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© Bombay Bengalis 2017


Welcome to the 5th newsletter/online magazine from the
desk of Bombay Bengalis!!
Thanks to all of you for the tremendous response to the
previous four issues of “Probashe Mumbai”. We are
overwhelmed with the readership. We look forward to your
support, suggestions and contributions to make “Probashe
Mumbai” better with each and every issue.
Bombay Bengalis was born on 18th June, 2015 and since
then we have come a long way. The family is growing every
moment and like every other family we also have our share
of fun, adda and raga-ragi. But for us, the Probashi’s getting
family at home, far away from home is a huge boon. And
we are thankful to the almighty for giving us all the
opportunity to connect.
We usually meet twice a month at places pre-decided all
over Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. We had our first
meet at the historic Mohammed Ali Road on 1st July, 2015
with approximately 15-20 members. Subsequently BB has
held 44 such meets in the last 18 months.

We look forward to a more entertaining and colorful 2017.
Today BB has grown from strength to strength and has
many members in its WhatsApp and facebook group and
followers on its Facebook page, Instagram handle and
followers on Twitter too. However, BB has not limited its
activities to meets and chats alone. From organizing
essential items for the underprivileged to purchasing
Rakhi’s & Diya’s for terminally ill patients, BB has been
associated with various other cultural as well as social
activities since it’s inception.
BB was also proud to launch ‘Probashe’, a film on ‘Bombay
te Bangali’ to mark its 1st Anniversary (Link: ). In the coming months, BB
will be associated with a host of more social and cultural
We would like people reading this newsletter and wanting
to join to just ping us or email us and become a part of this
ever growing family.
Three Cheers to You and Bombay Bengalis!!!!

It is a pleasure to announce "Bombay Bengalis Annual Day Picnic & 46th Meet" at Picxy Sea Resort (Gorai Beach) on 12th
February, 2017 (Sunday).
Event Link:
Date: 12th February, 2017 (Sunday). Time: 7am - 6pm.
Address: Ponda Wadi, Gorai Beach, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400091.
Contribution for Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Snacks: Rs. 675/- per Head. Children Below 5 Years FREE. Children aged
6-10 years: Rs. 275/- per Head.
Payments to be made latest by 8th Feb'16.
Location on Google Maps:
Lip Smacking Menu by Feast@East Caterers:
Breakfast Luchi, Aloo Dom, Bode, Tea.
Lunch - Fish chop, Veg chop, Bhat, Moong dal, Jhujhure aloo bhaja, Phulkophir dalna, Chicken, Mutton, Tomato chatni, Papad,
Kalo jaam.
Evening - Assorted veg telebhaja, Tea.
Check Pics on Picxy's facebook page:
Recce Pics:
Check The Video of The Place:
fËh¡­p j¤ð¡C

© Bombay Bengalis 2017


Editor's Speak: Page 2
Content: Page 3
Children’s & Teen's Zone:

 Shipping Myth (Short Story): Shambo Mukherjee: Page 4
 The Girl (Pencil Sketch): Souroja Ghosh: Page 5
 Your Warmth (Poem): Aakanksha Majumder: Page 16

Bombay Bengali's News & Adda:

 Pages 2, 12, 13, 16, 20, 24,25, 26, 29

 Ami (Bengali): Papan Dasgupta: Page 13
 Swapno (Bengali): Shantanu Ghosh: Page 13
 Freedom: Saptarshi Chakraborty: Page 16
 Bhalobashi (Bengali): Ankhi Biswas: Page 20
 Notun Shlok (Bengali): Mousumi Sarangi Chakraborty: Page 20
 Muhurto (Bengali): Pranamita Mukherjee: Page 24
 Subho Noboborsho (Bengali): Pratik Dutta: Page 24
 Hymn of Time: Debraj Mukherjee: Page 27
Stories & Write-Up's:
 Goru Niye Goragori: Sankha Mukherjee: Pages 6-10
 The Inspirational Story of Haldhar Nag: Ananya Mukherjee: Pages 11-12
 Is Secularism a Weakness or Strength: Debraj Mukherjee: Page 28
 Probashe: Arin Paul: Page 31-34

The Tempting Zone:
 Recipe: Sindhi Kadhi: Mousumi Sen Sharma: Page 14
 Recipe: Dudh Puli: Mili Chakraborty: Page 17-18
 Recipe: Lemon Grass Chicken: Anuran Mitra: Page 22
 Taj Mahal, Agra: Mriganka Sekhar Halder: Page 30

Photography, Painting & Sketches:

 Cover Painting: Sayantani Mitra Sengupta: Page 1
 Mystery Ship Photo: Arin Paul: Page 4
 Goru Niye Goragori: Arin Paul: Pages 6-9
 Haldhar Nag: Page 11
 Gateway Of India: Swadhin Ghosh: Page 15
 Bandra – Worli Sea Link: Rosario Fernandes: Page 15
 Subarnarekha River: Tathagata Das: Page 18
 Pencil Sketch: Misti Dey Sarkar: Page 21
 Akra, West Bengal: Ananya Paul: Page 23
 Mandapeshwar Caves: Amit Biswas: Page 23

1. Title of the poem “a¥C

Bp¢h ­a¡?” is originally

2. The author’s name for the above poem is fËZ¢ja¡

j§M¡SÑ£ and not fË¡Z¢ja¡ j§M¡SÑ£ .
3. Shambo Mukherjee’s short story “The Baker’s
Dozen” is based and inspired from Aaron Shepard’s
story of the same name.
4. Arijit Sanyal’s poem was missed in the contents


 Some Fascinating Medical Facts: Farooque Ahmed: Page 19
Probashe March Issue Cover: Page 37
Back Page: Page 36

fËh¡­p j¤ð¡C

© Bombay Bengalis 2017


Shipping Myth
Of all the primitive transports, Ship is the one which is surrounded by hundreds of mysterious stories and I believe every one of
us is very eager to know the voyage story. Fortunately my grandfather is a mariner and he has spent all this professional life
on sea voyage itself from Japan to Canada, from Trinidad to Greenland. He used to tell his vast experience to me as a story and
today I am going to tell you two incidents which are funny.
There is a myth that most of the ships have a ghost living in it and it is believed that if any unnatural death happened on a
ship, the ship must have the soul. I called my grandpa Dadai and these two incidents happened when he was travelling to
France from China. In a ship there are two types of sides – the star board side and the port side. The first incident which I am
going to tell happened on the star board side of the engine room. One night when he was on duty, his colleague was seen
running from a different side. He warned Dadai not to go to the star board side. Dadai wanted to know the reason for the
same. The man said that there is a ghost out there. My grandfather wanted to have the proof. He said it drank his tea. Dadai
was surprised but remained quiet as he has some other plan for it. He wanted to see by himself and somehow persuaded his
colleague to take another cup of tea and went to that particular place. His colleague at first was reluctant to go again and
somehow gain the courage and agreed to go there. As his companion kept his tea he noticed that the place where he kept the
tea was a very hot place. After keeping the tea at that place he returned back and Dadai remained their and watched the tea
kept evaporating. He understood the story. As his companion kept the tea the extreme heat made the tea evaporate and as
he came back to drink he saw it empty and that’s why he thought a ghost had drunk it. Dadai did not tell him the reason,
fearing the ghost can harm him, his colleague again came next day with a cup of tea and kept there as if he is offering puja to
the so called ghost. Dadai was there and he took it without letting him know. When he came back he did not find the cup and
was surprised. He asked my grandfather about it and my grandfather informed him that it is with him only. He was very
annoyed and warned my grandfather by saying that the ghost would be very angry. My grandfather drank the tea and asked
him to come with the water tomorrow and he will show the ghost. The next day he came with the water and kept it on the
same place. After some time the water started to boil and was getting evaporated slowly. My grandfather then said to him
that the ghost is actually the heat. His companion understood it and laughed on his own stupidity.

- Photo by Arin Paul.
On the same ship some other day there came news that there is a whistling ghost and the place where it was heard was just
beside an engine. No one was ready to go there since whoever went to that place heard someone whistling but none could see
or find anyone. Next report came that he whistled in the ear of a worker. When the worker was asked about it he said he felt a
hot wind. This time my grandfather was curious than before. When he went to the same place he found a heat at the same
spot. He did not look and went away. Again when he came there he heard the whistle and followed it and saw it was just a
leakage in exhaust. When everyone saw it they all were relieved and the rest of the journey was calm and peaceful.
- Shambo Mukherjee, Class VI, DPS Panvel.
fËh¡­p j¤ð¡C

© Bombay Bengalis 2017


- Souroja Ghosh, Class II, Ryan International School.

fËh¡­p j¤ð¡C

© Bombay Bengalis 2017


Nl¦ ¢e­u Nl¡N¢l
­p A­eL ¢ce B­Nl Lb¡z i¡la p­h p­h ü¡d£e q­u­Rz Hje pju ­j¢ce£f¤l nql ­b­L hc¢m q­u f¡ä¥u¡
b¡e¡u H­me ­c¡cÑä fËa¡f q¡¢hmc¡l nË£ L«o· Q¾cÊ j¤M¡SÑ£z e¡­jC ¢a¢e q¡¢hmc¡l,¢L¿¹¥ ¢L fËa¡f a¡lz ­kje
­cM­a ­aj¢e a¡l Nm¡l BJu¡Sz R g¥­Vl nl£lV¡ ¢e­u k¢c l¡­al ­hm¡ L¡­l¡l p¡j­e H­p c¡ys¡e, kjc§a
h­m i¥m q­a h¡dÉz ­a¡ k¡C ­q¡L, L«o·h¡h¤ ­a¡ H­me hc¢m q­u ¢L¿¹¥ b¡L­he ­L¡b¡u? ­j¢ce£f¤l ¢Rm hs
nql, A­eL p¤¤­k¡N p¤¤¢hd¡ ¢Rmz ­R­m ­j­u­cl ú¥m L­mS, h¡S¡l q¡V, X¡š²¡l q¡pf¡a¡mz a¡l fl Q¡Ll£S£he
J ­no q­u Bp­Rz Ha ¢ce ­a¡ b¡e¡l ­L¡u¡VÑ¡l H ¢R­me, NË¡­j ­k h¡¢s B­R a¡­a ­a¡ i¡C l¡ b¡­L, p¤¤al¡w
a¡l ¢e­Sl b¡L¡l SeÉ HLV¡ h¡pÙÛ¡e ­a¡ ¢WL Ll­a q­hz

- Photo by Arin Paul.

k¡C ­q¡L HCph ­i­h L«o·h¡h¤ a¡l b¡e¡l Ad£­eC ­k ph NË¡j B­R a¡­a h¡¢s h¡e¡­e¡l SeÉ S¡uN¡ My¥S­a
m¡N­mez HC A¾QmV¡ a¡l M¡l¡f m¡Nme¡, h¢dÑo·¥ A¾Qm, ph pÇfËc¡­ul j¡e¤o n¡¢¿¹­a hph¡p L­lez A­eL My¥­S
Bh­n­o a¡l MeÉ¡e e¡jL NË¡j¢V M¤h fR¾c qmz f¡n ¢c­u ­N­R ¢S ¢V ­l¡X, p¡j­eC ú¥m L­mS ­b­L
q¡pf¡a¡m, h¡S¡l phC B­R Hje¢L ­ØVne¢VJ p¡j­e, H ph ­i­h E¢e MeÉ¡­eC a¡l h¡¢sl SeÉ M¡¢eLV¡ S¢j
¢L­e ¢e­mez ¢L¿¹¥ h¡¢s ­a¡ Bl b¡e¡l ­L¡u¡VÑ¡­l ­b­L q­he¡, a¡C ¢a¢e HM¡­eC HLV¡ h¡¢s i¡l¡u ¢e­u

fËh¡­p j¤ð¡C

© Bombay Bengalis 2017


- Photo by Arin Paul.

¢LR¥¢c­el j­dÉC L«o·h¡h¤ a¡l f¢lh¡l­L ­j¢ce£f¤l nql ­b­L MeÉ¡­e ¢e­u Q­m H­me Hhw ­R­m ­j­u­cl
MeÉ¡­el ú¥­mC i¢aÑ L­l ¢c­mez Hm¡L¡u a¡l f¢lQuJ q­u ­Nm Bl h¡¢s h¡e¡­e¡l L¡­SJ A­eL p¤¤¢h­d
qmz HL hR­ll j­dÉ L«o·h¡h¤ h¡¢s °al£ L­l JM¡­eC b¡L­a öl¦ Ll­mez Hm¡L¡l ph¡C HL X¡­L c¡­l¡N¡h¡h¤
h­mC Je¡­L ­Q­ee HMez hý¢ce nq­l b¡L¡u E¢e ný­l ­m¡LC q­u ­N¢R­me, ­N¡u¡m h¡ S¢j ¢LR¥C ¢R­m¡e¡
Je¡lz ¢L¿¹¥ HM¡­e ph¡l h¡¢s­aC Nl¦ Bl ph¡l S¢j ­c­M Je¡l J CµR¡ qm ­Le¡lz MeÉ¡­el f¡­nC f¡ä¥u¡,
­kM¡­e Nl¦l q¡V h­p fË¢a l¢hh¡l k¡ H¢nu¡l j­dÉ hªqšjz q¡S¡l q¡S¡l Nl¦ ­Le¡ ­hQ¡ qu HC q¡­Vz A­eL
­m¡L ¢S ¢V ­l¡X ¢c­u Nl¦ ¢e­u k¡u ¢Le­a Abh¡ ¢h¢œ² Ll­az HC lLjC HL l¢hh¡­l c¡­l¡N¡h¡h¤ ¢S ¢V
­l¡­Xl d¡­l f¡uQ¡¢l Ll­Re Hhw ­cM­Re La Nl¦l Be¡­N¡e¡z ¢a¢e i¡h­a m¡N­me Hhw qW¡vC ¢WL Ll­me
Nl¦ ¢a¢e ¢Le­heC, f­ll pç¡q­aCz ¢L¿¹¥ j¤n¢Lm qm ¢a¢e ­a¡ Nl¦ ­Q­eee¡ Bl Nl¦ e¡ ¢Qe­m WLh¡l iu

- Photo by Arin Paul.
fËh¡­p j¤ð¡C

© Bombay Bengalis 2017


HC pjuC a¡l ­Mu¡m qm fQ¡l Lb¡, fQ¡ a¡l fË¢a­h¢nz H­‚h¡­l NË¡­jl ­Q­m hm­a k¡ quz S¢j­a m¡‰m
­cJu¡ ­b­L öl¦ L­l Nl¦l c¤d ­c¡Ju¡ p­h­aC ­p pj¡e f¡lcnÑ£z ­Qq¡l¡V¡J ­fV¡­e¡z EµQa¡ ­hn£ eu h­V ¢L¿¹¥
q¡­al …¢m…­m¡ ­cM­mC ­h¡T¡ k¡u N¡­u a¡l fËQ¥l n¢š², Bl fQ¡ a¡­L peÈ¡e J L­l M¤h, L¡L¡h¡h¤ hm­a
A‘¡ez c¡­l¡N¡h¡h¤ ­p¡S¡ Q­m ­N­me fQ¡l h¡¢s ¢L¿¹¥ fQ¡ aMe h¡¢s ­eCz k¡C ­q¡L fQ¡l j¡­L h­m H­me
fQ¡­L f¡¢W­u ¢c­az fQ¡ a¡lfl j¡W ­b­L ¢g­l H­m c¤S­e ¢j­m f¢lLÒfe¡ Ll­me Nl¦lz f­ll ¢ce ­b­LC
c¡­l¡N¡h¡h¤ öl¦ L­l ¢c­me ­R¡– HLV¡ ­N¡u¡mOl h¡e¡­e¡l L¡Sz HL pç¡­q ­N¡u¡m Ol °al£z J¢c­L L«o·h¡h¤
Hhw fQ¡J °al£ Nl¦ ­Le¡l SeÉz c¤S­e ¢j­m A­fr¡ Ll­a m¡N­me, Nl¦ Bp¡ öl¦ qmz p¡c¡, L¡­m¡, a¡j¡­V,
h¡L¡­e¡ ¢nw, ­p¡S¡ ¢nw, h¡R¥l öÜ¥ , h¡R¥l R¡l¡z

- Photo by Arin Paul.

­c­M fR¾c q­m c¡­l¡N¡h¡h¤ cy¡s Ll¡e Bl fQ¡ ­cM­a b¡­L, N¡ ¢V­f p¢ê ­Le¡l ja, j¡¢m­Ll p¡­b Lb¡
h­mz Nl¦ fR¾c qu ­a¡ c¡­j qu e¡, Bh¡l c¡­j ­f¡n¡u ­a¡ Nl¦ fR¾c qu e¡z HC L­l fË¡u ­N¡V¡ o¡­VL
­cM¡ q­u ­Nm ¢L¿¹¥ fQ¡l ¢LR¥C fR¾c qu e¡z c¡­l¡N¡h¡h¤J J¢c­L A¢ÙÛl q­u EW­Rez ­pC Lb¡ h¤S­a ­f­l
fQ¡ hmm "L¡L¡h¡h¤ Nl¦ ¢L Bl d§­fl ja ­k ­c¡L¡­e ­Nm¡j Bl Nå öy­L ¢e­u Hm¡j, C¢e q­me j¡­ul ja,
peÈ¡e Ll­a q­hz k¡­L ­c­M peÈ¡e£u j­e q­h, k¡l p¡­b Lb¡ h­m i¡m j­e q­h a¡­LC ­a¡ ¢Le­a q­hz
pju m¡N­h, °dkÑ dl­a q­hz' ¢L¿¹¥ c¡­l¡N¡h¡h¤l Bl al pC­R e¡, ¢WL HC pjuC HLV¡ Nl¦­L Bp­a ­cM¡
­Nm ­kV¡­L ­c­M J­cl c¤S­elC fR¾c q­u ­Nmz p¡c¡ l­Pl Nl¦ a¡­a L¡­m¡ ¢R­V ¢R­V, ¢nwV¡J ­cM¡l ja
Bl p¡­b h¡R¥l J B­Rz c¡jJ S¥vpC, Jl¡ ¢WL Ll­me HV¡­LC ­Le¡ q­hz phC ¢WL B­R öd¤ HLV¡C pjpÉ¡
Nl¦¢V e¡¢L M¤h l¡N£z HLj¡œ a¡l j¡¢mLC c¤d c¤C­a f¡­l Bl BeÉ ­LE q¡a ¢c­m ¢nw E¢Qy­u, f¡ R¥­l
m¡¢g­u L¡ä h¡¢d­u ­cuz c¡­l¡N¡h¡h¤ HLV¥ iu ­f­me h­V a­h fQ¡ a¡­L Aiu ¢cmz k¡C ­q¡L a¡J
c¡­l¡N¡h¡h¤ Nl¦l j¡¢mL­L hm­me HL ¢ce a¡l h¡¢s­a ­b­L ­k­a L¡le a¡l ­a¡ ­L¡­e¡¢ce Nl¦ ¢Rme¡ a¡C
HLV¥ h¤­T ö­e ¢e­a q­hz Nl¦l j¡¢m­Ll ¢h­no C­µR ¢Rm e¡ ¢L¿¹¥ f¤¢mn ö­e ­hn£ Ny¡CNy¥C e¡ L­l l¡¢S q­u
­Nmzc¡­l¡N¡h¡h¤ jq¡ M¤¢n q­u Nl¦ ¢e­u Qm­me h¡¢s­az h¡¢sl ph¡C M¤h M¤¢nz h¡R¥lV¡J ph¡l M¤h fR¾c qmz
fËh¡­p j¤ð¡C

© Bombay Bengalis 2017


- Photo by Arin Paul.

phC ­a¡ ¢WL B­R ¢L¿¹¥ Nl¦l L¡­R ­LE ­N­mC ­p a¡l ¢hn¡m ¢nw ¢e­u ­a­l Bp­Rz j¡¢mL hmm ea¥e
S¡uN¡, ea¥e ­m¡L a¡C Hlj Ll­Rz fQ¡J hmm ­L¡­e¡ ¢Q¿¹¡ ­eC ­p ­a¡ B­R, ­pJ Aiu ¢cm c¡­l¡N¡h¡h¤­Lz
HC h­m ­p h¡¢s Q­m ­Nm Bl hmm ­p Bh¡l påÉ¡­hm¡ Bp­hz

- Photo by Arin Paul.
fËh¡­p j¤ð¡C

© Bombay Bengalis 2017


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