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BIM for building design and Building Commissioning, Antoaneta Kaneva /AAU

The following report is written by Antoaneta Kaneva as a master thesis in Management in the
Building Industry at the Department of Civil engineering at the Aalborg University.
The subject of this master thesis is chosen as a result of the author’s interests in Building Information
Management. The following work is performed within the period of 5 months, between September
2016 and January 2017. During that time hundreds of hours of literature research, data analyses and
writing in connection with Building Information Management and Building Commissioning
implementation have been used.
The following master thesis is a qualified and interpretive work using a comparative analysis of the
case, related work, and literature review, understanding the complex of the building projects
regarding communication and information sharing between different parties by describing potential
information sharing strategies.
The new build AAU building is selected to serve as an example of a complex building project. This
case study is conducted to examine the factors that lead to not meeting client requirements. It is
used as an example of how communication and information sharing is performed within complex
projects and big organizations. Building projects require a great deal of collaboration between
organizations due to their complex organizational structure, therefore a sufficient communication
and management tool is required.
Attention is paid to the projects on which actors have to collaborate and share their knowledge to
realize the desired end product. The collected includes interviews with client representative. The
research methods, case description, and collected data are reported. The general outcome of the
results is provided including a recommendation for solution and practice.
During the processing of this report, several limitations were met. Firstly, a language barrier was
met, due to the international nature of the author. This problem is removed within the most
effective manner possible, even though some uncertainties still remain in connection with data
translation and understanding.
The scope of this master thesis covers only the design phases of a project because it is important at
beginning of any project to consider all aspects of the project because in the future this could lead to
unexpected costs. It is very important at beginning, that the design is accurate and fulfills client and
regulation demands. The innovation at this stage is essential and can be reached with the use of
Building Information Management, which consists of two main aspects – the working process and
the tools (software).
During the analyses is considered the working process and possible challenges what could arise
when project participants shift their working methods from traditional to Building Information
Modeling. Management
In this master thesis, only one case study was used as a base of the whole project. It would be much
better if were included more cases that represent different information transfer and translate client
requirements. Having more cases would also provide additional information and could lead to more
perceptions regarding the legal responsibilities related to different contract forms and their impact
on information transfer.

Master Thesis Management in the Building Industry