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Now I was just going to head over to the library to find out the exact years for the
occasions and the right spelling for the names mentioned in my book, in order to
come across to the reader, as more convincing. But I have decided not to.
A lot of what I write about is normally presented that way, as convincing, as
correct, as possible. I want to remain on the artistic, or literary side, of the world
of books.
I guess you have never before read a book with so many different themes in it.
That is contrary to the normal, and therefore of course wrong, but it suits me.
That is how I am. My education and my interests ARE diverse.
While most people try to become experts in the narrowest possible field, I try to
be what we earlier called a Polyhistor – which means somebody with knowledge
about most possible subjects – and therefore probably with a better overview.
You might have knowledge about some of it, and because of that a little more
interest in other subjects too, and later on eventually to pick it up again and find
out if there still is something more to it.
Our main problem as a society now, is that those in power here use it also to
decide what is NOT to be written about. Most of what is published today is
therefore propaganda or entertainment.
The world is getting more complicated all the time. Some of the information we
do get, but not when those in power want to keep it for themselves.
" From children´s soap to LSD " is actually an attempt to make you think for
yourself and not just accept everything from above.
I also have to informe you a little about my background as a writer, beeing a
norwegian, and still trying to communicate in english.
am edcucated as a historian, with the main interest in the viking time, about 1000
years ago.
At that time we really had a very strong litterary tradition - the so called Sagas.
Most of them was written on Iceland, where people still to day speak that same
language, which for the rest of us scandinavians is no longer understandable.
For the icelanders, becoming very isolated on their island, after the viking boom,
the sagas was passed on to ever new generations, as their own history of the
past, only to be kept by remembering the stories by heart, since very few could
write or read. Nobody knows who wrote them.
-These Sagas is still to me within the very top of western litterature from the past.
So if you find my way of telling the stories too shortcut, and still with some humor
hidden in it, I might have been able to give you at least some of that tradition.
To me there is no point trying to write like an englishman. I want to come through