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Title: FREE DOWNLOAD » 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss PDF EBOOK

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Shaun Hadsall
Author | Fat Loss Coach | Body Transformation Expert

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14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Boot Camp &
Macro-Patterning™ Meal Plan
Section 1:

Rapid Fat Loss Strategic Training &

Section 2:

7 Rapid Fat Loss Tips & Tricks

Section 3:

Introduction to Macro-Patterning™
• Rapid Fat Loss Meal Plans

Section 4:

4 Mental Tactics for Fat Loss That Lasts

Section 5:

BONUS #1: Unusual Scientific Tips,
Tricks, & Techniques to Supercharge
your results

Section 6:

BONUS #2: Intro to Macro-Patterning™
Recipe Boot Camp

First of all, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to invest in this
journey. I’ve got some exciting info to share with you today that can get you
results – fast.
For those of you who don’t really know me, I’ve been teaching fat loss for over 14
years now and it’s my life’s greatest passion. I’ve been fortunate enough to help
thousands of people across the world with my blog and hundreds of local
residents with my services.
I’m all about using safe, healthy, and super efficient fat loss strategies as a
catalyst to help people like you make dramatic changes in your body to have
more balance and productivity in every area of life.
If you want to learn a little more about me, you can hang out with me on my blog
Now let’s get to the important stuff – You.
As you’ve probably discovered like I did years ago, fat loss pills, crash diets, and
infomercial gadgets just don’t work. But today you’re going to discover something
that does. I am going to share a balanced lifestyle type of plan that produces very
aggressive fat loss without messing up your metabolism.
It’s very strategic because it still allows you to consume your favorite cheat foods
and carbs throughout your week, but they’ll actually be increasing your body’s
ability to burn fat.
Might sound kind of weird or different – I know, but below is an example of what
happened when I followed this exact plan recently. I got extremely lean (fast) for
my 40th birthday. No – this wasn’t just 14 days. ☺ These pics we’re taken about
6 weeks apart. Just an example to prove it works.

I’m a stickler about my methods. I never recommend or create a fat loss plan that
I haven’t tested out on my own body and with my clients. One of the really cool
aspects of this plan is that it’s based on real science and it’s guaranteed to work
every time – when it’s followed consistently. As long as you’re willing to take
action, this program will work for you.
But first, a little rant…

Attention: English Teachers and Anal People
I just wanted to give you a friendly warning that you might notice some spelling
errors and grammatical goof ups in this ebook.
1. I did it intentionally to be real and
authentic. Plus it’s a great way to relate to
people in today’s technology based
society. Between Facebook, Twitter, text
messages, instant messaging, email and
every other gadget - I’m sure you’ve
heard of lol, lmao, ttl, or rotfl. If ur not
familiar with sum of this stuff…now u r! ☺
2. I did it accidentally because I’m focused
on more important stuff – your results!
Many of my good friends (and me
personally) over-deliver on our value of
content and material because technology allows us to, but people still
complain and moan about spelling errors and other non-sense. If you’re
one of these people, get over it (in a super cool friendly way of course).
In my opinion, this is one of the many reasons people are overweight. They
waste their time and energy on the wrong things.
Sending in email complaints or whining on a
blog, forum, or social network about stuff like
this isn’t going to move you’re toward your
Just sayin’.
Ok, there’s my quick rant. Thanks for letting me
vent. :-) Without further delay, let’s get to it.

Section 1:

Rapid Fat Loss Strategic Training & Exercise
How to overcome exercise adaption and bust through fat loss
plateaus…(Are You a Turtle, a Hamster, or a Gazelle?)
Most people approach exercise haphazardly with absolutely no plan. They walk
in the gym, workout room, or healthy club without even knowing what type of
workout they’re going to do or what body parts they’re going to train.
Years ago, I remember when I used to do the same thing. What about you?
This is big mistake I see people make on a daily basis.

I learned a long time ago that you must have a strategic plan to overcome your
body’s adaptive response (for both exercise and eating) if you really want to
burn fat consistently and get solid results that will last.
It amazes me how many people have been working out year after year
(sometimes for hours at a time) with absolutely no visible fat loss results to
show for it.

I’m sure it’s still “healthy” for them. Their heart might get stronger and they
probably even get decent cardiovascular benefits from consistent exercise. But
without a strategic plan to keep their bodies from adapting, they’ll never see
visible fat loss results.
The first thing we need to do is “break” this vicious cycle.
Really think about this for a second and as yourself this question. If you’re
going to spend the time AND effort exercising, shouldn’t you know for a fact that
you’re actually burning fat so you can actually see both visible and physical

How to Conquer Plateaus and Overcome
Exercise and Diet Adaptation
People generally fall into one of three categories when it comes to cardio.
1. Turtles: This is the person who gets on a treadmill or some other machine and
uses their time to read a book, watch the latest negative news or talk show, and
gossip with their friends. This will burn up some calories, but you might as well be
working around the house. You’ll burn just as many calories, you won’t fill your
head with so much crap and you’ll get more accomplished.
There are times when this type of cardio can be beneficial when taking time off or
using it on a recovery day. Just remember, it’s not going to have a direct benefit
on targeting stubborn fat or creating rapid fat loss.

2. Hamsters: These are the people that have a “more” is “better” mentality (with
too much time on their hands – must be nice). You see them jogging or cranking
away at a medium pace for hours on end.
I get to the gym, crank out my workout, stretch, go get some sauna or cultivation
time, take a shower, get ready to leave and the Hamster is STILL cranking away
on their machine.
I’ve observed people like this year after year and they don’t look ANY different.
Can you say insanity?

In order for this type of cardio to be effective for fat loss you have to use the right
When it’s used strategically it can help your body keep responding to other
exercise stimuli and help burn off free fatty acids that are released during higher
intensity bouts of exercise. (More detailed instructions on this in a minute)
But most of the time Hamsters are the most likely to burn out, get injured, and
burn up a lot of valuable fat burning muscle.
Over the years I’ve had dozens and dozens of Hamsters ask me for help losing
stomach fat or lower body cellulite. The minute I bring intensity and strategy into
the conversation they want to debate with me about my advice. I guess it’s cuz
most people just hate change.
For some reason they continue to think “more is better” or it’s all about genetics.

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