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The Benefits of Establishing a Virtual
Contact Center
The BPO industry will always be a prime contributor to global business growth. Contact Centers
are frequently being utilized for all varieties of business processes – inquiries, orders, sales,
management, counseling, emergencies, and the list is almost endless. Any business that doesn’t
rely on a call center service will lose a higher market position regarding profit and growth. Now,
the spotlight is drifting away from the traditional onsite call center. Business owners are now
focusing on the apparent usefulness of a Virtual Contact Center.
The largest differences between Virtual and Onsite (aka ‘Brick and Mortar’) are conceptual,
physical and logistical; all calls and transactions are handled by agents in different physical
locations. This has been possible with the help of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
technology. Naturally, Virtual Contact Centers are logistically different compared to physical
centers, but they have the potential to deliver flexible and unhindered services.

If you want to enter the call center industry,
yet you do not have a large pool of resources
or capital, why not start with a virtual service
There are many benefits that await you.

Manageable Upfront Costs
Cost is the biggest hurdle that can stop Contact Centers from getting established. Depending on
the size of the center, costs can reach thousands of dollars with a blink of an eye. If you managed
to fork over the outrageous startup costs, monthly upkeep could drag you down, ‘nickel and
diming’ you to death. You also need to worry about hiring processes, data management systems,
and external fees. With a virtual call center, your upfront costs are lowered by as much as 75%.
This is because you can operate your business from your home or any other place in the world,
as long as you have an internet connection. You can become a freelancer, running your own
business. Imagine this: you only need to secure a computer or laptop, a stable internet
connection, and other simple accessories that can make your work simpler. Those things are far
less expensive than the components of physical Contact Centers making the track to Return On
Investment incredibly swift.

Greater Time Leverage
Time is a resource, and you must do everything to maximize its utilization. A virtual call center
can help you save time because your physical presence is not necessary for managing your team.
Additionally, your agents can be located anywhere on the globe, and without the need for travel,
flexible schedules can help cover a variety of shifts and hours. You can simply monitor
performance levels through the system (assuming you are using a hosted cloud-based solution)
and communicate directly with the team or individual agents. You can even monitor their calls
and score their quality if you choose the correct system. The extra time you gain empowers you
to focus on growth, strategy, and stakeholder satisfaction.

Total Mobility
Aside from the time-saving advantage, a Virtual Contact Center offers a high degree of
mobility. If you can conduct your business anywhere, your agents can do the same since they
work virtually. This rate of mobility is helpful for maintaining a productive and happier business
environment. It also allows you to provide multi-lingual services as you can employ people
directly from the countries who speak the language you wish to serve, allowing you to cut costs
as well looking for multi-lingual agents locally, which usually command a higher pay grade.

Efficient Performance Monitoring
Performance monitoring is a large phase that every Contact Center must have. Through this
process, managers and supervisors will be able to grasp and assist the progress of their agents
and other important KPI’s. If the Contact Center is large, generating performance reports can be
challenging depending on your systems setup. It is easier to monitor and provide feedback on
calls for Virtual Contact Centers using built-in chat features or whisper technology. This replaces
the need to interrupt the agent to provide verbal feedback ‘personally’ (or in-person) and
eliminates interruptions to productivity.

Lower Stress Levels for Agents and Supervisors
Taking calls is stressful, especially if you need to do it in high-pressure environments. The same
can be said for supervisory or managerial tasks. At a virtual call center, stress levels are
somewhat lower due to the combination of different positive factors. Elimination of travel,
flexibility in hours, limited turnover, environment control – these are the basic things that can
make agents happy and keep them retained. Supervisors benefit from happier and more
productive teams.

Customizable Call Management Systems
Since Virtual Contact Centers are booming, many cloud-based hosted contact platforms have
launched. These systems are flexible; you are free to choose the services you want, based on the
subscription package offered. Customizable call management systems will give you better

operational leverage and turn what was once a fixed cost, into a variable cost allowing you to add
or remove seat licenses at the flick of a switch.

No-Nonsense Online ‘Huddles’
Call Center huddles have numerous advantages and disadvantages. In large centers, these
huddles can create distractions and interrupt the natural working process. However, they are
needed every once in a while, to see if everyone is aligned with company’s goals and working
standards. Virtual Contact Centers can overcome such problems through online huddles. With
the help of integrated chat features you can discuss important action points to your team
instantly, without anyone needing to ‘step away’ from his or her desk. Online huddles can be
accomplished in fewer minutes. Afterward, agents can proceed with their daily work or other
tasks they are currently doing. Once all nonsense and distractions are removed, that can occur in
a physical huddle, the main points are more assuredly conveyed and reviewable at any time
through chat history.

Productivity Boost
Virtual Contact Centers tend to have a greater productivity spike because agents are more
focused on their tasks due to the elimination of travel and other accompanying logistical
coordinations that often occur. Also, virtual agents often have the ability to maximize their
availability. In a traditional Brick and Mortar setting, if someone had to take time off to attend an
appointment or run an errand, they would take a day or half a day off. In the virtual setting, they
can often return to their computer and make up that time, on the same day, (depending on the
calling window of the program) completing their hours. Additionally, when overtime is needed,
it is usually easier to achieve because of convenience. An often-overlooked benefit is the
removal of physical exposure to ill co-workers or possibly negative work environments which
again will improve productivity by reducing time-off and mental distractions. When an agent
takes a break or takes lunch, the time leaving the premises is also eliminated giving agents a
more refreshing experience, also helping them to be more productive. Without physical office
grounds, the need for unproductive chitchat is also eliminated, as most built-in chat systems can
be programmed to allow only agent to supervisor discussions and supervisor to the agent & to
the team communication.

Stable Expansion Methods
Starting out a small virtual Contact Center is advantageous because you will have more time to
explore your options and can envision a larger business picture. Also, it is easier to expand this
way because you spent less money at the start. Virtual Contact Centers also have different ways
for expansion. Either you hire additional agents or adopt a better call center infrastructure. You
can even outsource other parts of your business so you can focus on growth tactics.

Even though establishing a Virtual Contact Center is flexible and less expensive regarding
investment and overhead, you still need to have a detailed plan, and the right solution to succeed.
CallShaper understands the challenges and benefits of the person who is starting a Center,
frustrated with their current system, or making your Dialer costs variable so as your volume
changes, so in turn, your dialer costs, helping you to stay on your charted course.
CallShaper’s Hosted Cloud Contact Platform allows all the benefits above as standard. There are
no ‘Set-Up’ or implementation fees. We train your team on the system helping you set up your
first campaign, so you not only have the knowledge to operate it, you are ready to dial as fast as
possible. Our support is renowned in the industry as second to none, and we do not charge for it,
making sure your experience is nothing short of wonderful. We have created the system with
simplicity in mind and used suggestions from Operators from the very start of building it, putting
complete control of even Scripting and loading Leads in the hands of the Operations team,
without needing IT support. Many systems are feature filled as well, but due to the layout or
design, many operators never use the system to its fullest because it is just too cumbersome and
CallShaper has made every effort to avoid this so you can enjoy taking full advantage of all of it
has to offer, maximizing your experience. We also provide a built-in QA Scorecard system, we
retain your recordings for 5 years, and your agent to line ration has no limits. Built in Cell Scrubs
and State DNC Holidays, and dedication to the FCC and FTC TCPA laws, insure legal
compliance and neutralize fines and penalties due to mistakes. We have had plenty of people
convert to CallShaper because of its simplicity and are proud to say we have never lost a
customer to the competition.
However, talk is cheap! Contact us for a free demo and see for yourself how such a feature rich
system, can be so simple to use.
www.CallShaper.com info@callshaper.com 888-276-1370

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