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Dungeons and Dragons Campaign
Main Story
In an age gone by, the country of Yostaria was ruled by King Ricardus the Harbinger, who ruled
Yostaria with an iron fist. However, at the Battle of Aelfwyn Pass, Ricardus was killed, and Yostaria
was taken into the Dextanus Empire, a new king was crowned, King Vessimus, nephew of the
Emperor, who was married to the daughter of Ricardus. In the following years, those still loyal to
the deceased tyrant king fought against the Empire fought for the supposed sovereignty of Yostaria,
including Ricardus’s closest advisor, the sorcerer Vavaleon. Vavaleon led the troops against the
forces of the empire for several years, from his Fort in the dark marsh to the east of Yostaria, until
one day Imperial troops led by Vessimus and Lord Commander Astor Gandrel assaulted the marsh.
On that day the final forces faithful to the tyrant king were killed, and Vavaleon was executed. His
fort was then gifted to Gandrel, who remained there for the rest of his years, protecting the eastern
border. However, what they did not know was that Vavaleon had prepared for his demise, and had
made a deal with one of Dead Gods, that in death Vavaleon would remain his humble servant and
bring him the souls of the living. In return, Vavaleon would gain the ability to resurrect and control
the dead. There was only one condition; Vavaleon himself would have to be resurrected by a
member of the living.
Decades past and Yostaria became a dedicated member of the Empire, and the descendants of
Gandrel would man the eastern forts. However, as time passed the forts fell into disrepair, and
slowly the Gandrel family name faded from common thought. Servan Gandrel, the last living
descendant of the Lord Commander, grew tired wasting his days away in the old forgotten fort, and
yearned for adventure. One night, when the moons shone brightly over the land, a spirit visited
Servan, and claimed it was the spirit of the great Lord Commander Astor Gandrel, and that deep
below the fort, there lay an ancient treasure, one of immense power, that the Lord Commander had
used to defeat the sorcerer Vavaleon in the centuries before. Servan jumped at the chance to
reclaim his family’s legacy. What he did not know, however, was that it was in fact the spirit of
Vavaleon himself, disguised as Astor, tricking Servan into performing the ritual to resurrect him.
Servan descended into the caverns below the fort. The air was thick with the revolting scent of
death and decay. There, in the bowels of the earth, he found an ancient crypt. He pushed open the
great stone door and inside he found an alter to an ancient God, covered in dust and dirt. He wiped
down the alter, and saw an old inscription, carved into the alter. He read the inscription aloud, and
as he did, a deep, booming voice seemed to emerge from nowhere, as if the crypt itself was speaking
to him. The voice told him that to restore the great power, he would need to offer something great
in return; the greatest sorrow ever known. Servan was confused. How was he meant to offer this
sorrow? He called out to the voice, and repeatedly read the inscription aloud. But there was nothing
but silence. Defeated, he returned to the surface, and back to the old fort.
Servan sat in his chambers for days, mulling over the events in the crypt. Generations of his family
had collected old texts, and he discovered that in a bygone age there was a family of Gods who had
immense power. They were so powerful, in fact, that they managed to undo their own deaths.
Unfortunately, they were stuck in perpetual torment at the hands of the new Gods which had
defeated them. And thus, they were referred to as the Dead Gods, trapped in a never ending state
of dying and undeath. Servan concluded that Astor must’ve made a deal with one of the Gods,
specifically Mendale, the God of Sorrow, to gain the power to overwhelm Vavaleon. Servan
pondered the voices request; what was the greatest sorrow ever known? At that moment, the spirit
of Vavaleon returned, still disguised as Astor. He told Servan that in his day, to gain the power
Mendale offered him, he had to over him the sorrow of a parent losing their child, as that was
supposedly the greatest sorrow ever known. Servan pondered the request, and whether or not

Dungeons and Dragons Campaign
murder, murder of a child no less, was worth resurrecting his family legacy. He then realised that
this sacrifice would secure generations of his family, and that in the end, it would be worth it.
The following day, he ventured from the marsh towards a nearby town, where he found a young boy
playing by a river. He spoke to the boy, before grabbing him and holding his head under the water,
until the boy stopped moving. Servan loaded the boy on to the back of his horse, and took him to
the crypt, and lay his cold, lifeless body upon the alter. A few days later, he ventured to the town,
and found it up in arms over the disappearance of the child. He found the boy’s mother, and told her
that he had found the boy in the marsh, injured, but alive, and had taken him back to the fort. Servan
encouraged the mother to climb upon his horse, and as the sun set over the land, the two rode to
the fort in the marsh.
Servan took the mother down to the crypt, and showed her the boy’s body, which had begun to rot
on the old stone alter. The mother was distraught, and clutched at the boy’s decaying body, and
cried and wallowed so loud that it echoed through the caverns. As she wallowed, the crypt began to
shake, and in the centre of the room a ball of light appeared, that began to whirl and spiral, until it
eventually took the form of a man. The man was old, and his skin was a pale, almost purple colour,
like that of an old corpse. He declared that he was Vavaleon, Sorcerer Supreme to the one true king
Ricardus, and that through Servan sacrificing the young boy and by offering the mothers sorrow, he
has been resurrected. Servan, finally understanding that he had been tricked, unsheathed his sword
and lunged for the undead Sorcerer, but Vavaleon used his magic to defeat Servan. He used a
debilitating spell to cripple Servan, who lay on the ground writhing in pain.
Vavaleon turned his attention to the alter, where the mother sat, cradling her son’s corpse. Vavaleon
instructed the woman to move aside, before using his magic to split the alter, revealing that beneath
the stone it housed the skeletal remains of King Ricardus, that Vavaleon himself has excavated from
the site of the Battle of Aelfwyn Pass. Vavaleon then chanted an old incantation, and as he spoke the
words, the souls of the woman and Servan were pulled from their bodies, and merged with the
skeletal remains. The remains began to assemble themselves, and then muscle, flesh, clothes and
armour began to appear on the remains. At this, Vavaleon spoke;
“Rise, Ricardus, the One True King of Yostaria, The Dread King!”
And now, on this night, where the moons hang in the sky, Vavaleon and Ricardus, the Dread King,
are beginning to raise an army of undead from the Dark Fort in the eastern marsh.
Across the land, a group of criminals are being transported to Fort Dwellheim in the north by an
Imperial Convoy. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time, so naturally they became heroes.

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