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UOP COM 295 Week 1 Knowledge Check .pdf

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UOP COM 295 Week 1 Knowledge Check

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1.As part of an effort to hire younger workers, a multinational organization
assures applicants that they will get to visit its offices in other countries and work
with the employees there. However, only two out of every nine workers actually get
selected for such projects. What moral dilemma best fits this scenario?
2. Hester’s organization has put her in charge of setting up their first office in a
different country. She hires a construction firm to oversee the building operations. A
project manager at the firm tells her that the building work is “almost complete,” but
when Hester goes in person a week later she finds that work hasn’t even begun.
What moral dilemma best describes this situation?
3. Which of the following could lead to an ethical dilemma as a result of a
cosmetic half-truth?
4. Dave is a member of the talent acquisition team at a pharmaceutical company. He
almost always follows official guidelines when communicating in a professional
capacity. However, he recently wrote an “off the record” letter to an applicant
mentioning that while his credentials were excellent, he could not be offered
employment as Dave’s next hire needed to fulfill certain diversity requirements. Can
the company be held legally accountable in this instance? Why or why not?
5. Which act led to managers asking employees to grant signed permission before
revealing confidential information?

6. Gabriel’s job involves overseeing business correspondence between his company
and various governmental agencies. The passage of a certain act made this
correspondence available for public scrutiny, and so Gabriel must ensure that all
communication satisfies government requirements without divulging valuable
company secrets. Which of the following acts made this correspondence available to
the public?
7. Which of the following terms refers to a shared system of symbols, beliefs,
attitudes, values, expectations, and norms for behavior?
8. Juan, an anthropologist studying the lives of tribes in a remote forest region,
notices that the people of a particular tribe are afraid of outsiders, and they avoid
contact with neighboring tribes and civilizations. The attitude of the tribe can be
described as _____.
9. Gina’s organization is headquartered in a country which has a low-context culture.
The project she is working on requires her to spend a few months in a country with
a predominantly high-context culture. What will Gina learn about the
communication style of high-context cultures once she interacts with her colleagues
10. In the context of intercultural business communication, why is it important to
become aware of your own biases?
11. What information on U.S. business culture would you give to an employee who
recently moved to your local office?
12. What is the process in which a translator encodes a message into another
language and then a different translator retranslates the same message into the
original language?
13. Gillystone Inc. has employees in branches across the United States. The company
wants to create a common site for information about all the projects its employees
tackle, the solutions they offer, and the results of these solutions over time.
Employees will be required to update the site frequently by themselves, adding their
observations and experiences. Which of the following technologies is the best option
for both Gillystone and its employees?
14. What is the process of obtaining ideas, solutions, and insights to organizational
issues from groups of people from inside as well as outside an organization known
15. Pelican Toys has distributors throughout the United States. At present, the
company keeps in contact with its distributors through telephone and email,
communicating confidential information about new products and prices.
Distributors contact Pelican headquarters to communicate their queries. Pelican

wants to upgrade to a secure online system through which distributors can access
information from the company and communicate their queries or complaints as
quickly as possible. Which of the following methods is most suited for this purpose?
16. Once a receiver receives a message, he understands the idea communicated by
the message through a process known as
17. Who among the following people is at the transmission stage of the
communication process?
18. Dave edits a travel blog. Rachel, one of the contributors, has written a
substandard article for the blog, and Dave has to give her feedback to help her
improve the piece. Which of the following is the most constructive way to offer
19. Aman, a technical manager at Soo Kin Technologies, has recently started working
with a new team. One of his team members sends him an urgent message on the
company’s instant messaging client. However, Aman’s computer has a number of
different applications running, and he doesn’t notice the message until the next
morning. Which barrier to communication is demonstrated in this scenario?
20. Leanne is the marketing manager in charge of executing Unipax’s new
marketing strategy. A month into implementation, market research reveals that the
strategy is largely ineffective. Though others in the company want to change the
strategy, Leanne insists on retaining it, saying that the market research data does not
reveal anything about the marketing strategy. Which barrier to communication is
Leanne likely to be experiencing?
21. Identify the instance in which a filter blocks or distorts a message before it
reaches the recipient.

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