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BIM for building design and commissioning, Group 6 / AAU



BIM for design phase and commissioning

The following master thesis analyzes
problems in the construction industry in
connection to meeting client requirements
and it is limited to base the researches only
on the design phase.
The following project relies on qualitative
data, interviews and analyses of scientific
literature in order to investigate an area of
Such have been found in problems with
collecting, managing and meeting client
The reason why focusing on this topic is
important is due to the fact that the clients
are the ones from which depends on the
success of the project. Lack of client
satisfaction in a highly rivalry market like the
construction industry, a company could easily
start to be behind the competitors and
eventually be kicked out altogether.
Furthermore, this project report examined
how best to collect, manage and
communicate client requirements, by the use
of Building Information Management tools
and Building Commissioning.
When Building Information Management and
Building Commissioning are implemented
well, these tools can bring positive changes in
every building project. Furthermore, meeting
client requirements and providing satisfaction
results are going to increase client

Semester theme:
Master thesis
Project period:
Autumn 2016
Project place:
Aalborg University,
School of Engineering and Science,
9220 Aalborg, Denmark
Kjeld Svidt
Antoaneta Kaneva

Main report: 72
Appendix: 24

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