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to you in the modern language of this world, but still with a certain difference in it,
the nordic way.

The Author

I have just read "The Law" by Cyril Northcote Parkinson and found out that a lot
of what I thought was my own discoveries on the development of our modern
western world, was already written about as early as 1955, when he started
publishing his books.
Actually I thought I had read that book, but as in so many cases before - I had
just heard about it, as some kind of comedy, funny, but not to be taken seriously.
What was even more shocking, is that he, on his side, refer to Mr Woodhouse,
the very classical humorist of the english litterary tradition.
How come?
It must be the fact that I, as a norwegian, has never been informed that when
you write something, ment to be shocking to the reader, it has to be presented as
This has probably been the only condition to write about anything, in any other
way than normal. Then the reader might have a funny and entertaining time
reading it, without calling the police afterwards
I therefor make this statement - that everything in this book, even if it might seem
serious - is just put that way, to make you THINK otherwise, but not to believe it,
of course
In that case such a text could never be published, so please don`t put the blame
on me, but on my not beeing british enough, to know this when I started writing.
The whole thing is just ment to tease those in charge of the Truth, never to
change anything. After all this world of ours is the only one existing, and those in
charge of it will therefor always be the best, for the best - of course.