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BIM for building design and Building Commissioning, Antoaneta Kaneva /AAU

The following Master thesis is made by Antoaneta Kaneva, who is in the program Management in
the Building Industry, Master of Science in Engineering.
This work is a reflection and combination between analyses of scientific literature review, interviews
and knowledge gathered during the study years. The process of work is done for the period of time
from September 2016 to January 2017 at Aalborg University in Aalborg, Denmark.
The main focus of the following work is based on meeting client requirement during the project
stages, and mainly focusing on the design phase. It is focusing on the advantages and benefits of the
Building Information Management and Building Commissioning. A combination of these two is
analyzed and implemented right leads to the desired results at the end of the building project. These
results are meeting client requirements which should be clearly defined and set in the very
beginning of the project.
This master thesis starts with an introduction to the initial problem, including an explanation about
the general building project and its stages. It includes an explanation of the client requirements and
how they are met during the design stage. The following analyses are made with the use of
qualitative data, scientific literature and interviews. Based on these researches I have come up with
the following problem statement:
How a link between client requirements (CR) and project participants during the design phase can
be accomplished?
Furthermore, more analyses are made for deeper investigations. Building Information Management
is represented to the reader including all details, advantages, and benefits. For a conclusion, a table
for comparison and evaluation is provided, including important properties. Later on, Building
Commissioning is presented. Building Commissioning is defined as a quality assurance process which
aims to ensure that the final product meets the client’s needs and requirements. The reason why
Building Commissioning is proposed is due to the client dissatisfaction from the received final
At the end, a solution is given, as a combination of Building Information Management and Building
Commissioning implementation.

Master Thesis Management in the Building Industry