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It is one particular thing which is not so obvious to us, when it comes to taxpaying.
Every time we have something in common, some service we do to each other we also have to pay the tax, which f.ins. our dentist have to pay, to cure us.
When we ask anybody to help us, we also have to pay for the tax he will have to
pay, to receive our money
All in all that will make, at least in Norway, the total amount of money, going from
our wages to the government - close to 90 %, even when our direct
governmental tax itself is only some 30%. But more on that later.
And this will make us too expencive to each other as well, force us to try to fix
everything ourselves, not beeing able to pay all those experts, who can so easely
do it, but have to pay tax to do so, for instance to repair something - which
nowadays becomes impossible.
On the other side, if we stop looking at some factory as a place where those
humans working there, are producing their stuff - while they only use tools there,
like very complex data-steered automatic devices, doing most of the work - those
humans present only looking, ready to assist- if needed.
The government still only tax those humans involved - while all that machinery in
the factory, doing more than 90 % of the work, never pay any tax - only push us
out of work, by working so much cheaper than us, the "tax-payers".
There is a way of looking at our western society, which might be interesting. If
you compare it to a company of practically any kind, you will see how something
strange becomes apparent. Every functioning company is characterised by
pyramid-shaped organization: A small committee, the board and some directors
on top and all the workers and other employees, at the bottom.
When I was a kid, our production society in Norway, looked the same. Few
bureaucrats on top, most people working, but for such private companies – all of
them pyramids with the top up.
But today, at least in my part of the western world, this pyramid has got its
bottom up. Those who get their money from the government have grown in
number while fewer and fewer work for private companies, which have to pay tax
to those in charge of the government – to exist.