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PHILIPS N.V. (Royal PHILIPS, commonly known
as PHILIPS) is a Dutch technology company
headquartered in Amsterdam with primary
divisions focused in the areas of electronics,
healthcare, and lighting. PHILIPS is one of the
largest electronics companies in the world and
employs around 105,000 people across more
than 60 countries. It was founded in Eindhoven
in 1891 by Gerard PHILIPS and his father,
At the start of World War II, the PHILIPS family
members fled to the United States, taking a
significant amount of the company capital with
them. Operating from the U.S. as the North
American PHILIPS Company, they managed to
run the company throughout the war. After the
war, the company was moved back to the
Netherlands, with their headquarters in
In 1991, they changed the company’s name
from N.V. PHILIPS Gloeilampenfabrieken to


Royal PHILIPS Electronics. Moreover, in 2013,
PHILIPS omitted the word “Electronics” from
its name, which is now Royal PHILIPS. On June
2016, PHILIPS spun off its lighting division to
focus on the healthcare sector.
Putting people at the center:
We believe that every innovation should start
with an insight into people’s needs, desires,
and aspirations. We make a point of understanding what drives them, the dilemmas they
face, and how we can help them in the best
possible way.
Open innovation:
To fulfill our ambition, it is crucial that we work
together and share our vision. PHILIPS
Research, as one of the pioneers of open
innovation, has the powerful leverage of
competencies with the intention of creating
win-win propositions. It provides us with the
broader horizon of the world that working with