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BIM for building design and commissioning, Group 6 / AAU

Due to time, resource and information limitation the following report is based on analyses and
researches only in connection with the design phases of a building project. Possible problems could
occur during other phases, which brings deeper analyses for the whole building process. It is
important to focus on each of the design sub-stages because then is clear to understand what is
needed for each of them and how Building Information Management and Building Commissioning
can support this needs and bring improvements for the whole building process.
The following report performs as a master thesis, focusing on meeting client requirements and
provide organizations with the idea for improvement. It is limited to the design phase only and
meanwhile limited to the time and resources. When answering the questions from the main
problem formulation, the author is focusing on all type of building projects, no matter if they are
public or private projects. Solution and a plan for implementation are provided, in order to improve
communication between parties during project design stages. The plan for implementation is not
real, just a suggestions of steps to be followed since it is a study project. Since it is not company
based or case-based, a timeline and budgeting cannot be provided. The main reason is the
difference between all projects in connection to size, complexity, and duration. Due to the limited
time, the report does not include a follow-up and documentation summarizing the results.
In order for the problem analyses to be more precise more related works and case studies can be
investigated. Meanwhile, further analyses can be made in connection with the transfer of
information between Consultants and Contractors, and Contractors and Clients. Another limitation
of the following master thesis is related to the limited observation house spend. hours
In the following report, the focus is moved from the legal aspects, which could bring other changes
when implementing Building Information Management and Building Commissioning. Changes in
connection to different types of contracts are going to change the responsibilities of the involved

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