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This little book is a message in a bottle
for everyone who has ever suspected that our jobs

are keeping us from making the most of our potential.

N©!2012 CrimethInc. ex-Workers’ Collective;
property is theft—steal it back
CrimethInc. Far East,
P.O. Box 13998,
Salem, OR 97309-1998

The diagram of the pyramid of capitalist society is by
Packard Jennings: centennialsociety.com
A full-size electronic version of the diagram and an array of
poster designs are available here: www.crimethinc.com/work
You can obtain a printed version of the diagram, along with a
great deal of other material, via www.crimethinc.com
This is an abridged version of the complete work published in
2011, which is still available in full. We deeply appreciate P.O.S.
and friends soliciting and funding this project and arranging for
its distribution.

That’s a lot of people, even if most of us never say it out loud.
It’s hard to want to talk about it when it seems like there’s
nothing we can do to change it.
The original version contains 180 more pages that explore the accompanying illustration of the pyramid of the
capitalist economy, scene by scene; this one covers the
important introductory points and conclusions. When
P.O.S. approached us about including an electronic copy of
the book with his album, we admired the ambitiousness of
the idea and we were eager to participate. Music should
offer emergency escape hatches from this world, not just
temporary vacations from it.
A book can’t do the important things. It can’t bring us
together in the streets or provide new ways to survive. All
this can do is pose questions, start a conversation, let you
know you’re not the only one, act as a beacon lighting the
way to the possibility of another life. The rest is up to you, up
to all of us. However intimidating it is to start this discussion,
we’re convinced that things are going to change—that they
have to change. Let’s find each other and make it happen.