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changing on a day to day basis. If you are injured for instance, your body will be working harder to help repair that injury
and as such, you will be burning more calories because of it.
This said, if you use the right BMR calculator, we’ve found that it’s accurate enough that you can then use it with other
diet calculators to come up with a solid weight loss or muscle building approach that will work incredibly well for 99%
of the population.

BMR Versus RMR – What’s The Difference?
If you’ve been reading up on various fat loss diets and fat burning programs, chances are, you’ve heard of something
called resting metabolic rate as well.
One of the most common questions we get from our clients looking for fast fat loss results is what the difference is
between basal metabolic rate and resting metabolic rate.
There isn’t a great difference here, but your resting metabolic rate adds to your basal metabolic rate the calories burned
during the process of digestion as well as light movements that don’t involve formal activities.
So your resting metabolic rate RMR will always be slightly higher than your BMR results. When we dial in our clients
macros, we prefer using a BMR calculator as a baseline as we feel it gives us a better number to work from when
figuring out the rest of the dietary numbers used in an IIFYM fat loss program.

Why Does BMR and TDEE Matter?
So what do the results from our BMR calculator tell us?? Why does it help with fat loss results?
The reason we feel getting a client’s BMR results is so very critical is because it gives us a starting point to work off of.
Remember, in order to successfully lose body weight, you really need to only accomplish one thing:
Eat fewer calories than you burn.
Notice I did not say, “eat fewer calories than your BMR”. When calculating diet calories, we need to go off of your TDEE.
This is the single most important number when it comes to the IIFYM Diet program.
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