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Probashe Mumbai

© Bombay Bengalis 2017


Welcome to the 6th newsletter/online magazine from the
desk of Bombay Bengalis!!
Thanks to all of you for the tremendous response to the
previous five issues of “Probashe Mumbai”. We are
overwhelmed with the readership. We look forward to your
support, suggestions and contributions to make “Probashe
Mumbai” better with each and every issue.
Bombay Bengalis was born on 18th June, 2015 and since
then we have come a long way. The family is growing every
moment and like every other family we also have our share
of fun, adda and ‘raga-ragi`. But for us, the Probashi’s
getting family at home, far away from home is a huge boon.
And we are thankful to the almighty for giving us all the
opportunity to connect.
We usually meet twice a month at places pre-decided all
over Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. We had our first
meet at the historic Mohammed Ali Road on 1st July, 2015
with approximately 15-20 members. Subsequently BB has
held 47 such meets in the last 20 months.

Today BB has grown from strength to strength and has
many members in its WhatsApp and facebook group and
followers on its Facebook page, Instagram handle and
followers on Twitter too. However, BB has not limited its
activities to meets and chats alone. From organizing
essential items for the underprivileged to purchasing
Rakhi’s & Diya’s for terminally ill patients, BB has been
associated with various other cultural as well as social
activities since it’s inception.
BB was also proud to launch ‘Probashe’, a film on ‘Bombay
te Bangali’ to mark its 1st Anniversary (Link: ). In the coming months, BB
will be associated with a host of more social and cultural
We would like people reading this newsletter/emagazine
and wanting to join to just ping us or email us and become
a part of this ever growing family.
Three Cheers to You and Bombay Bengalis!!!!

Bombay Bengalis 48th Meet, the first at Ghatpokar. Join in for some awesome adda and fun.
Event Link:
Date: 10th March, (Friday). Time: 7:00 - 9:30 pm.
Location: Food Court, R City Mall, Ghatkopar.

Bombay Bengalis 45th Meet at Viviana Mall, Thane, 4th February, 2017.
See The Photo Album:
Probashe Mumbai

© Bombay Bengalis 2017


Editor's Speak: Page 2
Content: Page 3
Children & Teen Zone:

Yes Folks You Heard It Right (Poem): Boudhayan Mohapatra: Page 4
Tunes (Poem): Aakanksha Majumder: Page 4
RA – The Accidental God (Short Story): Shambo Mukherjee: Page 5
Painting: Unnati Roy: Page 6
2000 A.D. (Poem): Anushka Dasgupta: Page 6
Kolkata – My Lovable City: Tarushi Bhoumik: Page 7
Painting: Shria Nath: Page 14

Bombay Bengali's News & Adda:
 Pages 2, 6, 18, 26, 33, 37

 Aagam (Bengali): Papan Dasgupta: Page 17
 Smritite Phera (Bengali): Rijurekh Chakravarty: Page 17
 Maya (Bengali): Arijit Sanyal: Page 17
 Miyaaon (Bengali): Pranamita Mukherjee: Page 18
 Life: Saptarshi Chakraborty: Page 24
 Sudha (Bengali): Sayantani Sengupta: Page 24
Stories & Write-Ups:
 Ekti Adbhut Khoon’er Kahini (Bengali): Aniruddha Basu: Pages 8-13
 Those Moist Eyes: Somnath Chakravarty: Pages 15
 Mastermoshai (Bengali): Shivaji Sanyal: Page 19
 Being Teacher: Sharmistha Sanyal: Page 21

Five Ways To Beat Fear In A Scary World: Sharmila Dasgupta: Page 26
The Burdwan Girl: Arun Chakraborty (Raja): Page 33
The Train Journey: Sarbasuchi Das: Page 36-37
Purano Sei Diner Katha (Bengali): Ritwika Roy Mutsuddi: Page 44-45

The Tempting Zone:
 Recipe: Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings: Anuran Mitra: Page 22
 Recipe: Beetroot Onion Pakoda: Misti Dey Sarkar: Page 22
 Recipe: Mathura Ke Dubkiwale Aloo: Mili Chakraborty: Page 23
 Recipe: Choco Walnut Cake: Patrali Majumder: Page 23

 A Visit To Bawkhaleshwar Temple: Sharadiya Ghosh: Page 42-43

Photography, Paintings & Sketches:

 Cover Photo: Suman Nandi: Page 1
 Mickey Mouse Sketch: Sharadiya Ghosh: Page 4
 RA – The Accidental God: Arin Paul: Pages 5
 Ekti Adbhut Khoon’er Kahini: Arin Paul: Pages 10
 Ganesha Oil Painting: Misti Dey Sarkar: Page 14
 Painting: Sayantani Mitra Sengupta: Page 20
 Being Teacher: Sharmistha Sanyal: Page 21
 Painted Stork at Bhigwan: Sanjoy Nath: Page 24
 Inside Dhobi Ghaat - A Photo Story: Diptendu Chakraborty: Page 27-31
 Ganga Aarti: Arin Paul: Page 32
 Sombhu Mitra Sketch: Tangsu Karmakar: Page 34
 Mahabaleshwar: Shaswata Ghosh: Page 35
 Purano Sei Diner Katha: Arin Paul: Page 44-45
 Probashe April Issue Cover Photo: Suman Nandi: Page 46


 Fun Facts About Human Ear: Anindita Banik: Page 35

Cinema Cinema:

 Phir Wahi Dil Laya Hoon (Joy Mukherjee): Shishir Kumar Krishna: Page 38-39

Fashion & Trends:

 My Bride From Bengal: Suparna Chakraborty: Page 40-41
Probashe April Issue Cover: Page 46
Back Page: Page 47
Probashe Mumbai

© Bombay Bengalis 2017


Yes folks you heard it right
Yes folks you heard it right
Even you can it through your sight,
It is the New Year coming,
But what is the previous year summing?
A clean nation?
Or for some a legit organisation
A black money free India?
Or Economy rise?
Folks,let’s be wise
But was it nice? The last year
You may hear it, but do you want to bear it?
People have become so lazy,
They have forgotten how to be crazy,
What do we like, to see a cricket match
But can you stand in the queue, for the tickets,
For the same.
Or go to see the national game
We only want our name and fame
People have become very lame
So folks, let’s forget these,

And walk forward to change it,
Please think about it.

- Boudhayan Mohapatra, Class-7B, RN Podar
School, Santacruz West

She walked softly, like a lady, like she'd been instructed to,
She stepped firmly as she danced to the familiar kathak
He spoke with a gruff voice, like he'd learnt men were
supposed to do,
He sang in soft melodious tunes as he'd heard Hema Malini
Society thought, "we have them dancing to our tunes",
Little did society know, they were creating their own tunes.

- Aakanksha Majumder, First Year, Junior
College, Arts, Ramnarain Ruia College.

Sketch: Sharadiya Ghosh
Probashe Mumbai

© Bombay Bengalis 2017


RA – The Accidental God
Once upon a time in Greece lived Rango who was a failure. He only travelled here and there without any earning. Once
travelling here and there he slipped on a mysterious rock.

- Photo by Arin Paul.
He kept sliding down because of the ice. He was stuck on his head by a rock and fainted. Sometime later he woke up and
found himself in front of an enormous slab of ice. He touched the slab and it broke down into pieces. He found himself in front
of a big and royal looking gate. As he stepped forward the gate opened automatically. He was a little frightened but was very
curious as well to know the inside. He walked in and as he came in the gate closed with a bang. He was trapped now. He had
no way left except to keep moving forward. As he walked he found himself in a large dome-shaped place. There was a
mysterious orb in the middle. It was shaped like sun. As he touched it a supernatural voice asked him “What is your name?
My son”.
Just he said, “Ra……..” and he stopped out of fright. The voice said, “Good. From now I declare you the God of Sun, Ra!”. The
voice ordered “Take this ring and the equipment! The holy heaven is waiting for you.” Rango or Ra took the ring and the
equipment that suddenly appeared. As he wore it he was teleported to the heaven. He opened his eyes and saw two familiar
gods he knew earlier. They were Poseidon and Hedes. They greeted him and said “Hello Lord Sun”. “Thanks Poseidon and
Hedes” he replied back.
Then some supernatural voice interrupted this conversation. As RA looked up he saw the great Zeus standing there. He
ordered “Complete my mission, RA”. He continued “Go to Egypt, defeat Cronus and bring the glory of God back there.” As
Zeus stopped RA was again teleported to Egypt. He said, “Defeat Cronus, the great Titans.” As he shouted Cronus appeared in
front and said “So you are RA ! Defeat me if you can.” RA took out his sword and very fast fought with Cronus. In a comic
manner by mistake Ra cut Cronus’s head. Cronus was defeated and glory of gods was back. The people of Egypt accepted RA
as their main god. He lived there for some time and had a kid Pharaoh. He made him the king of Egypt and went back to Zeus.
From that day till death RA was the greatest God and there is a king elected every 50 years named Pharaoh who was called
the son of RA. Thus RA who was Rango became the accidental god.
Inspired by Egyptian Myth.

- Shambo Mukherjee, Class VI, DPS Panvel.
Probashe Mumbai

© Bombay Bengalis 2017


Painting by Unnati Roy, Class – 1, School – Mumbai, Goenka.

2000 A.D.
Who are you, reader, reading my poems an hundred years hence?
I cannot send you one single flower from this wealth of the spring,
one single streak of gold from yonder clouds.
Open your doors and look abroad.
From your blossoming garden gather fragrant memories of the vanished flowers of an hundred years before.
In the joy of your heart may you feel the living joy that sang one spring morning,
sending its glad voices across an hundred years.

Anushka Dasgupta, Class: 7-B, St.Mary's Ise School, Koparkhairane.

Bombay Bengalis 45th Meet at Viviana Mall, Thane, 4th February, 2017.
See The Photo Album:
Probashe Mumbai

© Bombay Bengalis 2017


Kolkata, My Lovable City
Kolkata also known as 'CITY OF JOY' is my favourite place.

- Photo by Arin Paul.
Even though I am born and brought up in Mumbai I still love the taste of Kolkata. Many children who live away from their
home land or have never quite been there don't know their land. Whenever I go to Kolkata I feel different. I don't quite know
why but I just love staying there. The atmosphere, the people, the surroundings so different from Mumbai. There is pollution
but is so less than Mumbai. Mumbai is different, it is the place to fulfill our dreams and Kolkata is different. Kolkata takes
interest in all the festivals and and celebrates it with same enthusiasm. College Street, Jorashakho (place of Rabindranath
Tagore), museums all are so interesting. Patriots like Netaji, poets like Rabindranath Tagore, spiritual guru Swami Vivekananda
and many other famous personalities are from Kolkata. But the main thing for which Kolkata is famous for the food. The
yummy chaats like fuchka, jhaalmuri, churmur, biryani and what not. The cultural programs are worth seeing. The friendliness
towards tourists or new people and their hospitality is truly touching. However how can we miss the sweets; Roshogolla,
Sandesh etc. Not only Kolkata but every place has its speciality. I hope all the other children also enjoy and respect their home
land all the same.

Tarushi Bhoumik, Class – VII, Gokuldham High School.

Probashe Mumbai

© Bombay Bengalis 2017


HL¢V Aá¥a M¤­el L¡¢qe£
A¢el¦Ü hp¤¤
[HC N­Òfl fVi¨¢jL¡ eîC Hl cnLz HC N­Òfl ­no¡wn L¡­l¡ S¡e¡ b¡L­m cu¡ L­l AeÉ­L hm­he e¡z]
BS L¡m£f§S¡z fËL¡n ¢e­Sl A¢g­p h­p påÉ¡l
pju ¢LR¥ f¤l­e¡ g¡Cm E­ÒV f¡­ÒV ­cM¢Rmz f¤­S¡l
j¡œ HLj¡p B­NC HC A’­m hc¢m q­u H­p­R
A¢gp¡l-Ce-Q¡S Ñq­uz fËL¡n hÉ¡­Qm¡l, a¡C HL¡C
b¡­L b¡e¡l ­L¡u¡VÑ¡­l, b¡e¡lC ¢fRe ¢c­Lz h¡h¡ j¡l¡
­N­R, j¡ HL¡ NË¡­j b¡­Lz j¡­L fËL¡n Lah¡l h­m­R
­k Jl L¡­R H­p b¡Lh¡l SeÉ, ¢L¿¹¥ j¡ ¢i­V ­R­s
HL¢c­el SeÉJ AeÉ ­L¡b¡J k¡­he¡z
HC S¡uN¡V¡ a¡l i¡¢l i¡­m¡ ­m­N­Rz nq­ll f§hÑ
¢c­L ec£, Bl ­pV¡C ­hy­L ¢N­u nq­ll c¢rZ ¢cL
¢c­u h­u ­N­Rz A­eL f¤l¡­e¡ e£mL¥¢WJ B­R HLV¡,
a¡R¡s¡ nq­ll ­n­o HLV¡ ­R¡­V¡ heJ B­Rz ýNm£
­Sm¡u HV¡ HLV¡ ea¥e nqlam£ N­s EW­R, a¡C
HM¡­e ¢ejÀ J jdÉ¢hš j¡e¤­ol pwMÉ¡C ­h¢nz HM¡eL¡l
j¡e¤o…­m¡J pqS plm, a¡C Afl¡dJ pqS plm ­R¡VM¡­V¡ Q¥¢l, c¤Q¡lV¡ j¡a¡­ml j¡l¡j¡¢l JC fkÑ¿¹Cz
k¢cJ b¡e¡u ­m¡LSe M¤h HLV¡ Lj eu, L¡lZ
Hm¡L¡V¡ ­hn hsz ¢L¿¹¥ BS b¡e¡u j¡œ Se¡ B­VL
Le­ØVhm Ef¢ÙÛa, h¡¢Ll¡ c¤Se A¢gp¡­ll Bä¡­l
­fVÊ¢mw-H ­N­Rz fs¿¹ p§­kÑl ¢c­L fËL¡n a¡¢L­u
¢Rm ­hn ¢LR¥rZ, a¡lfl p§kÑ X¥­h ¢N­u öl¦ qm
Baph¡¢Sl ­Mm¡z j¡­T j¡­T c¤Q¡l­V h¡¢Sl
BJu¡SJ Bp­R, fËL¡n S¡e¡m¡ ¢c­u h¡C­ll
AåL¡l BL¡­n aeÈu q­u B­m¡l ­Mm¡ Ef­i¡N
Ll¢Rmz A­eLrZ ­b­LC ­p ­ke ¢L­pl HLV¡
Ai¡h ­h¡d Ll¢Rm, aMeC a¡l j­e fsm q¡S¡l
T¡­jm¡l j­dÉ ­p BS Q¡ ­M­aC i¥­m ­N­Rz a¡C
QV L­l h¡C­l Hm Q¡ M¡h¡l SeÉ - j­e j­eC hmm
""­L S¡­e BS Bh¡l ­c¡L¡e ­V¡L¡e ­M¡m¡ b¡L­m
h¡C­l H­p ­c­M HLV¡ h¡µQ¡ ­R­ml p¡­b
Le­ØVhm­cl ­ke ¢LR¥ HLV¡ T¡­jm¡ Qm­Rz fËL¡n
H¢N­u H­p hmm - ""¢L hÉ¡f¡l? ¢L Q¡u ­R­mV¡?''
HLSe Le­ØVhm hmm - ""pÉ¡l Bfe¡l p¡­b ­cM¡
Ll­h hm­Rz hm¢R ¢L hÉ¡f¡l hm­a, ¢L¿¹¥ e¡,
­R­mV¡ HLV¥ n¡¿¹ q­a, fËL¡n N¡s£­a ­k­a ­k­a
­R­mV¡­L ¢S‘¡p¡ Llm ""­a¡j¡l e¡j ¢L?'' ­R­mV¡
­Q¡M j¤R­a j¤R­a hmm ""Bj¡l e¡j ¢h­n, i¡m e¡j
Probashe Mumbai

Bfe¡­L R¡s¡ e¡¢L Jl hm¡ k¡­he¡''z fËL¡n ­cMm
cn-h¡­l¡ hR­ll HLV¡ ­R­m, ­Q¡­Mj¤­M HLV¡ i­ul
R¡f ­m­N B­Rz fËL¡n a¡­L ­hn elj Nm¡u
¢S‘¡p¡ Llm ""¢L q­u­R ­a¡j¡l? hm Bj¡­L''z
­R­mV¡ HLh¡l fËL¡­nl ¢c­L a¡L¡­m¡ ¢L¿¹¥ ¢LR¥
hmm e¡, Bh¡l j¡b¡ ¢eQ¥ L­l c¡¢sy­u lCmz fËL¡n
aMe hmm ""B¢jC HM¡eL¡l A¢gp¡l''z
Hh¡l ­R­mV¡ M¤h ¢eQ¥ Nm¡u hmm ""pÉ¡l, Bj¡l ¢c¢c
Bl j¡­L M¤y­S f¡¢µR e¡, Bf¢e HLh¡l a¡s¡a¡¢s
Qm¤e''z ­R­mV¡ Bl ¢LR¥ hm­a f¡lm e¡, ý ý L­l
­Ly­c ­gmmz fËL¡n Bh¡l ¢S‘¡p¡ Llm ""M¤y­S
f¡­µR¡ e¡ j¡­e? ­a¡j¡l h¡h¡ ­L¡b¡u? ¢L e¡j a¡l?''
­R­mV¡ hmm - ""Bj¡l h¡h¡ A­V¡-¢l„¡ Q¡m¡uz
Bj¡l h¡h¡l e¡j N­Zn q¡mc¡lz'' fËL¡n Bh¡l fËnÀ
Llm ""a¡ ­a¡j¡l h¡h¡ ­L¡b¡u?'' L¡æ¡u ­h¡S¡ Nm¡u
­R­mV¡ HLV¥ ­b­j ­b­j hmm - ""h¡h¡ ¢hL¡­m h¡¢s
¢g­l H­p ¢c¢c­L M¤h hL¡h¢L Ll¢Rm, Bl j¡
BVL¡­a ­Nm, a¡C j¡­ul p¡­bJ h¡h¡l TNs¡
q¢µRmz B¢j aMe i­u h¡¢s ­b­L ­h¢s­u ­Nm¡j,
Bl HLV¥ B­N ¢g­l H­p ­c¢M, O­ll clS¡ ­M¡m¡,
j¡ h¡h¡ ¢c¢c, ­LE ­pM¡­e ­eCz B¢j B­m¡ SÆ¡m¡l
SeÉ H­N¡­a ¢N­u f¡ ¢fR­m f­l ­Nm¡j, ¢py¢sl
B­m¡ SÆm¢Rm, Bl a¡­a ­cMm¡j Q¡¢l¢c­L La lš²
f­l B­Rz B¢j a¡C Bfe¡l L¡­R ...........''z
Bh¡lJ ­R­mV¡l Nm¡ L¡æ¡u h¤­S ­Nmz fËL¡n J
Hh¡l mr Llm ­R­mV¡l S¡j¡l c¤-HL S¡uN¡u HLV¥
l­š²l ¢R­V ­m­N B­R h­Vz M¡¢eL ¢Q¿¹¡ L­l hmm
- ""¢WL B­R Bjl¡ ph¡C HLp¡­b ­a¡j¡l ¢c¢c Bl
j¡­L ­M¡yS¡l SeÉ k¡h''z HLSe Le­ØVhm­L N¡s£
­hl Ll­a hmmz b¡e¡u j¡œ Q¡lSe Le­ØVhm ­l­M,
h¡¢L Q¡lSe­L Bl ­R­mV¡­L ¢e­u N¡s£­a E­W
hpm fËL¡nz ­R­mV¡­L ¢S‘¡p¡ Llm ""­a¡j¡l h¡s£V¡
­L¡b¡u hm­a¡?'' ­R­mV¡ hmm ""f¤l¡­e¡ L¡m£
j¢¾c­ll f¡n ¢c­u ­k l¡Ù¹¡V¡ Q­m ­N­R JC l¡Ù¹¡u''z
HLSe Le­ØVhm hmm ""B¢j S¡uN¡V¡ ¢Q¢e pÉ¡l,
¢j¢eV p¡a-BV m¡N­h j¡œ''z
¢hnÄe¡b q¡mc¡l''z Bh¡l fËL¡n hmm - ""a¥¢j
hÉ¡f¡lV¡ Bj¡­L Bl HLV¥ M¤­m hm­a¡ ¢h­n, ¢WL
¢L q­u¢Rm?'' aMe ­R­mV¡ HLV¥ ­i­h ¢e­u hmm ""c¤f¤l­hm¡u ­Løc¡l p¡­b ¢c¢c O¤l¢Rm, h¡h¡ S¡e­a
© Bombay Bengalis 2017


­f­l ­N¢Rmz ¢hL¡­m h¡¢s ¢g­l ¢c¢c­L a¡C ¢e­u M¤h
hL¡h¢L Ll¢Rmz Bl ¢c¢cJ h¡h¡l j¤­M ­Q¡f¡ Llm,
a¡C h¡h¡J ­l­N ¢N­u ¢c¢c­L Qs j¡l­a ­Nmz aMe
j¡ BVL¡­a ­Nm, Bl aMe j¡­ul p¡­bJ h¡h¡l
TNs¡ öl¦ q­u ­Nmz B¢j M¤h iu ­f­u ­Nm¡j,
f¡­nC HL hå¥l h¡¢l­a Q­m ­Nm¡jz JM¡­eC
f¡f¡C­ul HhR­ll ­Le¡ h¡S£…­m¡ ­cM¢Rm¡jz a¡lfl
p­åÉ q­a h¡¢s ¢g­l H­p ­c¢M h¡¢s AåL¡l''z
fËL¡n Bh¡l ¢S‘¡p¡ Llm - ""LarZ ¢R­m
JM¡­e?'' ­R­mV¡ hmm - ""JC HL-­cs O¾V¡
ja''z fËL¡n Bh¡l ¢S‘¡p¡ Llm - ""a¡ HC ­Løc¡
­L¡b¡u b¡­L?'' ­R­mV¡ hmm -""JC Cú¥­ml f¡­n,
B¢j h¡¢sV¡ ¢WL S¡¢e e¡ 'z
HLSe Le­ØVhm hmm ""pÉ¡l, Bjl¡ fË¡u H­p
­N¢R''z ­R­mV¡ BlJ ¢LR¥ hm­a k¡¢µRm, fËL¡n
aMe b¡¢j­u ¢c­u hmm ""¢WL B­R, Bl ¢LR¥ hm­a
q­h e¡, h¤T­a ­f­l¢R, Bjl¡ ­a¡ fË¡u H­p ­N¢R, a¡
­a¡j¡l h¡¢sV¡ ¢WL ­L¡b¡u hm­a¡?'' ­R­mV¡ HLV¥
c§­l H­Lh¡­l ­j¡­sl j¡b¡u HLV¡ c¤am¡ h¡¢s ­cM¡mz
fËL¡n Le­ØVhm­cl hmm ""HM¡­eC b¡j¡e N¡¢sV¡z
HV¡ HM¡­e ­l­M k¡Ju¡C ¢WL q­h, e¡q­m p¡hd¡e
q­u ­k­a f¡­l''z
fËL¡n ­cMm HLV¡ c¤am¡ h¡¢s, ¢e­Ql am¡ f¤­l¡f¤¢l
AåL¡l, Bl Ef­ll am¡u B­m¡ SÆm­R, Bl ­hn
­S¡­s ¢q¢¾c N¡­el BJu¡SJ ­i­p Bp­Rz
­R­mV¡­L fËL¡n ¢S‘¡p¡ Llm ""Jf­l L¡l¡
b¡­Le?'' ­R­m¢V Sh¡h ¢cm ""Jf­l c¡p L¡L¥ b¡­L,
Bj¡­cl h¡¢sJu¡m¡z fË­aÉL hRl L¡m£f¤­S¡u L¡L¥
A­eL­L ­M­a h­m, a¡C A­e­L BS H­p­Rz
Bj¡­clJ BS JM¡­eC M¡h¡l Lb¡''z HC hu­pl
HLV¡ ­R­m, HlLj AhÙÛ¡u, ­k Haph …¢R­u h­m­R,
a¡­a fËL¡n ­hn Ah¡LC qmz
H­Lh¡­l ­j¡­s h­m, mÉ¡Çf­f¡ØV-Hl ¢Vj¢V­j B­m¡V¡
h¡¢s­a f­l­Rz e£­Q Hhw Ef­l k¡h¡l Bm¡c¡ l¡Ù¹¡z
e£­Q k¡h¡l l¡Ù¹¡ HC j¢¾c­ll p¡j­e l¡Ù¹¡l Efl, Bl

Probashe Mumbai

AeÉ¢V l¡Ù¹¡ h¡yL ¢e­u O¤­l ­N­R a¡l Eflz p¡j­el
clS¡V¡ ­M¡m¡z clS¡l X¡e f¡­n ­R¡V HLV¡ h¡N¡e,
j¡­e c¤-Q¡lV¡ N¡yc¡N¡R Bl HLV¡ a¥mp£ N¡Rz Bl h¡y
¢c­Ll ­cJu¡­m ­qm¡e ¢c­u HLV¡ p¡C­Lm c¡ys
Ll¡­e¡ B­Rz Hh¡l p¡j­el clS¡V¡ ¢c­u fËL¡n O­l
Y¥Lm - AåL¡­l O­ll ­ialV¡ ­plLj ¢LR¥ ­cM¡
k¡­µR e¡z f¡­u HLV¡ ¢L ­ke ­WL­a, l¡Ù¹¡l AÒf
B­m¡u ­c­M h¤Tm HV¡ ­j­u­cl HLV¡ pÉ¡­ämz
fËL¡n ­R­mV¡­L ¢S‘¡p¡ Llm ""a¥¢j ­k h­m¢R­m
¢py¢sl B­m¡­a a¥¢j lš² ­c­M¢R­m, HMe ­a¡ ­L¡e
B­m¡ SÆm­R e¡z ­p k¡C ­q¡L a¥¢j ¢WL ­L¡eM¡eV¡u
lš² ­c­M¢R­m?'' ­R­mV¡ fËL¡­nl ¢WL h¡y¢c­L HL¢V
S¡uN¡ B‰¥m ¢c­u ­c¢M­u hmm ""JC M¡eV¡­a''z
fËL¡n Bh¡l ¢S‘¡p¡ Llm ""Bl p¤¤CQ­h¡XÑ
­L¡e¢c­L?'' ­R­mV¡ Hh¡l p¡j­el ¢c­L B‰¥m
­c¢M­u hmm ""JC ¢c­L''z ­R­mV¡ O­l Y¥­L B­m¡
SÆ¡m¡l SeÉ k¡¢µRm, fËL¡n ­R­mV¡l q¡a d­l a¡­L
BV­L ¢c­u HLSe Le­ØVhm­L ­X­L hmm ""HC
X¡e f¡n ¢c­u p¡hd¡­e ¢N­u B­m¡V¡ ­SÆ­m ¢ce''z
HLV¥ f­lC B­m¡ SÆ­m EWmz fËL¡n Q¡lf¡nV¡u
HLh¡l ­Q¡M h¤¢m­u ¢emz
HV¡ hp¡l Ol, Hl X¡e f¡­n l¡æ¡Ol, h¡bl¦j Bl
i¡s¡l Ol; Bl ­p¡S¡p¤¤¢S c¤¢V ­n¡h¡l Olz Bl h¡y
¢c­L Bl HLV¡ clS¡z Bl j¡TM¡­e ­Q¡M fs­a
ph¡C Qj­L EWm - A­eLM¡¢e lš² f­s B­R,
f¤­l¡f¤¢l ö¢L­u k¡u¢e, ¢L¿¹¥ j¡TM¡­e HLV¡ ­R¡V
f¡­ul R¡fz qm­c B­m¡V¡ l­š²l Efl f­s ­ke
BlJ h£ivp m¡N­Rz Jf­l l£¢aja c¡f¡c¡¢f q­µR
h­m j­e qmz fËL¡n p¡hd¡­e f¡n ¢c­u ¢N­u clS¡
­M¡m¡l SeÉ H¢N­u ­Nm, qW¡v a¡l ­Q¡­M fsm HLV¡ lš²j¡M¡ R¥¢l, BL¡­l ­hn hsz HLSe
Le­ØVhm hmm -""pÉ¡l HM¡­e ¢eÕQu ­LE L¡­l¡l
Nm¡ ­L­V M¤e L­l­R, e¡q­m Ha lš²?''z fËL¡n
HLV¡ l¦j¡m ¢c­u R¥¢lV¡ a¥­m ¢em, A­eLM¡¢e lš²
­m­N B­Rz HLSe Le­ØVh­ml q¡­a ¢c­u p¡hd¡­e
l¡M­a h­m ­iS¡­e¡ clS¡V¡ M¤­m H¢N­u ­Nmz

© Bombay Bengalis 2017


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