
Now that we have established that brief intense exercise is an
effective approach, you can review your current workout to see if
you have fallen into a low intensity training rut. For the exercises
where low intensity has crept in, consider increasing the weight used
on that routine. This will lower the number of reps you can achieve
before failure, but the increased intensity level should result in more
rapid gains.
You could also see if you can get a workout partner or coach to push
you harder during your overall workout. Most people end their set
without having pushed themselves to the limit, a partner or coach
can provide that extra push for maximum effort.
If your goal is to increase muscle size in the shortest possible time,
then you should consider this strategy as one of your muscle building


3. How to Develop a Muscle Building Plan
In order to develop a muscle building plan, you need to have a good
idea of what your objectives are, some options on how to get there,
and how to shift gears when you have reached your goals. Let's
discuss these factors in developing a muscle building plan.
Identifying Your Goals
The first step in developing a plan is to identify what your goals are.
Once you have identified your goals, you can use that to evaluate the
components of your muscle building plan. Let's say your goal is to
work on your upper body, maybe you want to increase your bicep
size, or grip strength. In developing your muscle building plan for
that singular goal, develop your plan to have the exercises for that
specific body part, but also give yourself a variety of exercises so you
can move between different types of exercises in muscle building to
avoid reaching a plateau or getting stuck in your development
activities. Your workout routine for a specific body part would give
you the focused exercise to address that specific area.
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Make Sure All Body Parts Are Exercised
The second potential goal for a muscle building plan would be to
conduct full body exercise. Your body has several different groups
(upper body, lower body, core muscles) which would need to be
exercised in such a program. Goals would be to increase muscle size
and strength in all areas. In your exercise plan, you would want a
variety of exercises and routines to provide adequate stimulation.
You may want to look at a split routine, a pyramiding routine,
basically something that would allow you to bring each of the body
parts to peak overload, then provide sufficient rest to allow the

desired muscle growth and strength increases. If your goal is broad
based muscle and strength growth, develop a range of activities that
will help you meet those goals.
Maintaining Your Gains
The third aspect of your muscle building plan is that you may have
been involved in muscle building activities for a while, and have
reached the initial goals you set for yourself. Now you want to
maintain your level of muscularity or strength. So, you need a
maintenance level of activity which provides stimulus to the muscles
to maintain your current level of development. You will need to
tailor your plan to meet this goal. You will likely moderate your diet
to reduce calorie consumption, since increased muscle growth is no
longer in your plan, and high calorie consumption could lead to an
increase in fat. You need just enough to sustain the muscles you
In summary, a good muscle building plan can see you through all
phases of the exercise life cycle. Follow the guidelines set forth here,
and you will have a good approach to meet your goals!


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