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Strangely the same thing is happening in the U.S., where socialists are few. The
government is growing and becoming THE most powerful, needing evermore
people to fulfill our democratic dreams of a better world, for all of us, of course –
but the result is ruining most private companies, because the government is
always first. The leadership of it all, shall always need more money, with the best
of intentions, and the only way to get that money is by us, those crushed
economically, under the weight of all that leadership above us.
This makes all of those not paid by the government, too expensive to be hired by
anybody in the end. We are gradually being robbed of our jobs, by a greedy
state. But still we can not see it, because it all came to be so gradually.
In the start I promised to show you how our wages, by taxing and other forms of
payment to our governments - all in all can come up to 90 % of our income. This
will be very differing from person to person of course,especially how much of it
we use to pay for services by professionals, who has to pay tax to do such
service, and therefor add that to the bill.
Myself, beeing on pension, have to be very careful not to involve profesionals in
any way, and since I am such a miracle according to health, compared to others
my age, I probably use much less than normal on such services.
But for
most people my age, I would guess that sicknesses and physical helplessness
force them to pay much more to the State, by tax on such services to them, than
they pay for ordinary tax on income
If we start by looking at ALL of that money which the state is taking, both the
State and Community in taxes, then the police officer for traffic fines and parking
tickets and finally the taxing of food in shops and on goods by the customs at the
border, and all those fees on everything – mostly argued for by moralities, that
we will become better humans that way, but never actually because they cannot
stop their own growth.
The fact remains, that all new governments promise to reduce their needs, but do
the opposite. WHY?
Could it be that MAN, we, the politicians, Mankind is no longer leading this
Who invented the idea of transferring most possible power from the people to the
government, to make it a better society?
In the U.S., where the private companies enjoy much more freedom to act
independently ( the real Capitalism ), they are damaging and polluting the
environment to such irreversible degrees, even for themselves and their own