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A unique snap hack to build your followers up quickly .pdf

Original filename: A unique snap hack to build your followers up quickly.pdf
Author: Logan Honeycutt

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A unique snap hack to build your followers up quickly
Snapchat is one of the fastest growing “social networks” currently - this means
there is a lot of ATTENTION on it, granting you a lot of OPPORTUNITIES.
However though, due to the gray area that it sits in from being new and unique,
many companies fail to utilize it to its fullest potential. Could this be due to them
being set in their ways or lacking the ability to adapt to the platform? Or maybe it
just appears to them that it doesn’t fit their industry or target market? Snapchat
also seems to lack the ability to quantify your ROI unlike other platforms such as
Facebook where it’s a data gold mine.
So what appears to me is that companies are stuck in a TRANSACTIONAL
MINDSET, however though a tool like Snapchat should really be used for
BRAND building, storytelling and community engagement. Snapchat is a
powerful tool and this is why I am presenting you this strategy today on how to
help build a Snapchat following from scratch.
Building a Snapchat following can be quite hard due to the limitations that the
app brings us. Snapchat is often thrown in the list of major social networks
however though it lacks the main functions that other platforms have almost
making it just a messaging app such as the ability to advance outside of one’s
personal network like adding a random stranger on Facebook or Instagram. This
makes sense though, Snapchat is a private focused app on sending selfies and
shenanigans to friends. The only way you can gain a follower on Snapchat is via
personal adding their username, snap code or being physically beside them,
there is no public stream or wall giving the ability to find others.
So with this tutorial, I have found a simple and bootstrap solution to solve this
- This is manual work
- But… this could be easily delegated to a virtual assistant
- This doesn’t have the best targeting capabilities so it may not work for your
- It’s kinda messy (hopefully I can figure a way to build a script and automate the
So let’s begin
It dawned on me that people on various social networks were trying to build their
snapchat following by posting the exact same posts, and these posts typically
gained a lot of responses.

Posts such as: “Drop your snapchat” “What’s your snapchat” “Drop snapchats”
“Drop snapchat names” along with other variations of the same mission.
Thanks to Facebook and its advanced search functions, we have the ability to
search these phrases and find posts that include these in our own network of
friends/groups as well as PUBLIC posts. We are also given a few filters such as
location, how far we want to go out of our network and also the age of the
posts… There is a section for “top posts” and we can also find live posts.
After doing some searching, I started finding threads anywhere from 10 to even
as large as 300 comments.
- Some comments will not be formatted correctly such as posting extra words not
needed, adding emojis or the ghost symbol or maybe even adding a @ in front of
their name.
- Additionally, some users tend to post their snap code. It’s up to you to add
those manually or just ignore them to automate the process faster.
- This is when it gets slightly messy and maybe someone can do this better than
me but what we need to do is scrape the usernames out of the comments. So go
and find a post and select anywhere from 10 to 50 posts that are JUST the
username. Any extra data in the comment will cause us to have to do more work
cleaning them up. Copy the posts that you have selected and go open up a
Google Docs sheet.
From here, PASTE the data into the document via CTRL – V and RIGHT CLICK
one of the usernames and then press SELECT ALL MATCHING TEXT. What this
should do is highlight all the usernames, from here CUT them out via CTRL – X.
The reason it selected all the usernames is because all of them are plain text
whereas all the other garbage data in the document were URL’s from copying
straight from the Facebook comment section which includes the date and other
unneeded information.
From here, you can DELETE the excess data and PASTE back just the
usernames. However though, when you do this process there is some extra
white spaces that need to be cleaned up. So let’s visit this great tool called Text
Mechanic - http://textmechanic.com/ - click on the REMOVE WHITE SPACES
button. Paste your usernames in the text field and then press the action button,
this will clean up your text, be sure to copy the new data. Now let’s go back to the
main page of Text Mechanic for our next step.
It dawned on me that we as Snapchat users have the ability to share a public
URL or “web profile” that shows your personal snap code.

This goes like so: www.snapchat.com/add/USERNAME
So what if we took this string and mass added it to EVERY username we have
From here, click on the ADD PREFIX/SUFFIX INTO LINE button. Paste your
usernames into the first text field and then in the PREFIX section add the
following: www.snapchat.com/add/
From here, press the action button below and you will then get a new list of every
single username with the prefix we added. See where I am going?
After testing all the ways one could add someone, adding via scanning
someone’s ghost code is the fastest way I could find.
So open up a new window in your browser and go to: http://www.urlopener.com/
- what we are now going to do is start the adding process… Copy however many
links/people you would like to add, I would do no more than 25 at a time
depending on your computer and internet speed. Paste them into the box and
press the action button, from here then press OPEN ALL… what this will do is
open every single URL you pasted in your browser…
From here, take your phone and open up Snapchat and face your camera
pointing towards the screen. Have your mouse hovering over the close out button
your tabs, in my browser when I close out a tab it typically automatically moves to
the next tab and stays in the exact spot allowing me to rapidly go through tabs.
So the fastest way to add people is when you scan their code, press add friend
and click out of the text box it gives you, it acts as if you need to wait and dismiss
the box but once you press add it has already sent the API request and you can
get out of the box faster than it suggests allowing you to add people quicker.
With this method I have been able to add hundreds per day, you would be
surprised how easy it is to add like 50 people… it can be done in a matter of a
few minutes.

I am sure you all noticed when you searched up these phrases there is
Facebook groups dedicated to this topic, you can use these too! Make
sure you click the PHOTOS tab and start adding away! You’ll see once you
click it ;)

And that’s it! If you need any help or further explanation with this strategy, please
let me know!

P.S – Creativity is the variable to success, this may or may not work for you but it
all depends on how creative you are! This could be a paradise to you spammers!
Or could even be a great way as a musician to start pushing out music or simply
getting impressions on your brand. Best of luck!

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