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cities in near future as some other companies
like Google's Nest are working on them as
well. According to statistics that PHILIPS
employee mentioned, in the year 2019, there
will be 224 million smart houses in the world.
In smart cities, all devices are connected and
can be controlled easily by users due to the
In addition to gain access to PHILIPS exciting
projects, we did a quick brainstorming with
PHILIPS in terms of how KISD and PHILIPS can
corporate and finish the visit in a pleasant
discussion. For instance, PHILIPS offered us
some potential thesis topics students can work
on them while the company could help for the
research methodology and technical support.
In the ear of the internet, light is far more than
illumination as been invented at first. After a
short but amazing access to the role which
light play nowadays, it is an approach to
serving experience in both aspects of function
and entertainment, even for the brand identity
and value. Thus lighting product is no more
than merely belonging to industrial design or
engineering. Like the slide showed by PHILIPS,
the way inspired us that design collaboration is
to merge the service, tech, and market
research together, which is the core and value
of integrated design as well.
By observing different projects and presentation from PHILIPS, it revealed that most of the
projects, however, based on latest high-tech
and conceptual theories, were deeply rooted in
real world problems, including sustainability
and social issues among many other topics.
Also, They demonstrated how design, technology, and business work to bridge gaps between
the obstacles and needs that in the end could
benefit people.

After all, it was an abundant trip in PHILIPS as
both sides gained general concepts and fresh
ideas about what and how we work as a
designer or other position in our expertise.
With the effort of Professor Mager and the
company, KISD has already approached a
general thesis working plan by a series of
thesis topics listed by PHILIPS and KISD, which
was one of the biggest fruition from this trip.
Moreover, it was a sign of start-up for cooperation.
· Financial business models
· Internet of Things (IoT) Business models_2017
· Retail Analytics And Data Visualization
· Scouting and analysis of data-enabled services in B2C
· Service framework and blueprint of digital
lighting companies
· Service KPIs
· Smart office ecosystem
· SmartCities Conceptualize and Visualize
· SmartCities Dashboard